WOW! Introducing the Disney Fairy Tale Wedding Collection of Totally Gorgeous Gowns!

Almost every little girl dreams of growing up and becoming a princess. After all, as a child, it was happening to all the peeps we knew!

I mean, Cinderella – Princess, Sleeping Beauty – Princess, even the tomboy characters Mulan and Pocahontas all got to be royal in one way or another.

But reality finally chimes her sad truth and most of us grow up and accept that we weren’t destined to be legitimate princesses. The hard fact was this kind of ascension only happened in fairytales… or at the Slip Inn for Princess Mary!

Disney Princess 2017 Bridal Collection – Belle | Source: Getty

But stop the press sister, everything you know has changed. That’s right – it’s time to dust off your tiara (I know you have one hidden in your closet) and keep the palace-bound dreams alive. This week Alfred Angelo Bridal Couturier has showcased his Disney Fairy Tale Wedding Collection at New York Fashion Week. Let me tell you, this is the stuff we’ve all been dreaming of! Scratch that, it’s better! Grab your wand, glass slipper or yellow rose, your younger self was right – you are meant to be a royal after all!

Disney Princess 2017 Bridal Collection - Sleeping Beauty | Source: Getty
Disney Princess 2017 Bridal Collection – Sleeping Beauty | Source: Getty

The absolutely magical collection has brides-to-be around the world buzzing and married ladies planning vow-renewals (or even new husbands!) just so they can be a princess for the day.

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The gowns take inspiration from 17 different Disney tales and are absolutely divine!

Disney Princess 2017 Bridal Collection – Pocahontas | Source: Getty

The most interesting thing is that they’re not straight replicas of the dresses you saw on your fave Disney characters, these are elegant and sophisticated interpretations. There’s no risk of looking like an over-grown three-year-old lumping around Coles in a polyester costume in these stunning gowns. These are the very grown up and ultra gorgeous gowns your adult self would desire.

A few personal favourites are Cinderella with the iconic tulle capped sleeves and intricate crystal detailing flowing beautifully from bodice to skirt. Prince Charming’s jaw will be on the floor when he sees these gowns.

Disney Princess 2017 Bridal Collection – Cinderella | Source: Getty

For Frozen fans, the Elsa dress is elegantly chic with a super cool edge (excuse the pun). Elsa’s iconic gown drapes beautifully off the shoulders and the slit is the perfect amount of skin to show for a wedding.

Disney Princess 2017 Bridal Collection – Elsa | Source: Getty

Aside from the whimsical designs, there is something else I love about this range that I must make mention of! The dresses start at a US size 0 and run to a 26W. Being a plus-size bride myself, I know how tough it can be to find gowns that are tailored for curvy girls. So from me, that’s a giant thumbs up!

After all, every girl deserves to look and feel like a princess on their big day.

Disney Princess 2017 Bridal Collection – Tiana | Source: Getty

Who was your favourite Disney Princess? Is it the gown you’d choose from the range today? Let your inner child gasp with joy as you explore the collection! Enjoy!

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