5 Clever Reasons the New Mitsubishi Outlander is the Eyes in the Back of Your Head!

When it comes to family cars, let’s just say they’re not all created equal.

Racing to the front of the pack is the Mitsubishi Outlander, a feature-packed vehicle perfect for you and your peeps.

Being a mum of two little boys pretty much means my life can sometimes resemble a family taxi service more than anything. Sometimes I think their social lives are way better than mine. Between school, sports, birthday parties and playdates, we find ourselves inside the car more than out of it some days!

As you may know I’ve reviewed a few Mitsubishis over the years, from the Mirage to the Outlander, and even the Pajero Sport.  It’s no big secret that the Outlander is my favourite so far so when they invited me to review their latest model Exceed, I wondered what they could possibly add to make it even better. #carcrush

So, I put the Outlander Exceed through its paces over a couple of weeks, kids and all, and what can I say…here’s why this is the best Outlander ever!  Even better, there’s minimal car-jargon and maximum real reasons why this is the car your family will love!


1. Outstanding Technology and Safety First 

Because your family is your most precious possession, it makes complete sense you want them to be as safe as possible all the time.  A family car with a high safety rating is imperative for peace of mind when on the road if you ask me.

The Mitsubishi Outlander is jam-packed with safety features and I have to say, after being blown away with the high tech features of the Pajero Sport, I was super impressed to see them bring these high tech features to the Outlander.

Now, if high tech isn’t your thing, don’t worry. It’s not complicated, think of it as the eyes in the back of your head (and we all know as mums just how helpful these are, right?!)

It’s got the perfect mix of comfort, style and technology in a family-sized SUV, so without going on and on, here’s 4 of my fave new features that’ll be sure to keep you safe!

1. Lane Departure Warning Stops You Straddling Lanes or Worse..

If you straddle or leave your lane without your indicator on, a loud beep will warn you before an accident occurs. PREVENTS: Side swiping, running off the road and generally getting you into a pickle. I may admit it saved me once or twice! 😉

2. Forward Collision Warning Does the Braking For You!

If the gap between you and the car in front reduces past a particular point (you set how far), then the sensor will activate and you’ll hear a loud beep. If at that point you don’t brake, and the gap is getting nearer, the car will automatically brake for you.  Genius (and again may or may not have helped me out). It’s the impatient drivers who sit up high behind someone then slam on their brakes you’ve got to watch, right?!


3. Multi Around View Monitor  Eyes in the Back of Your Head!

There are sensors right around the car and the smart folk at Mitsubishi have given you a bird’s eye view of the car when reversing – priceless! So we’re all familiar with reversing cameras which can be really helpful, especially when there’s kids and animals around, however take a look at the bird’s eye view you get on the left! When the car’s in reverse, you can see exactly where you are so it’s perfect for busy shopping centres, fitting betwen the lines, tight spaces and of course 

I would often pop it into reverse when I’d parked the car to check to see I was nicely in the lines. There’s nothing worse than getting out the car to see you’ve cut into someone else’s park then to jump back in to fix it. Ain’t nobody got time for that! 😉

Multi Around View Monitor gives you a bird’s eye view of the car when reversing – priceless!

4. Rear Cross Traffic Alert  More Eyes in the Back of Your Head!

This is a brand new feature, not even in the latest Pajero Sport so took me by surprise, but a lovely one for sure!  Essentially if you have the car in reverse, and the sensors at the rear of the car pick up any movement coming from behind or the SIDE of the car, it’ll alert you with a repetitive beep and a prominent flashing alert on the dash.

It saved me a few times in the school kiss and go zone with parents ‘ducking across behind a reversing car’… like who does that?!  Anyway it’s another fab addition and really only needs to save you once right?! Think toddlers on driveways, people in supermarket car parks or even cars flying behind you when you’re trying to back out of a tight spot, it’s the extra backup we need to stay safe on the road!

Rear Cross Traffic Alert warns you when you’re reversing and traffic is coming across behind you – eyes in the back of your head at School Kiss & Go Zones!

Other fab features include Auto High Beam, Rain Sensing Wipers , Blind Spot Monitoring, Electric Park Brake, Dusk Sensing Headlights, Lane Change Assist, Parking Sensors and LED Front Fog Lights. 

If that seems like a long list, well it is! Point? This car is brimming with everything possible to keep your crew safe.

mum centralREAL MUM TIP 1: Rear Cross Traffic Alert

It’s a real winner, especially in car parks and SCHOOL KISS & GO ZONES! No more sudden panic when someone comes behind you from the side … this car’s got your back!!

2. Seven Seat Versatility: Perfect for a family’s changing needs

With the option of seven seats, the Outlander is ideal for comfortably and safely ferrying the kids around (and their friends!). The plus side to the Outlander’s seven seats is that it still looks and drives like a mid-sized SUV (rather than a ginormous people mover!) but all seven seats are spacious and roomy.

The configurations also changes to have the seats lie flat completely or a combination of both as desired. The Outlander grows and changes to accommodate your equally ever-changing family.

Even as adults, we didn’t feel cramped and actually enjoyed sitting in the third row!



mum centralREAL MUM TIP 2: Seats 6 & 7 Are So Easy!

It’s so easy to setup seats 6 and 7 just life them up from the floor, with no disturbance to existing car seat fittings. That makes a refreshing change from my existing SUV!

3. Exterior Design on Point with Interior Features to Match!

Okay, family cars are often all about versatility and safety – and of course these are priorities. But being a mum doesn’t mean surrendering yourself to track pants and a minivan territory – if you don’t want to.

The Outlander answers all your demands for a slick looking car that still meets your needs. Sure, your convertible days might be behind you for now’s more practical considerations but this car still looks (and feels) great on the road. With refined lines, an aggressive grille design, 18-inch Alloy wheels and sophisticated side styling, the Outlander makes a statement whether you’re heading to get the grocery or on down the Great Ocean Road.


mum central
The Outlander has all the space you need for a busy growing family with huge head room, loads of boot space and a spacious front cabin.

It’s quiet on the road, has generous leg room and head heightreclining comfort seats and stylish finishes.  

mitsubishi-outlander-dashThe dash is high tech with soft-touch materials and a glossy black finish that’s not only pleasing to the eye but easy to use.

mitsubshi-outlander-entertainment-systemFrom leather seats to full display audio, you’ve got all the hook-ups you need for music, smart phone integration and USB charging. DAB Digital Radio brings a host of extra stations without the static of the AM band, totally love the range of music at your fingertips!

mum centralThe sunroof brings a little more of the outside in and is simply glorious on nice sunny days, especially great to get some extra vitamin D!

Built for busy hands, with a touch of the Outlander Exceed’s Smart Key, the power tailgate automatically opens and closes, making school pick-up and shopping trips even easier, especially when we’re juggling 50 million things at once!

mum central

Most importantly with an emphasis on a truly comfortable ride, the whole family can sit back, relax and enjoy the journey.

mum centralREAL MUM TIP 3: Hands Free Simplicity

Sync your phone to the hands free system and enjoy surround sound telephone, stream your favourite music, and listen to audio and video in full surround sound.

4. Safety First with the reliability and predictability a family needs

When it comes to family cars, safety and reliability are hugely important. Mitsubishi is known for their outstanding and reliable performance and the Outlander comes with a five-year warranty.

It’s suggested you service your Outlander every 12 months or 15,000kms and with Mitsubishi offering three years capped price servicing, that leads to no nasty surprises at the garage!

And just when you think they’ve got reliability covered – bonus – the Outlander comes with 1 year complimentary roadside assistance which can be extended for up to 4 years!

Plus, as with all Mitsubishi’s, the Outlander has been awarded a Five Star ANCAP Safety Rating, ensuring maximum safety for you and your passengers. Find out what that means in our special feature here.

5 Star Ancap Safety RatingsCombined? Total peace of mind that you’re making the right choice. Even better, if you like to take a future view to your choice of car, suggest that the new model Outlander will have strong resale value!


mum centralREAL MUM TIP 4: It’s in the After Market Offers

Five year new car warranty means solid protection, and roadside assistance means Mitsubishi have got your back so don’t overlook these important benefits when choosing a new car. They could save you a packet down the track!

5. It drives like a dream!

When we talk about the performance of a car, it’s easy to just list a whole lot of specs. The thing is, if you’re not super car-literate this can mean, well, not much. When we talk performance at Mum Central we like to tell you what a car is like to drive in words, not numbers. So, when it comes to the Outlander here’s what you need to know…

mum central

It’s a responsive car to drive, it handles efficiently and in a variety of driving situations. From ducking to the shops to going on an epic road trip, the Outlander’s features make it a pleasure to drivePowerful acceleration, cruise control, electronically controlled AWD offering incredible traction and stability, ABS and paddle shift combine for a great driving experience.

If you tow a boat or van the Outlander Diesel model has a braked towing capacity of 2,000kg – perfect for a family weekend away.


mum centralREAL MUM TIP 5: Let the Tech Do the Work

I always drive with the forward collision warning switched on, so if someone ahead of me braked suddenly, the car would sound a warning. If I didn’t react, it brakes for me. Super handy because let’s face it, we need it to do as much as it can to protect us right?

mum central

The Outlander ends the gap and packs real punch with a fully-loaded car at a great family price point. There’s stacks of variables with engine type and size as well as different upgrades so there’s an Outlander to suit every family’s price point and needs. The bottom line however is that the Outlander is bang for buck.

This is a whole lot of fab family car for your money!


Priced to go from $27,990 to $47,990 drive away, the Mitsubishi Outlander really does equate to affordable family driving.  If you think you’d like to know more about the Mitsubishi Outlander, you can request or download a brochure at the online Outlander Showroom or head into a dealership today!

Be warned, you’re probably going to fall in love with the Outlander just as much as I did! Hardest part was giving it back! 😉

mum central

This has been a sponsored post for Mitsubishi Motors Australia. All opinions are my own

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