A Unicorn Flavoured Cake Cooked in the Microwave? YES You Can!


I’ll admit my microwave is just a big ol’ appliance for cooking peas and corn. I was doubtful a microwave cake would turn out anything like.. well cake. Let alone in just six minutes.

A microwave cake that works? That’s unheard of, surely?

Armed with a Decor Microsafe Microwave Cake Tray, a packet cake mix, Queens Unicorn Icing Flavour and food colouring, I set about creating a speedy (and hopefully delicious) masterpiece to impress my kids.

VERDICT: I stand corrected while eating humble pie cake. Microwave cooked cake is a roaring success!

A quick note about microwave cookware

You absolutely MUST use microwave safe cookware to cook in the microwave. I’ve got to say, I’m impressed by the sturdiness of the Décor Microsafe Cake Tray. It’s not at all flimsy, has a domed bottom surface and a definite “maximum fill” line. Let the baking begin!

Decor microwave cake

Microwave Cake: Speedy Unicorn Flavoured Cake How-To

Ingredients & Tools:

  • Décor Microsafe Cake Tray
  • Microwave
  • 1 x Packet cake mix of your choosing (check packet quantities for eggs, milk and butter)
  • Queens Unicorn Dream Icing Flavour
  • Food colouring
  • Sprinkles


1. Make your cake mix as directed in the packet instructions.

Decor microwave cake recipe

2. Generously grease the Microsafe Cake Tray with oil or butter and pour the cake batter in. Make sure you don’t fill it over the maximum fill line or you’ll risk a very messy clean up!

Decor microwave cake recipe3. Cook on High power setting for six minutes. If not quite cooked, continue cooking for a further minute.

Decor microwave cake4. Let the cake rest in the Microsafe Cake Tray until it’s cool enough to touch, then flip it out onto a serving plate. Voila, CAKE!

Decor microwave cake5. Prepare the icing as per packet instructions, mixing in a splash of icing flavouring. I divide the icing into thirds, colouring two of them pink and blue with just a couple drops of food colouring.

Decor microwave cake6. Spread the icing over the surface of the cake and decorate with sprinkles.

Decor microwave cake

7. Let them all eat cake!

mum central

The ultimate in convenience, microwave cooking is destined to become a regular occurrence in my home. Six minutes to cook a cake is a task easily done on a Sunday night to prepare for the week ahead and something that even the kids can do! Talk about #winning!

Now that you know you can cook cake in the microwave, why not have a crack at cooking poached eggs in there too?

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