15 Things You Should Never Put in the Microwave. Ever.

It’s the one kitchen appliance that doesn’t get much credit, yet we wouldn’t be without. It’s the microwave. Here’s a quick guide to things you should NEVER microwave. Like EVER.

Not a myth, most of us have heard not to microwave eggs – but what else is on the ‘not deemed safe’ list?

Hint: put the grapes down. Yes, the grapes. Here’s what NOT to microwave:

1. Brown paper bags

Don’t attempt to reheat something in a brown paper bag. There’s every chance it will catch on fire and burnt doughnuts simply aren’t worth the trouble.

2. Plastic takeaway containers

We can all agree the leftovers from last night’s takeaway Chinese make for the perfect lunch, but don’t reheat that fried rice in the plastic takeaway container. Disposable plastic containers aren’t designed to withstand high microwave temperatures, resulting in a boiling melty mess. Same goes for plastic wrap.

3. Styrofoam

Tempting as it is to give that takeaway coffee a quick whiz around the microwave, the intense heat is too much for a styrofoam cup. Same goes for styrofoam clam shells – avoid, avoid, avoid!

take away coffee

4. The butter container

Butter too hard? Ice cream unscoopable? Never microwave them, people! It’ll end in tears – melted butter, soupy ice cream and holes in single-use containers. Boo!

5. Tupperware

While Tupperware do produce some pretty amazing microwave suitable containers, it’s important to note that not ALL Tupperware is microwave safe. And believe in me, it’s an expensive mistake to make, just ask my firstborn.

6. Metal anything

Nope. No cutlery, no baking trays, no foil containers, no metal mixing bowls. Putting metal things in your microwave will result in objects arcing, sparks and a possible fire. Eep.

metal cutlery

7. Cups and plates with a metallic edge

Any plate, bowl or cup with a pretty metallic or foiled edge will not end well when put in the microwave. Your favourite pretty cup will arc, blackening that sweet gold edging beyond redemption and possibly fritzing your microwave.

8. Aluminium foil

Reheating anything covered or wrapped in alfoil will result in a magnificent light show from within the microwave. Arcs and sparks, ahoy!

9. Eggs

In particular, eggs in their shells. Attempting to hard boil an egg by cooking it in the microwave will cause it to explode, leaving you with just a helluva mess and no egg for breakfast. NOT fun times. Repeat with me – never microwave eggs in their shells.

Fresh eggs

10. Frozen meat

The jury is out on this one. Technically, there IS a defrost option on most microwaves, however defrosting a frozen chunk of meat in the microwave so often leads to disaster. Edges of meat defrost quicker than the thicker inside, partially cooking the outer and potentially risking your health. Just defrost your meat in the fridge overnight, EASY.

11. Glazed ceramic bowls

Strictly speaking, these bowls won’t harm your microwave BUT they do get blister inducing hot! The ceramic heats to scorching temperatures, yet its contents remain barely warmed. Skip the scalding hands and switch to a microwave safe dish instead.

12. Clothing

Damp socks? Cold jocks? Yeah, nah, NOT A GOOD IDEA. Stick to the clothes dryer – think a steamy and scorched microwaved mess.

socks drying

13. Freezer bag twist ties

Plastic combined with metal, heating twist ties will see you bidding your microwave farewell.

14. Nothing, nada, zilch

Don’t use the microwave with nothing in it. Powering up an empty microwave can result in damaging the appliance magnetron – and then you won’t be heating anything again at all. Ever.

15. Grapes

Finally, I’m not sure WHY anyone would want to heat grapes, but the consensus is don’t do it. Much explosion, much mess.

bunch of grapes

There it is, your quick guide of things you should NEVER microwave Рmay the microwave force be with you!

And if you do want to cook eggs in the microwave, here’s how to do it the right way.

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