The Man Cold. This Hilarious Video Pokes Fun of What Happens When Dad Gets Sick

He’s stuffy. He’s sneezing. He’s coughing. And, he’s cuddled under the Superman blanket on his bed. No, he’s not your 4-year-old. He’s your husband.

Okay, so all you mums know what we’re talking about. Some dreaded illness makes its way through your home. It starts with your preschooler. She was apparently building blocks with three other preschoolers – who all had runny nose. With all the coughing and sneezing (minus the arm over the mouth), she eventually got her very own cold. Next, it went to your 6-year-old. He couldn’t help but to get it. After all, he swiped your preschooler’s drool-covered juice box and took a big sip. At some point the baby and your 8-year-old also got it too.

As if having a house full of sick kids wasn’t bad enough, now you and your husband have it too. But… being sick isn’t exactly the same for you as it is for him. You’ve got laundry to do, snacks to prepare, dinner to shop for (oh yeah, and cook too), diapers to change, faces to wash, finger painting to join in with, dogs to walk and you also have to return the mountain of work emails that have been filling your inbox since well before you woke up. And, that’s all with the exact same fever, runny nose and cough that your dear spouse has.

We’ve all been there. Dad acts like he’s absolutely, positively ready to wheeze his last breath, while you run around like a crazy person trying to keep the house straight and take care of the kids. On top of that, your husband’s “man cold” requires 24-7 care, bowls of homemade chicken noodle soup and constant attention.

If you just rolled your eyes and thought, “Ugh! That’s exactly what happens in my house,” check out That’s Inappropriate’s video “The Man Cold.” This mum’s hilarious take on what happens when both she and husband have colds at the same time will make you giggle in that “it’s all to true” way.

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