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Medela Recall Detachable Wall Plug Over Electrical Risk


Medela have announced a recall of detachable wall plugs which were supplied with various Medela breast pumps.

The models affected include Medela SwingTM, Swing EssentialsTM, Swing PremiumTM, Swing MaxiTM, and FreestyleTM.

The breast pumps are supplied with one of three types of detachable wall plug that connect the AC power adaptor to the wall socket, of which only the one on the right of the photo below is affected. If your detachable wall plug has markings (plug on the left below) or a white dot (plug in the centre) on the back of it then it is not affected.

Note: You are still fine to use the breast pumps on standard battery power if you have one of the affected breast pumps. This DOES NOT affect the use of the pump.

In rare cases, the detachable wall plug could split, exposing a live metallic contact and creating a risk of electric shock.

Customers should stop using affected adapters immediately. If the wall plug splits while inserted into a wall outlet, do not attempt to remove it until power to that outlet has been switched off.

Breast pumps may continue to be used with battery power only. Customers can obtain a new detachable wall plug by registering their details at or calling Medela Australia on 1800 787 345. The replacement wall plug will be available from 15 August 2016 and the adapter and cord are not affected by this issue.

For further information, please contact Medela Australia Pty Ltd Customer Service on 1800 787 345 between 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, or email them at in**@me****.au. Alternatively you can visit their website at

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