Listen up parents of Minecraft fans, here’s the ULTIMATE birthday party set up! This mum set to task to make her son’s 10th birthday one of the most epic yet, bringing Minecraft building blocks to life!

Parties for kids entering the tween zone can be tricky – they want all the fuss, fun and fanfare but it needs to be COOL. Such requests can make picking a theme a little tricky, however, mum-of-a-son turning 10, Rochelle, nailed it. Rochelle picked a theme she knew would go down a treat. MINECRAFT!

Rochelle knows parties, after all, she’s the creative genius behind Pop the Balloon Children’s Parties and Events! So when these fantastic pics were posted to Facebook group Party Mums, Rochelle inspired a whole lot of mums into action, I’m sure.

And so, on with the show! Minecraft party, a gamer’s delight!

Epic Minecraft balloon art

The party table balloon backdrop, I imagine, would have been a labour of love. A Creeper balloon wall – YES, OF COURSE. That’s a whole lot of hot air, right there!

Minecraft birthday party
I mean, SERIOUSLY IMPRESSIVE GUYS! Source: Rochelle Muscat

Rochelle outsourced the balloon art to the fabulously talented Keen Creations who outdid themselves with the multi-toned Minecraft Creeper, the balloon filled number 10 and the HUGE Minecraft character. What a display!!

And might I add, wisely well played by Rochelle. No one wants to be blowing up that many balloons at midnight.

Balloons and cardboard Minecraft figures, oh my! Source: Rochelle Muscat

Cake and cookies

No party is complete without cake and boy, did this mega cake please this mob of Minecraft villagers! What a cake board! What a dynamite cake stand! WHAT A CAKE!

Minecraft birthday party
The ultimate Minecraft cake! Behold the mosaic beauty! Source: Rochelle Muscat

Carefully crafted sugar cookies and decorated cupcakes were adorned with familiar mosaic Minecraft characters, all made from fondant toppers. So clever and so very delicious, we’re sure.

Cupcakes with fondant Minecraft toppers! Source: Rochelle Muscat

Get. In. My. Belly. How good do these look?!

And cookies to top it all off! Source: Rochelle Muscat

Build an epic party table

The party table was an absolute hit, decked out with a Minecraft lover’s dream! From centrepieces to Minecraft-themed paper plates, cups and napkins, Rochelle went ALL out.

Minecraft birthday party
The party table was an explosion of creative Minecraft wares. Source: Rochelle Muscat

Aidan’s party guests swigged on themed water bottles, munched on Minecraft potion capsule-like jars of sweet treats and each took home a brilliant party bag to explore.

Minecraft birthday party
Party guests power up with potion capsule bottles of sweets! Source: Rochelle Muscat

Bring on the games!

Traditional party games might be a bit too childish for some ten-year-olds, so why not go with this winner of an idea? Rochelle organised a mobile gaming truck for entertainment. I didn’t even know that was a thing, HOW COOL!

We also had a mobile gaming truck for entertainment – and honestly 16 ten to eleven-year-old boys, it was the best way to keep them entertained for a few hours. Amazing day!

Looking pretty pleased indeed, birthday boy Aidan. Source: Rochelle Muscat

Find Minecraft party gear here!

If you want to find Minecraft theme partyware, Rochelle recommends the following sources:

If you can’t find what you’re looking for above, head to Amazon and search ‘TNT party supplies’ – you’re bound to find some awesome stuff there. Good luck!

We hope Aidan and his mates had a wonderful day celebrating turning double-digits, Minecraft style! We love that you shared your party throwing skills and pictures with us Rochelle. From the balloons to the napkins, it all came together brilliantly. We can’t wait to see what you have under your party hat for next year.

We’d love to hear what you have planned (or have already done) for your 10-year-old kids and tweens’ parties! Feel free to share in the comment section so others can see too. #partyinspo

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