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Flu Mum Wakes From Coma, Has First Cuddles With Baby Boy

A Victorian woman who gave birth while in a flu-induced coma has finally woken up to meet her baby boy.

Sarah Hawthorn, 33, has been in a coma at the Alfred Hospital since contracting the flu three months ago. She had no idea that she had given birth to her baby back in August until waking this week.

Doctors were forced to deliver Sarah’s baby five weeks early after she was rushed to hospital in an ambulance, suffering severe complications from the flu. At the time, they said her son was lucky to survive.

The hospital this week revealed that Sarah is now in a stable condition. Her baby boy – affectionately dubbed Bomber Hawk at birth – is thriving. Her family this week thanked the community for their support. A GoFund Me page set up to help the family raised $20,000 in a single day.

Kind wishes

“After three months in intensive care, Sarah’s condition has improved and she is now stable. We’ve been overwhelmed by the generosity of the community, and all the kind wishes we have received,” the family said, in a statement.

“It has been a big journey for our family and at this stage, while Sarah is in recovery, we won’t be making any further comment.”

mum central

The GoFundMe page eventually raised $30,100 to help support the first-time mum from Cobram in country Victoria and her husband Robert as she lay in her coma.

“Her baby boy has never had the chance to lay with his Mum, snuggle into her chest or hear her infectious laugh,” the GoFund Me page read.

“If nothing less, we hope this raises awareness at the high risk of the Flu during pregnancy.”

Killer flu

Sarah’s recovery from Type A Influenza follows Australia’s worst ever flu epidemic, which killed more than 15 people including young children, teens and parents.

Authorities hope to bring a nasal spray flu vaccination to Australia and make it compulsory for young children next year.

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