The Peskiest Questions Kids Ask, Revealed! How Many Do You Hear Each Day?

“Where do I come from”? Why is the sky blue?” “Why can’t I stay up late?”

Ever feel like you’re kids WON’T SHUT UP WITH ALL THE QUESTIONS. You’re not alone. A study reveals just how many questions kids ask, on average AND the most common questions kids ask (and we are all struggling to answer).

Recently I did an experiment with my son (yes, I am THAT mum who uses her children for work-related purposes). I tracked his questions all day (and attempted to answer them with patience, tact and honesty – it didn’t go to plan). Anyhow… my seven-year-old son asked me 75 questions in one day (and he was at school part of the day).

Why so many questions?

Turns out, I am not the only mum answering dozens upon dozens of weird questions day in and day out. A recent study reveals that the average child asks (are you ready for it?) – 73 questions each and every day. But, unlike me, most mums aren’t crazy enough to track them!

So 73 questions each day. That’s 511 questions a week, 2,190 questions a month. And 26,645 questions a year, many of which we don’t have the answers for. Most mums aren’t afraid to admit that when their kids start getting all crazy curious, they head over to Doctor Google for help. Where else are you going to find the answer to “Why are the clouds white?”

The study, which included 1,500 mums and dads, also uncovered that the most inquisitive age is four. But I reckon the questions start around the age of two and don’t seem to end. Ever.

Parent’s top 10 most challenging questions 

The researchers even managed to track down the most common questions kids ask. How many have you been hit with? I’m ten for ten. And I’ve been caught lost for words with most of them.

  1. Why do people die?
  2. Where did I come from?
  3. What is God?
  4. How was I made?
  5. What does “we can’t afford it” mean?
  6. Is Santa real?
  7. Why do I have to go to school?
  8. When you die who will I live with?
  9. Why is the sky blue?
  10. Why can’t I stay up as late as you?

Unsurprisingly, almost one third of the parents polled admit that the constant question-answering is exhausting.

But also, in some ways, fulfilling. Seeing your little one take an interest in the world and express this interest through questions is a pretty rewarding feeling. And knowing that he picks you as his go-to person for all of life’s unanswered mysteries, makes the gazillions of questions almost tolerable.

Now you know how many questions you answer in a day. How many hours do you spend arguing with your kids? There’s a study that answers that question for you too!

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