Mid-Contraction Birth Photo Shows Just How Amazing Our Bodies Really Are

It’s no secret that giving birth is a massive feat. Regardless of where and how it happens, mums deserve ALL the praise. One photographer has captured a mum in mid-contraction and WOW, check out that intensity!

We love our labour and birth photos here at Mum Central and we often feature incredible birth photos that capture the raw emotion and powerful energy that comes with birth.

We’ve showcased pictures of mums crying, screaming, crowning even, but this photo showcases just what our bellies go through. 

Hard, strong and mid-contraction, mum is riding the contraction like a boss while her amazing doula supports her. The photo, captured by Meredith Westin Photography, is a beautiful reminder of just how important the support person is during labour. 

You’ve got this, mumma

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Source: Instagram

As Meredith writes on her Instagram page, 

My business partner Gina (@gatherbirth) is the best doula I know. We had the privilege of attending two births together in the last week and I am always so impressed by how invested, intuitive, and fun she is at births. In this photograph, she’s sitting with our client as she works through contractions on our favorite labor spot: the dilation station (also known as the toilet!).

Her gentle touch let our client know that she was supported, and her words reminded our client to keep her body soft and her shoulders relaxed.”

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