Grumpy Baby Wins the Internet – Best Photo Shoot EVER!

Grumpy baby Trent may only be 7 days old but he’s already made countless people smile with his side eye. This bub is not playing around.

Grumpy baby
Serious shade right here. Source: Drawing Light Photography

Lauren Carson recently shared the behind-the-scenes photoshoot with baby Trent. Lauren owns Drawing in Light Photography and admits she’s never met a little one with as much expression as 7-day-old Trent.

I’ve been photographing newborns for a decade and have photographed hundreds of babies who have given me tons of great expressions. But none, and I mean NONE compare to the looks this sweet guy threw my way.” 

That’s some serious side-eye 

Lauren’s series of adorable scowls has gone gangbusters this week with over 157,000 likes and 37,000 shares.

Since sharing the photos, Trent has earned the nickname Grumpy Baby, but he’s actually a pretty happy little guy!

grumpy baby photoshoot
Source: Drawing Light Photography

Many commenters also mentioned that it looked like Trent was pretty uncomfortable during the photoshoot, but this also wasn’t the case.

“He was perfectly comfortable. He wasn’t upset. He wasn’t crying. He wasn’t fussing. He was just scowling,” Carson said.

Of course, the trolls came to the comments party, complaining that Trent’s swaddle was too tight. But others saw the funny side of things and their comments did not disappoint!

“If Monday was a baby”

Baby scowl grumpy baby
Source: Drawing Light Photography

“Get off this baby’s lawn”

grumpy baby
Source: Drawing Light Photography

“My face looking over the office potluck offerings”

“If 2024 had a face”

“Born with a mortgage and 4 kids”

mum central
Source: Drawing Light Photography

“What the fox?”

Grumpy baby
Source: Drawing Light Photography

The fact that Trent’s outfit changes but his scowl remains the same is pure gold!

Grumpy Baby makes us all smile

Lauren has been overwhelmed with comments since sharing the photos and admits both Trent’s mum and herself have loved reading through (most of) them.

The comments have been fantastic to read. They’re hilarious. People are loving the expressions. I think the baby just kind of portrays what a lot of us are feeling right now. So, it’s been a lot of fun,” Carson said.

Like most newborn photoshoots, Trent’s photoshoot featured both awake and asleep shots. Trent arrived at Lauren’s studio wide awake so they opted for the swaddled awake photos first.

“So, we wrapped him up and were gonna take some pictures when he just started throwing all these faces. His mom and I were just completely cracking up, laughing because of the intensity of his looks plus the eye contact,” Carson said.

Baby got Scowl

Trent isn’t the first little one to win the world over with his grumpy pout.  Check out this cheeky little scowler, shared by Ohio-based photographer Justine Tuhy.

mum central
Photo: Justine Tuhy Photography
In 2021, baby Winter also made us giggle with her unimpressed look at birth.
angry baby
Source: Instagram

We’ve got plenty of adorable newborn photography that is sure to give you the giggles, especially these hilarious pics of newborns with teeth!

twin babies with teeth © Coffee Creek Studio by Amy Haehl

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