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Our kids are mighty awesome. Every day they amaze us with their superheroic abilities. Their bravery, their cunning, their kindness, their strength.

I mean, just yesterday my 15-month-old managed to take off her nappy and smear poo ALL over the house in the 30 seconds I had my back turned. Ninja skills, super speed and one mighty mess to clean up.

But what was even more powerful? After witnessing the mighty mess, my seven-year-old daughter took her baby sister, washed her, changed her and then grabbed a cloth to help me clean the walls. This, ladies, is what a superhero looks like. Well, to me, at least.

This is only one of the many mighty moments we witness every single day. Moments where our kids surprise us with their powers, delight us with their cheeky antics and impress us with their mighty acts of “kidness”.

Our kids deserve a whole world of recognition for all the great things they do which is why we wanted to celebrate these Mighty Moments with our Mighty Kids competition, powered by PAW Patrol. After all, is there any crew more mighty than the PAW Patrol SuperPups? We think not! Like the pups, in times of difficulty, our kids really shine, demonstrating the powers of teamwork, resilience, bravery, and kindness.

Mighty Kids, Mighty Moments

Recently we asked our Mum Central mums to share their own children’s mighty moments for a chance for their child to be crowned Mighty Kid of the Year. And boy, did our readers deliver an assortment of superheroic tasks and fantastic feats. We loved watching all the submissions come in – so many amazing little people out there, being their best. Take a look and find out below who we chose as our top 10 finalists. We can’t decide who should win. So, please, help us!

Check out our 10 Mighty Kid finalists and let us know through the voting form at the bottom which one has your vote. The winning child will receive a PAW Patrol prize pack featuring both Powered Up Marshall and Chase.

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Meet our Mighty Kids

1. Millie – Slippery Dip Adventures

Submitted by mum, Jessica Emma-Louise Simmons

“My daughter Millie has diplegic cerebral palsy which affects how her legs work. Millie can’t walk without an aid and tries so so hard with everyday tasks.

A few days ago, Millie managed to climb our slide and go down all by herself!! A HUGE milestone, the confidence she showed and the determination to succeed.

We know that Millie’s journey with CP is a marathon and not a sprint. Very very proud mumma bear.”

2. Braden – Wheels Off!

Submitted by mum, Karyn Morgan

“Our 3-year-old son told us the other day that he wanted his training wheels taken off of his bike as he didn’t need them anymore. To our surprise, he rode on his bike straight away like a real Super Hero!”

mum central

3. Isabella and Mia – Uncle Love

 Submitted by mum, Alexandra Kennedy

“Having never met their uncle, who died of bowel cancer at 28, the girls love to visit Uncle Christian and help clean his grave. So beautiful.” 

Alexandra Kennedy Paw Patrol

4. Elsie – Pet Lover

Submitted by mum, Betty Archer 

“My beautiful daughter is in her veterinary costume making sure her toy pets are ok. She’s doing her routine check up on her baby animals. Love her to bits.

Betty Archer Paw Patrol

5. Quinn – Walk Right On

Submitted by mum, Jess Webber

Miss Quinn is our mighty tough little hero! At only two years old she is proof that strength does not depend on size. She was recently diagnosed with Guillain Barre syndrome after suddenly losing the ability to walk, sit and swallow. Only one week later she amazed us all by walking herself right out of the hospital room door!

She is happy, energetic and cheeky just like her favorite Paw Patrol pup Zuma and I know it won’t be long before she is once again running circles around us!”

4 days ago this little chicken even couldn't lift her head and today!!!! Her strength and will are beyond anything we could have imagined! We are so incredibly grateful to have access to the care and treatment she has received over the last few weeks.

Posted by Jess Webber on Monday, April 6, 2020

6. Sabre – City to Country

Submitted by mum, Sarah Yip

“My Mighty Kid started “City to Country” a program that encouraged city kids to write a letter and send a small parcel to country kids impacted by the drought. We ended up collecting and sending over 200 parcels to drought-affected school of the air kids.

We drove out to Charleville to deliver it to the school and Bus Queensland donated their buses to ship the rest to Longreach School of the Air.”

Sarah Yip Paw Patrol

7. Gracie – Blessing Box

Submitted by mum, Emma-Jayne Daddow

During this really hard time, all my little munchkin Gracie could talk about was ‘blessing others’ and bringing a smile to those who are sad.

She came up with the idea of a “blessing box’ filled with gifts, food staples, seedlings and toys. She wanted people to have something to smile about and wanted them to be able to come and pick something to bless them. This certainly was her ‘mighty moment’.”

Sarah Jayne Daddow Paw Patrol

8. Maddox – Budding Author

Submitted by mum, Nadi Ann

“My eldest is four and has a heart of gold. He tells me several times a day, I’m beautiful and will pick me flowers EVERY time we go for a walk.

He has become fascinated with germs and viruses since Covid-19 and calls himself a ‘virus expert’, watching kids’ learning videos on YouTube about it and even wrote a story about it. He’s my mighty kid and wants to defeat this mighty virus.”

Nadi Ann Paw Patrol

9. Billy – All Round Happy Helper

Submitted by mum, Stephanie Armstrong

“My 3-year-old has been doing his best to keep my one-year-old entertained while we are stuck at home. He is being very helpful around the house – setting the table, emptying the dishwasher and helping me cook and bake. 

There have been lots of dance parties and acrobatics to keep us all entertained. He is my Mighty Kid.”

Stephanie Armstrong Paw patrol

10. Wyatt and Autumn – Big Sister Love

Submitted by mum, Andreya O’Rourke

The nurses think my little boy is a superhero when he was being such a good, happy baby despite him struggling to breathe and his heart beating way too fast.

His three-year-old sister missed him so much and does such a great job of taking care of him. She can’t wait for him to get a little older to play PAW Patrol with her.”

Andrya O Rourke Paw Patrol

This competition is brought to you by PAW Patrol


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