Great News, Woolworths Online Shopping and Pick Up Services are Running Again

Ladies, we’ve got some great news! We can have our cake AND get it delivered with the rest of our weekly groceries too, thanks to the return of Woolworths online delivery and pick up services.

Woolworths made the announcement last night that, yep, this invaluable service is back and better than ever and a really good sign.

Panic buying eases, pick up returns

During this entire COVID-19 pandemic, there have been a number of companies going above and beyond. Woolworths is certainly one of them. They were one of the first to start a dedicated hour of shopping for the elderly and also introduced the efficient Basics Box.

However, during the chaos of the past month or so, Woolworths shut down its online and pick up services for most customers. The demand was simply too great. Add on the insane panic buying and, well, we can see why online services were halted.


Changes to online and pick up services 

Woolies shared the news with their customers last night, writing in an email:

“We’re delighted to let you know that we’ve re-opened our online delivery and pick up services for all customers. We have been working hard to double the available online windows and we now have thousands of Delivery and Pick up windows available by partnering with on-demand delivery companies in your area.”

  • Customers can choose up to 40 items to add to their cart.
  • Customers will see new delivery windows at checkout.
  • Customers can expect contactless delivery to their doorstep by one of Woolworths’ partner drivers.

Demand is still very high

Although online and pick up are back, the demand for certain items is still pretty high. Ahem, toilet paper. Woolworths also told customers, “If your first choice is not available, we will do our best to provide a suitable substitution.”

Pick-up service opens up … could restaurants be next?

We’ve got a long road ahead of us before things are back to ‘normal’ if that’s even a thing anymore. But this is certainly one small step in the right direction. And, although we don’t know when gyms, bars, restaurants or even some schools will open back up, it’s nice to see doors opening, rather than closing, for once.

So, a massive cheers to all of us staying at home and doing the right thing. We’re flattening the curve, we’re beating this bloody virus and we’re returning to the days of shopping for groceries from the couch.

That’s three massive wins for all Aussies right there!

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