We LOVE clever mums and their oh so clever cake hacks here at Mum Central. From hamburgers to sloths, these mums are creating AMAZING cakes, they have to be seen to be believed!

Wait. What’s a cake hack?

If you’re new to the term ‘cake hacks’, it’s a super clever way of making a ripper of a cake minus all the trouble of baking your own cakes (which is awesome if you’re a not-so-great baker, time-poor or just can’t be bothered).

Skip the baking and head to the shops! Supermarkets sell mud cakes, plain sponge cakes, cake slabs, which are all brilliant building foundations for a spectacular cake of your own. Just add icing and decorations and you’re ready to party! See our own pinata cake hack for an easy DIY!

10 Cake Hacks You Must See!

1. Where is the.. white, fluffy sheep?

cake hack
Source: Lauren Andriske

Ermagosh. I don’t think I’ve ever seen marshmallows used in a better way than what they are here to create this adorable sheep cake. Take note Shaun The Sheep fans – this could be your cake to adapt!

2. Build it Minecraft cake style

cake hack
Source: Sheena Parker

We all have that one kid who LOVES Minecraft. They could (and often do) spend hours on end creating Minecraft worlds, so what an epic surprise this Minecraft cake would be. There’s cake, there’s jelly and there are LCM bar blocks. PERFECT.

3. A cake hack with ROAR!

cake hack
Source: Shana Chamings

Budding paleontologists and dinosaur-lovers alike will be amazed by this dinosaur cake hack! Waterfalls, rocks and dinosaurs, oh my!

4. Hamburger and fries but make it cake

cake hack
Source: Natasha Payne

When your kid requests a giant hamburger cake for his birthday, you have to deliver, right? This mum NAILED it – right down to the sesame seeds on top and the side of fries. Very cool!

5. Beautiful Bluey!

cake hack
Source: Lauren Priddle

This Bluey cake takes the cake! Take a truckload of buttercream, colour it in Bluey theme colours and set to town decorating the cake. An easy trick for players is to use Bluey figurines and colour match – right down to the macs. No one will ever know it’s not a professional cake worth hundreds of dollar-bucks!

6. Go big or go home with KFC bucket

cake hack
Source: Felicity Jonker

Last year we featured a KFC cake hack and we’re thrilled to see it’s still as popular as ever, thanks for sharing your cake Felicity – LOVE the Scotch Finger biscuit fries!

7. A 3D sloth isn’t out of the cake hack question

cake hack
Source: Danya Doren

The perfect cake for any sloth-like teenager or sloth-lover, mum Danya went to amazing lengths to create the furry creature from a stack of cake. Amazing!

8. Classic number cake – the no-bake version

cake hack
Source: April Lee

You can still deliver a classic number cake for your little one’s birthday party, no-bake, cake hack style. Isn’t this number two something else? I love April’s addition of diggers and sweet crumb dirt to the top. So sweet!

9. The cake collab we all need – Spiderman x Minion

cake hack
Source: Rebekah Loftus

Just when you thought Spiderman couldn’t be cute, Rebekah goes and turns out a fondant-covered minion in a Spiderman suit and we’re all for it. It’s a cute cake at its best!

10. Safari mud cake hack

cake hack
Source: Jacinta Nicholson

Mastering the mega cake hack for a magnificent safari-themed party, Jacinta blew us all out of the safari river waters with her gorgeous stack of cakes, topped with a delicious Nestlé Top ‘n’ Fill Caramel drip, toffee popcorn and animal figurines.

How’s that for some serious cake hack inspiration? Check out this popular Facebook group for loads more delicious ideas, tips and tricks if you want to try your very own cake!

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