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HOT NEWS: This New Mitsubishi Ground Tourer Could Change the Game in Family Motoring

If you’re planning a new car in the next few years, there’s a new plug-in hybrid in development that could change everything when it comes to defining your ideal family car.

Introducing the Mitsubishi Ground Tourer.

Last month Japanese car manufacturer Mitsubishi showcased it’s latest concept car, the Mitsubishi Ground Tourer plug-in hybrid, describing the vehicle as ‘the latest evolution of its new design philosophy and SUV ambitions’.


If you’re not into car-speak you might be wondering exactly what this phrase means. Well, we’ve done the research for you and the Mitsi Mum is here to help. Let me tell you why the Ground Tourer is your future dream car, motor-lingo-free!

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1. The Ground Tourer family car – but it looks hot!

It’s a sleek, strong and contemporary looking SUV. Designed based on Mitsubishi’s philosophy of form follows function, it’s got all the things you need in a family ride but wrapped in an imposing looking package. Aggressive, sporty styling, chrome detailing and spoked alloy wheels ensure the Mitsubishi Ground Tourer some serious street cred. This is a car that will turn heads at school pick up and loudly affirms, I’m far too cool to surrender myself to a minivan!

mitsubishi-ground-tourer-front2. The Ground Tourer is focused on safety – just like me!

Everyone swoons when it comes to a great looking car but our mummy-bear-instincts are focused on safety. When I think of my two little guys there’s nothing more important than knowing I’m in the right vehicle. The advanced technology of the Ground Tourer gives it the ability to seamlessly adapt to any weather and road conditions with superior road-holding and grip. That’s what’s truly important to me. When the driving gets tough or the conditions challenging I want to know we’re covered. There’s stacks of technology coming together in the Mitsubishi Ground Tourer to create outstanding vehicle stability. This means the driver can accelerate, corner and brake with confidence. And that’s the stuff that gives you peace of mind that you’re thinking about your family and safety.

mitsubishi-ground-tourer-open-doors3. It drives like a dream but doesn’t cost a fortune to run

Mitsubishi are known for their great driving experience and the Ground Tourer continues this legacy. If you’re a Mum who loves to pack up the crew and get on the freeway this is the car for you. Designed for performance with a 2.4L engine and triple electric motor system this is a car that’s a pleasure to drive. The two-speed transaxle provides impressive acceleration when climbing steep hills or easily overtaking. Even better all that ‘go’ is not at the cost of your hip-pocket with low fuel consumption technologies part of the package. The Ground Tourer can achieve 1,200km with a full fuel tank and fully-charged battery.

The 2.4L engine and triple electric motor system make the car a pleasure to drive. Teamed with the 2-speed transaxle providing impressive acceleration when climbing steep hills or overtaking, the low fuel consumption technologies part of the package with a 1,200km range with a full tank and fully-charged battery.

4. It’s got all the extras you want (and much, much more)

The Mitsubishi Ground Tourer is a car that over delivers in the stuff that makes a Mum love her car. From sleek-yet-sporty interior styling to a horizontal dashboard that is easier to view and gives an open, airy feel there’s no  detail left to chance. A spacious cabin means room for the kids, Dad’s tall head requirements and all the gear that being a Mum can require. Leather seats provide a luxury feel but meet the easy clean practicalities of family life. There’s safety cameras galore and an inbuilt navigation that’s so clever it can tell you both the weather, best route and expected surface conditions of your journey. The manufacturer tells us that the car embraces the principles of functional beauty, augmented possibility, sculptured dynamism and Japanese craftsmanship. Whatever this means I know it’s a car I really, really want to own.

The Mitsubishi Ground Tourer’s sleek-yet-sporty interior styling to a horizontal dashboard that is easier to view. Teamed with state-of-the-art electronic controls, you’ll have every control at your fingertips for easy, safe and convenient motoring.

Be sure to follow the Mitsubishi website and Facebook page for updates on the Ground Tourer. You can also find all the technical specs and performance data on the Ground Tourer here.

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