Brighten your mood, beautify the room and enjoy a much-deserved blissful break with some amazing Mother’s Day gifts from dusk.

If spoiling yourself or your own mum is part of your Mother’s Day plan, then dusk really is the place to go. They’ve just released a Mother’s Day collection that’s brimming with beautiful sensory gifts to take mums away from their everyday.

And, because we know how much Mum Central readers LOVE dusk, we’ve teamed with them to create a Mother’s Day competition you’re going to love! We’re giving away a basket loaded with dusk aromatic products designed to relax, refresh and rejuvenate, valued at $580. And one lucky Mum Central reader will take it all home.

Will it be you?

Celebrate every day with dusk

We mums work our butts off year round for our families. Yes, we cook meals, prepare snacks, draw baths and read books. But we also chase away monsters, make funny animals out of Play Doh and endure countless episodes of Ben and Holly because our baby loves it.

Dusk Mother's Day

We are chefs, chauffeurs, doctors, therapists, teachers and mums, all in a day’s work. Isn’t it about time we treat ourselves?

We think so. And so do our friends over at dusk.

Create memorable moments with mum

This year, dusk is all about helping mums unwind after a busy day. Their gift packs for Mother’s Day are inspired by nature with ethereal aromas, including coconut and lime, lavender and vanilla bean and so many other sensory pleasures.

mothers day dusk

Zen out in the bath with their Coconut and Lime Diffuser and Bath Bomb Set, warm up the hallway with a Peony Rose Tea Light Holder plus candles, and set the mood for sleep with their Sleep Assist Essential Oil and Pillow Mist Set.

Whatever your mum life demands, there’s a dusk candle to suit. Light one when cooking dinner, enjoying a bath, entertaining guests or relaxing with the family. Their subtle smells calm, energise and create an ideal mood for any occasion.

Mother's Day dusk gifts

Pretty, isn’t it? There’s so much more for Mother’s Day too inside dusk stores, like this way-too-gorgeous Flora Mood diffuser ball and essential oils gift set (below, $159.99). A beautiful decor piece with a very practical purpose, it’s just one of the exquisite gift sets dusk has created to help mums feel special.

dusk mothers day competition

Head on over to dusk and check out their full range of gorgeous products, not just for Mother’s Day, but for every day. They also offer free standard shipping and specialise in gifts for all occasions.

To celebrate our multi-tasking mummy awesomeness, dusk is giving away a divine gift hamper to one deserving mum this Mother’s Day. Valued at $580, this amazing prize is perfect relaxation in a basket. 

Filled with heaps of pretty candles, reeds, candle holders, mugs, burners and essential oils, this hamper will arm mums with delightful, relaxing aromas for months!


Are you ready to relax? Then come enter to win a Mother’s Day gift hamper full with beautiful products from dusk! Take a sneaky peek inside the incredible hamper we’re giving away:

Mother's Day dusk gift ideas

To be in the running to win this stunning Mother’s Day dusk gift hamper, simply fill out the form below.

One lucky Mum Central reader will have her basket of goodies delivered to her door just in time for Mother’s Day.

Win a Dusk Mother’s Day Gift Hamper worth $580!


Born and raised in Canada, Jenna now lives in Far North Queensland with her tribe. When the mum-of-three is not writing, you can find her floating in the pool, watching princess movies, frolicking on the beach, bouncing her baby to sleep or nagging her older kids to put on their pants.


  1. Dusk has been known for its beautiful fragrant scents & candles and its always awesome to receive these as gifts for any occasion…love love love the Diffuser Flower and Fragant Oil Set – I would be totally spoilt!

    • Danielle Bailey Reply

      I absolutely love walking past dusk on my way to work. Everything is so gorgeous and the scent is amazing. I think The flora mood ball and essential oils gift set would be on my wish list as it sounds like it would help me ‘stress less.’ Although the Sleep Assist Essential Oil and Pillow Mist Set sounds equally intriguing.

    • My Mother’s Day must have Dusk product is the sleep assist essential oils & pillow mist set because every mother needs a good nights sleep!

    • Barbara Fehmel Reply

      Flowers and candles bring joy to Mum’s face on Mother’s day or any day of the year.

    • Vikki Amendola Reply

      I need the sleep assist essential oil and pillow mist set, as a mum of four children. One child with Autism and I work with special needs children. I need my sleep.. I love the sound of everything thing, and would be very grateful if I won.

    • Vicki Hutton Reply

      I would love to win this beautiful Mother’s Day Hamper! Some of it I could share with family and friends too, cheers

    • Shabba Rankd Reply

      I would love to win these gifts for my mom. She is the strongest person I know and I am so thankful for what she has done for me.

    • I would love to win anything from dusk because all their products are beautiful!!! Reply

      I would love to win anything from dusk because all their products are beautiful!!!

    • The rose gold candle care kit would be my must have Mothers Day Dusk gift. I have a few candles in need of loving care, what a gorgeous set to care for them. I often linger in Dusk, this hamper would be wonderful.

    • Pauline Stacey Reply

      Sleep Assist Essential Oil and Pillow Mist Set would be awesome to help me get some much needed sleep

    • Have heard from friends how good dusk products are, would be awesome to win be able to try myself & share with my mum . I’d say be difficult to name only one product as a favorite

    • Dusk is my absolute guilty secret! I would so love to win this gift pack! I’m dying to try the sleep assist essential oil and pillow mist set as every mum needs her beauty rest! Xx

    • Alicia Dunn Reply

      I adore Dusk such luxurious products that make your day that extra bit special . Beautiful scents and pretty products especially the diffusers.

    • Flowers and amazing smelling candles would be an ideal treat for any mum including me!

    • Rachel Haren Reply

      I love a good old candle, nothing like a relaxing bubble bath with candles once the kids are finally asleep!

    • Sleep Assist Essential Oil and Pillow Mist Set would be a wonderful addition to any mother’s night time routine and anything that would help me get that little bit extra sleep would be amazing

  2. My favourite Dusk product would have to be the candles. After a long day at work, there’s nothing better than slipping in between my sheets, lighting a beautifully scented candle, and getting lost in a book.
    I just LOVE special candles!!

  3. Stacey Nolan Reply

    I love diffusers or anything that has a constant smell without lighting. So these are my favorite. But anything that makes the room smell lovely is nice.

  4. Elizabeth Anderson Reply

    I love the sleep assist pillow mist, there’s nothing like going to sleep smelling nice fragrances.

  5. Sarah White Reply

    I just adore the frangipani scented candles, bringing the outdoors inside. I can never walk past a dusk store without going in and buying something. The amazing fragrances lure me in every time!! Perfect mothers day gift.


    Love just walking into this shop. The smell’s are just gorgeous. My favourite has to be the melon citrus candles. Simply stunning though it is hard to choose as everything they have , I reALLY WANT. tHANKS gUYS

  7. I love your butterfly mood mist as it’s a lovely diffuser and light in one and would suit my decor perfectly!

  8. Catherine C Reply

    Firstly I absolutely love dusk, I could spend hours in their store just taking in the lovely scents (if I had hours to spare). I would love the Sleep Assist Essential Oil & Pillow Mist Set for mother’s day as my partner is taking my 9 month old for a few hours. This will be my first time alone and I would love some much needed relaxing sleep, I think the sleep assist will help make this possible.

  9. Grandiflora Mug Set – because coffee is my life ! (But I also adore the delightful Coconut & Lime Diffuser & Bath Bomb Set when I get some time to chill!)

  10. Janet King Reply

    My favourite Dusk product would have to be the candles. It would be heaven to come home after a long day at working in a factory and lighting up a beautiful scented candle to just wind down and relax in.

  11. Lauren Garrahy Reply

    Pillow mist spray for bedtime, help me to unwind at night.

  12. I would love my house to smell fresh and beautiful. Most of the day I can smell some sort of cheese and half eaten fruit.

  13. I’d love the Coconut and Lime Diffuser and Bath Bomb Set. The bath is my happy place, and my favourite self care activity is to have a nice warm, scented bath, with a book and a glass of wine. Plus, I love anything coconut! I don’t often get the chance, so having some lovely products to make it a special occasion would be fantastic!

  14. vanilla bean candle it just leaves the house smelling amazing. The smell of vanilla just makes everything seem nicer and calmer

  15. I would love the rose gold candle care kit. So stylish and what a neat, tidy way of taking care of the candles. No more ugly cigarette lighters laying around. This is beautiful.

  16. Diane White Reply

    Our Mothers Day tradition is receiving an assortment of Dusk candles. My husband and children spend hours selecting just the right mix of candles and aromas that Mum will love and Dad can tolerate lol. Dusk candles never fail to reduce my stress levels, create a relaxing atmosphere and mask the stink of my four boys…. I would so love to win this prize as it would see me through till next Mother’s Day…..♥️

  17. Christine Dattilo Reply

    I love the sound of the sleep assist oil and pillow mist set. Anything that helps me sleep is a bonus, especially with my daughter being in hospital. It would be amazing to relax and unwind after a stressful day.

  18. Rebecca Law Reply

    Sleep Assist Essential Oil and Pillow Mist Set

    Because I would love to find something to help me get nore than 3 hours of sleep a night!

  19. Michaela Gillies Reply

    Grandiflora Mug so that every time I have a cup of tea I will be reassuringly reminded that Dusk products are keeping my home safe and smelling great

  20. i would love the Sleep Assist Essential Oil and Pillow Mist Set, sounds divine.

  21. My favourite product is a great smelling vanilla candle. Makes my house smell crisp and fresh.

  22. Butterfly tea light holder looks so pretty and would be lovely to have some more pink in the house

  23. Dusk jas stood the trst of time with wua2lity products that javing lasting fragrance that outshines cheap imitations.
    Although not a fragrance, the grandiflora design is just gorgeos and I would add some style to the simple pleasure of a morning cup of tea!

  24. Jane Whelan Reply

    My must have is the Grandiflora Mug Set so l can sit and enjoy a cup of tea and chat with my family.

  25. Holly-Anne Reply

    I always have to go out and get my own present for Mother’s Day, birthday and Christmas. I would get my surprise if I won!

  26. Nicola Voice Reply

    I love the sleep assist essential oil and pillow mist – to help me get a good nights sleep and wake up refreshed. I would love to win this set to pamper myself on mothers day!

  27. Rebecca White Reply

    The sleep assist set- to help me fall asleep quickly between the frequent newborn feedings.

  28. Maree Gray Reply

    It is hard to choose one favourite thing from dusk but if I must then it would have to be their candles. There is nothing better than to relax in a hot bath with a gorgeous scented candle burning. If I was fortunate enough to win then I would share this with my wonderful mother-in-law as she has been through a lot lately and could do with some cheering up.

  29. Coconut and Lime Diffuser and Bath Bomb Set would be my must have. Being the only girl in my house the bath bombs would be so relaxing and the diffuser wouldn’t hurt to get rid of the smells that come with a household full of boys…..

  30. The sleep assist set would be nice, my sleep has been really hectic and that set would relaxing and calming.

  31. Would love the lavender diffuser and flower fragrant oil set. Always love the smell of lavender around the house. Makes me feel so relaxed and calm.

  32. Julia Todd Reply

    I would love the Raspberry and Rosewater diffuser as the colour is so pretty and it would smell just as amazing!

  33. Caroline Lissaman Reply

    I would like to win the Sleep Assist essential oil and pillow mist set to offer my Mum the gift of a restful night. She aches especially during winter and has difficulty getting comfortable.

  34. Catherine Howard Reply

    I love butterflies so i would love to get a hold of the Butterfly Soft Pink Tealight Holder

  35. Happy with anything dusk, it all smells beautiful. Would love to win this for Mum she’s had a rough year and deserves a little dusk surprise…

  36. I would love to get the night sleep assist mood reed diffusers to help go to sleep easier and I’m sure they smell absolutely divine. With a new baby coming in the next few weeks I’m sure that this would be a godsend.

  37. Nicky Bambalam Reply

    I love the mini candle trios, great to have different scents to choose depending on your mood.

  38. Sleep assist would be a blessing in my life, the cold makes my joints ache and sleep is restless.

  39. I would love the coconut and lime diffuser to Use will having arelaxing bubble bath while drinking Champaign.

  40. katrina stubbs Reply

    Mood reeds.

    the fragrance lasts ages and makes the house smell nice

  41. I love walking past the dusk shop. If only my house smelt that good all the time. I love the smell of vanilla. I love vanilla scented candles, tealight candles and mood reeds. Would love to be able to try a mood mist in my home.

  42. The Awakening Signature Large Pillar which I know my mother would love to have in her bathroom so she can light and relax with when she has a bath.

  43. My favourite Dusk item is the electronic diffuser. I would love to win because I love Dusk products and think this hamper would be such a nice treat for me as a first time mummy

  44. duck candles are just beautiful the burn time is wonderful and they smell so good. the vanilla so good.

  45. I love dusk products, a pamper pack like this would be amazing for Mother’s Day!!

  46. Joanne Lewis Reply

    Dusk Products are my favourite and I love all the natural scents that fill my house when I use them. To have this Dusk package for Mothers Day would be amazing as I would be able to share with my Mum as well

  47. Angela Ruhland Reply

    Would love the Pillow Mist Spray to unwind from a crazy kid day!

  48. Sonia Chang Reply

    As dusk Australia is an iconic Australian’s favourite brand with outstanding quality, I would love to experience magnificent Flora Belladonna Gift Set fragrances and share with my family and friends this Mother’s Day . It has simplicity and effortless package designs for any space. The luxurious and sweet triple scented fragrances make everything is perfect . The dusk Australia has great Mother’s Day gift solutions for everyone and great prices. I am sure that many mums would enjoy it. Happy Mother’s Day.

  49. The Dusk Vanilla Bean candle is my favourite dusk product. Although I haven’t been fortunate enough to become a Mother yet, as a proud NICU nurse I spend time providing care, love and support to lots of babies and their families during difficult circumstances. I would love to win so I can relax and unwind this Mother’s day with a wonderful dusk hamper

  50. Laurina Ainscough Reply

    The sleep assist items. I would love to win this set to help fill my house with gorgeous aromas.

  51. I would love to use the lavender diffuser & fragrant flower oil set to calm my busy household!

  52. james pizzey Reply

    fragrances there are so many the aroma,s make us feel happy and dusk products help bigtime

  53. Charlotte B Reply

    The Mimosa Grandiflora Reed Diffuser to help rid our home of the smell of lots of children and two dogs.

  54. Shae Pryke Reply

    My perfect mother’s day gift would be the DUSK bath bombs!!

  55. Mandy Graham Reply

    Raspberry & Rosewater Diffuser & Bath Bomb Set. It looks amazing.

  56. Jessie Chibber Reply

    Flora Mood diffuser ball and essential oils gift set – Such a beautiful gift. I would love to win this hamper for my beautiful mum. Dusk is one of her favourite stores so to win her this amazing hamper, would definitely make me the favourite daughter 😉

  57. Nicola James Reply

    I love the scent of Lavender, so refreshing, relaxing and it brings back so many happy memories. The Lavender Diffuser and Flower Fragrant Oil Set would be perfect for me!

  58. Definitely a scent diffuser to melt away the stresses of the week!

  59. Nothing compares to Dusk Vanilla Bean signature candle. Delicious!!

  60. Samira Al-Ekhtiyar Reply

    A love signature candle 🙂 Because no better day to get some LOVE then on Mothers Day

  61. Cristina sandona Reply

    Ehat an amazing prize pack…. would love to share with my mum xx

  62. The sleep assist pillow mist! So beautifully relaxing after a long as a busy Mum!

  63. Mark Agapiou Reply

    The candles because my wife mother of my kids love candles.

  64. The peony rose tea light holder is gorgeous. Would love to win this hamper to brighten and freshen up my house which currently smells like a mixture of baby products and dog!

  65. at the moment butterfly tealight holder not only smelling fantastic and creating lovely mood but also looking pretty on my table

  66. My favourite dusk product is the strawberry shake candle. It makes my house smell like a tropical holiday. I would love to win Because this year Mum and I will be sharing mother’s day for the first time as mums while also being my birthday.

  67. Rebecca Yianakis Reply

    Absolutely love dusk products they add such a peaceful and calming environment to my home

  68. Anything from Dusk is my favourite as I’ve been a fan and consumer of their products for decades

  69. The lavender diffuser would be perfect for my Mum. She’s a highly anxious person and this would help relax her on a special day (or everyday!)

  70. I would love the Flora Mood diffuser ball and essential oils gift set. It would just help me relax and lighten my mood. Something I really need at the moment.

  71. Coconut & Lime Diffuser & Bath Bombs – 2 items of indulgence to be used together to create a relaxed atmosphere and relaxation.

  72. The Dusk reed diffusers are a must as they always take me away to a magical land where I can imagine the impossible.

  73. Sleep assist essential oil, is just what I need to help me get a good night’s sleep

  74. Tania Hardman Reply

    I am the only female in a house full of stinky boys! The Flora Mood Diffuser ball will not only look pretty nestled amongst the many Nerf bullets and toy cars in my living room – but will also provide a clean refreshing scent so people will say ‘what’s that smell???’ – in a good way 🙂

  75. Jessica Ashbrooke Reply

    A vanilla candle there’s nothing more beautiful then the soft sweet scent of vanilla through ones Home

  76. Barbara Vincent Reply

    First mother’s day with my little boy. Would love something to help me relax and sleep better from chasing around a fast crawler all day 🙂

  77. Louise Hopper-cousins Reply

    Vanilla bean scented candle is my go-to for a little bit of luxury in an otherwise mundane da y xx

  78. Sleep Assist Essential Oil and Pillow Mist Set please!!! how good would that be SLEEP

  79. Susie Mitterman Reply

    The Flora Mood diffuser ball would really set the tone throughout the house!

  80. Adele Smith Reply

    One of my favourites things and a very common thing I do is to watch a movie by candlelight especially scented ones and the Dusk Strawberry & Patchouli 2 Wick Candle looks amazing and would also transfer beautifully outside for those habitual dinner barbecues.

  81. Sarah Blockley Reply

    The seaside flowers mood reeds – I have such good memories of mum taking us to the beach as a child. Chip sandwiches mixed with the salt from the surf, some of the best times I’ve had. This fragrance could bring a little of that back whenever I smell the beautiful scent.

  82. I would love to have the Flora Mood diffuser ball and essential oils gift set. I suffer from allergies and I think having this set with the breathe easy in my bedroom would help for a more restful sleep

  83. I love all their citrus candles, so calming and makes the house smell energised.

  84. I love diffusers and candles, the fragrance in the air makes such a difference and relaxing feel to the home

  85. I love the Grandiflora mug set. I drink tea & coffee ten times a day so I’d love some pretty mugs!

  86. My essential morning coffee in a gorgeous Dusk coffee mug, only then am I able to light a candle.

  87. Rowan Barber Reply

    Coconut and Lime Diffuser and Bath Bombs, Id run a bath for the wife add some candle light. Let her relax for a few hours and then I might do the same. 🙂

  88. Keeley Mathews Reply

    My favourite dusk product would have to be the mood diffuser, they are amazing and actually uplift my moods!

  89. Sleep Assist Essential Oil and Pillow Mist Set so she can get a good night’s sleep and essentially be less cranky the next day

  90. Rhiannon Jakobasch Reply

    The Vanilla Bean candle – yum! I love the whole house smelling like vanilla, it is such a beautiful scent.

  91. Anna Weber Reply

    My mum is like a fine red wine: she ages well, great taste, fruitful, always in demand and always available. She is my wonder woman.
    I love the coconut and lime package…pamper time please!..mum loves coconut 🙂

  92. Mary Preston Reply

    The Butterfly Soft Pink Tealight Holder is just adorable. The Mother’s Day dusk gift hamper would certainly encourage feelings of relaxation and well being.

  93. My must have is the scent diffuser so I can have a beautiful smelling home.

  94. Emma Pritchard Reply

    Sleep Assist Essential Oil and Pillow Mist Set would be heavenly!! Getting some sleep for mothers day would be the best gift.

  95. I love the melts they are make my home welcoming and set the tone and I can pick depending on the tone we are seeking….uplifting or calming etc

  96. With a house full of kids I would love to use the sleep assist essential oil and pillow mist, to help unwind after a long day.

  97. Antonietta Reply

    Any candle, love the atmosphere and scents which fill my loungeroom. It makes for a peaceful night with family.

  98. I would love to win any of the dusk products however the sleep assist essential oil and pillow mist sounds amazing. My 17 month old is waking during the night again and thus would be a god send to help us both sleep better.

  99. Brook Hanly Reply

    Oh the sleep assist oil would be absolutely lovely and I love the diffuser. The hamper would be so nice.

  100. The Sleep Assist Essential Oil and Pillow Mist set. As a mother of 2 little boys age 2 and a half years and 9 months I would love to win this hamper and think the sleep assist essential oil and pillow mist set would work wonders in helping not only my kids but also my sleep deprived self get a good nights rest

  101. Love Dusk’s products. I always know I am getting the best quality.

  102. The Sleep Assist Essential Oil & Pillow Mist Set is the perfect way to not only leave your room smelling amazing, you get a great nights sleep as well, just what I’m asking for this year!

  103. dusk’s Soy Collection Candles are my favourite. it would just be lovely to win such a beautiful gift and on my special day.

  104. Laurinda Kelly Reply

    The latest thing I purchased was an aromatica Mini USB Fragrance Diffuser & I had to get a few refills. Happy to say they last ages & the smells are too die for xx

  105. Nancy Santos Reply

    How amazing is this prize! I intend to light the candles and infuse the bathroom with wonderful scents, while relaxing in aroma therapy oils at dusk!

  106. The bath bombs give me an excuse to have a bath. And I will take any chance to have one.

  107. Flowers, because it brightens up every mama’s day and just oozes positive energy

  108. I would love one of the floral mugs. On the cold Winter days to come I can sip away at my morning cuppa, afternoon coffee and evening hot chocolates and delight in the beauty of a dusk mug given with love. As my drinks envelop me in warmth the delight of my mug can envelop my heart in love.

  109. Kelli Feeney Reply

    Definitely the diffuser. I love to have beautiful smells surrounding my house ❤️

  110. Chloe Heatherill Reply

    Truthfully, I would highly appreciate ANY of the diffusers and scented candles to mask the daily stench of having a toddler and newborn – dirty nappies, vomit, wasted food stuffed and hidden in “surprise” spots for Mummy to find (yay!). I am so conscious that I have been accustomed to our home smell, and for visitors that could not necessarily be a pleasant one! Actually, the lavender scented range would be great if it promises to make my house smell divine and my children sleepy too 😛

  111. Donna Hanly Reply

    Dusk is such an amazing store and they’re products are so nice, this would be lovely.

  112. Anything would be lovely mugs, candles. I am a single mum of a 4 year old who will will make a present at kindy instead of receiving any store bought items. Though my childs hugs are the best gift of all on mothers day.

  113. julie morton Reply

    the vanilla bean candles, they are so heavenly and love how the scen t lingers for days,very calming and beautiful in the home

  114. The candles, love them all, and love my house smelling so good all the time.

  115. Vicka Sugandhi Reply

    I really need the sleep assist essential oil and pillow mist set. Need a relaxing and good night sleep. Always wake up tired since my 3rd baby was born on december.

  116. Melissa Zammit Reply

    Definitely the sleep assist essential oil and pillow mist kit, it would help this tired mumma get a decent nights sleep to wake refreshed for what tomorrow has to throw at me

  117. Lennareinhard Reply

    Vanilla bean candles are to die for but honestly everything in the dusk range is amazing I could live in there for ever I and spend my entire income on the store.

  118. ANYTHING!! Everything from dusk is amazing my mum and myself would be grateful for anything from Dusk for mothers day as we don’t often get spoiled

  119. Dusk. Just wow, your product are amazing and with each new item you release it makes this mumma ‘s heart flutter. No matter what it is I love it. If I won this I would divide it between my mum and mother in law. Two beautiful soles who deserve a surprise each.

  120. So many beautiful products. I’d especially love the Lavender Diffuser and Flower Fragrant Oil Set. So pretty and perfect for the bathroom.

  121. Sleep Assist Essential Oil and Pillow Mist Set is a must for any busy woman. We can’t rule the world without a proper sleep.

  122. Rachael Maddock Reply

    I’m a BIG fan of anything rose gold, so I’d have to say my favourite Dusk product is the rose gold candle care kit.

  123. The Coconut and Lime Diffuser and Bath Bombs are my favourite. Love the citrus scents – so uplifting. If I won I would gift the hamper to my gorgeous mummy so that she can be pampered too but I’d probably try and sneak the Coconut and Lime Diffuser back as I know she wouldn’t use it. Just like when the kids make you breaky in bed and then sit and sneak the food off your plate!

  124. Anything to do with the Sleep Assist. Being a mum means never being able to truly switch off, even when you are asleep!

  125. The Grandiflora Mug Set – we’re all big coffee drinkers and having beautiful mugs to drink out of is wonderful.

  126. lily goodwin Reply

    As a new mum i would love to be spoilt on my first mothers day❤

  127. Paul Heazlewood Reply

    Some reed diffusers. My mum loves the way they make her house smell.

  128. Margaret T Reply

    The Lavender Diffuser Flower & Fragrant Oil Set is so pretty, with the calming effect of lavender being an added bonus. I might even add some geranium, rose and camomile oils for my favourite blend of relaxation, romance and luxury.

  129. It would definitely have to be the Grandiflora Mug Set, that way I could have in my house a beautifully hand-painted set of mugs that I could use to have a cup of tea with my dear mother. .

  130. It’s difficult to choose just one must-have item from dusk! But if i had to, i would choose their scented candles because it’s just so refreshing and relaxing!! Would love to win this so I can spoil myself and my mum as well. We are a dusk family! for every occassion that involves gifts, there would always be a couple gifts from dusk!! 🙂

  131. Sonia Chang Reply

    Flora Belladonna Gift Set from an iconic Australian’s favourite dusk Australia has perfect fragrances to celebrate Mother’s Day with everyone. I just adore Flora Belladonna’s sweet and luxurious triple fragrances to bring calming and beautiful feeling . Truly amazing.

  132. I’d love to try the Coconut and Lime Diffuser and Bath Bombs. I’ve never had a diffuser before and my kids love bath bombs, they are so much fun to watch when they have one. They think it’s magic!

  133. Lauren Barnes Reply

    The essential calming and heavenly scented Vanilla Bean Signature Candle. To make my home feel like a cookie factory, makes me sweet and happy.

  134. Jeri Lee Brown Reply

    “Grandiflora Mug Set” . ((((ALL TO MYSELF )))) Living in a house with toddlers, boys and MEN.. it would be lovely to sip my morning coffee in something pretty and girly, and not chipped, plastic or a beer jug lmol 🙂 Happy Mothers Day to all the mUms out there

  135. The bath bombs! Mum’s never tried anything like that before and I think she’d enjoy it!

  136. I love all things Dusk but the coconut and line diffuser would be just gorgeous

  137. C Thompson Reply

    The Vanilla Bean Signature Candle would be a great addition to the most beautiful collection that Mum Cemtral has got to give away.

  138. Sleep Assist Essential Oil & Pillow Mist Set is a definate must for this mumma to recharge after rushing about after 2 kidlets

  139. I know my Mum would love the Sleep Assist Essential Oil and Pillow Mist set for Mother’s Day. She often has trouble sleeping and is yet to try essential oils which I really think could help her.

  140. I love the Mood Reeds …. the scent as you walk into your home, is just magnificent. They last ages and make you feel calm and relaxed

  141. Dominique Towns Reply

    Vanilla bean’s my must have, oh it’s been so long since I’ve indulged my dusk addiction, it’s so exxy and hard to justify.

  142. Hayley Bannister Reply

    My favourite mother’s day gift is the vanilla reed diffuser. It’s a classic in our house and always goes down well.

  143. Virginia Crank Reply

    Lime and coconut reed diffusers I love the smell it’s divine nothing more special than walking getting home and walking in and the that gorgeous smell just intoxicates you.

  144. Fiona Charlton Reply

    Love Dusk candles! The scents are amazing. I love them for a beautifully scented home!

  145. Amanda Giffard Reply

    Love Dusk’s range of sleep Assist scents especially the spray mists, such easy products to use that aren’t too overpowering, definitely a must have for this tired mummy, who knows, maybe I’ll even get a bit if a sleep in this Mother’s Day?!

  146. Christie Cottren Reply

    The Bath Bombs to inwind in a relaxing bath and de stress and have The diffuser burining for a calm smell in the room.

  147. Julie Parsons Reply

    The sleep assist set would help me enormously!!!!! I’m really stressed out right now ( as I know A LOR of us mums are) and winning this would really help relax and centre me

  148. Cecilia Warrick Reply

    The diffuser set would certainly be very exciting to receive! I have never tried any sort of diffuser, so I’m totally intrigued by the thought and the possibilities for improving calmness or energy, air quality, and/or respiratory problems.

  149. Katy Russell Reply

    Mother’s Day is for sweetness, so sweet smells of any kind are more than welcome. The diffuser set especially are an excellent choice. Scent can set the mood, can remind you of the past, and bring to mind good memories. Good memories on Mother’s Day, what could be better?

  150. Renata JAKOVAC Reply

    Coconut and Lime Diffuser and Bath Bombs

    The aroma of fresh tropical air the moment I step into the warm bath. Swipe me up and take to an oasis of leisure and relaxation.

  151. Sarah Robinson Reply

    The flora mood diffuser ball and essential oils. I had my previous one for about 4 years and it is amazing. I cannot get enough of it, and now I would love to upgrade to a new style.

  152. I love the pillow mist spray for bedtime. The candle range is amazing too!

  153. Need to set a relaxing mood with ‘Amber Nights Signature Mood Reeds’ in the bedroom to help me unwind at the end of the day.

  154. Debbie McDonald Reply

    The infuser is the best and a must have for the home for a relaxing atmosphere

  155. Candles galore at our house. My fiance loves lighting a few fragrant Dusk candles after a long day, it helps her relax and also masks the smell of a stinky baby.

  156. Maria Gillies Reply

    How can I choose?? I would love to have one of everything in a Dusk Shop but I would settle for the Mother’s Day Hamper which has a selection of beautiful items in it!!!! 😉

  157. Vicki Johns Reply

    The one Dusk product I would love is the sleep assist essential oils & pillow mist set. I don’t sleep well & this would help me unwind & get a good nights sleep

  158. Definitely the sleep assist set!
    Anything to help me get a decent night sleep, plus
    There is nothing better than drifting off to sleep with the help of an amazing aroma around you!!

  159. I love candles, I always have them burning. we have 2 dogs in our house and no candle compares to the fake electronic defusers!

  160. I love the tealight decorative pieces, they’re always a chic addition to the home!

  161. Wow, the vanilla bean candle would be the go, I can smell it now!

  162. Isabeau Jane Reply

    My must have product from dusk is all their fun novelty items around Christmas, Halloween, Easter etc they’re so unique and I love finding new and different items for my house!

  163. michelle h Reply

    Vanilla bean is my go-to smell! I would love to win, for purely selfish reasons….I am a single mum and my kids are too young to have money of their own to buy me presents, so each ‘celebration’ (Christmas, b/day, Mothers Day), I go without.

  164. Dusk exudes pleasure and delight. Every mother deserves this hamper. Good luck ladies!

  165. Belinda LS Reply

    Flora Belladonna Gift Set cause I love a good night sleep. 🙂

  166. I love the Sleep Assist Essential Oil and Pillow Mist Set. If you have sleeping issues this is the best gift!!!

  167. Carol Rittner Reply

    I would love the Butterfly Tea Light to give to my Niece with Cancer, as she just loves Butterflies, and is a tireless Volunteer for many organisations

  168. Kristina s Reply

    I love the Sleep assist essential oil and mist!
    Helps myself and my boys sleep!

  169. What a wonderful prize. I adore all things Dusk as they only sell good quality, fabulous, beautiful and fairly priced items. I just love the store.

  170. Kathy Ferguson Clark Reply

    What a lovely gift this would be , to show mum how Special she is

  171. Julie Pederick Reply

    Wow, What an incredible Mothers Day Gift Pack!, So how do you choose just one, but as its for Mothers Day can’t we be a little bit indulgent or slightly selfish and wish for two, because I’m finding it hard to choose between that gorgeous Lime & Coconut Diffuser & Bath Bomb Pck or that beautiful Vanilla Been Scented Candle in the glass jar (usually my fav scent)!
    And now I’m going to do the opposite of indulgent and selfish by wanting to share this pack with My Mum as she would die for those absolutely stunning Grandiflora Mug set and is a huge, huge fan of lavender so that Lavender Diffuser & Flower Fragrant Oil Set is right up her ally! Thanks for the awesome prise. Good luck all!

  172. Diana Angel Reply

    I love sleep assist essential oil and pillow mist set! It smells great and relaxes me and it works! Everyone should try it!

  173. Kathy Mason Reply

    Dusk candles to make the house smell like a welcoming home.

  174. Daniella Mavili Reply

    Would love the coconut and lime diffuser and bath bomb set, perfect for relaxing and having a beautiful aroma in my bathroom.

  175. Rosalie Bernacki Reply

    The peony rose tea light holder set romance in my room. Would love to spoil my amazing mum and celebrate 41 years of love with her xxxx

  176. Ann Sculley Reply

    I would love the Sleep Assist Essential Oil and Pillow Mist Set ,The calming before sleep would be amazing and stress free for a great night’s sleep which is always a winner !

  177. What a lovely giveaway Would love to gift it to my gorgeous mother

  178. Nikki Cashion Reply

    Loving the mug set , it’s absolutely beautiful. These would be well used

  179. Anything to promote a good night’s sleep would be gold to me. The Pillow spray sounds perfect.

  180. The Dusk Coconut and lime Reed diffuser. I love them in any room of the house , beautiful and long lasting scents for a couple of months. The best !

  181. Love Mum, love gardening, love coffee, so the beautiful Dusk Grandiflora Mug Set is my favourite. I’d love to give these to my dear Mum.

  182. Kodie McMullen Reply

    The butterfly soft tea light holder is so pretty I would to have it in my room but I would love anything from dusk

  183. Rikki-lee Puddy Reply

    Vanilla bean signature candle , makes my house smell so sweet without being to overpowering

  184. Would love some bath bombs so I’ll have a great excuse to have a relaxing bath 🙂

  185. The infuser is the best and a must have for a relaxing and calm home especially with the little ones

  186. Katie peerless Reply

    I would love a lime and coconut diffuser, I could pretend I was on a tropical island. It would also help with the smell of 2 active little boys

  187. How awesome would it be to win the coconut and lime diffuser. As a mum i think i deserve a little treat.

  188. Coconut and lime diffuser and bath bombs! The diffuser would add such a calming touch to our new house, the bath bombs would help me relax in the new bath while I hide from my partner and wild son!

  189. The Sleep Assist Essential Oil and Pillow Mist Set. I am not sleeping very well lately and maybe it could help me! 🙂

  190. Robsie Tilley Reply

    Absolutely love Dusk & my local Melton store always so welcoming & helpful.
    My choice is the beautiful Sleep Assist EssentialsOil & Pillow Mist Set, Sleep so needed but not always easy to get a perfect nights rest.

  191. Nicole Marie Williams Reply

    Grandiflora mug set. What Mum doesn’t enjoy a coffee or maybe 7 each day. These mugs are beautiful and would look perfect next to my coffee machine.

  192. Alison Humble Reply

    Sleep assist oil mist and pillow spray! Oh wow that would be a dream for my Mum. She had a hard time sleeping since dad passed away

  193. I would love to try the coconut and lime difuser and bath bomb set. Anything that gives us MUMS the excuse to have 15 minutes to ourselves and relax in a beautiful smelling bath, who wouldn’t want that?

  194. I would love anything from Dusk, my family always seams to forget and remember on the day….

  195. The Vanilla Bean candle.
    Once they burn my breakfast (god love them) I am going to need a gorgeous smelling candle to erase the burnt food smell

  196. My must have item is the amazing smelling dusk melts. I purchased my melt burner from dusk last year and now couldn’t live without the amazing smells floating through my house.

  197. Kathy Clark Reply

    Would be lovely for my Daughter she works so hard, would be lovely for her daughter to give it to her for Mothers Day

  198. What a wonderful way for Mum to relax after having spent days babysitting the grandkids, she deserves it

  199. Vonney Love the lavendar diffuser and oil a wonderful way for mum to relax and reduce the stress from babysitting the 3 young grandchildren

  200. Lara Haynes Reply

    Live the candles mum & I live scented candles her house used to smell amazing when I walked in

  201. Michelle Ward Reply

    Sleep Assist Essential Oil & Pillow Mist Set – whilst my hubby drops off to sleep in less than 20 seconds, my mind just keeps on churning over. I need this!

  202. The Raspberry & Rosewater diffuser would be my ultimate Mothers Day gift. After working long days to provide for my family, I would put this on & have a soak in the tub & dream of being on a sandy beach, listening to the calm, rolling waves upon the shore. Then reality kicks in as I hear a knock on the door & a voice asking, What’s for dinner Mum? Lol

  203. I would love to win this hamper as I love burning amazingly scented candles. I’m also keen to try the Sleep Assist as I find it incredibly difficult to “switch off” at night, due to the stresses of raising my physically and intellectually disabled toddler daughter. I would share my prize with my wonderful Mum In Law who is recovering from a stroke. We’re so incredibly lucky she’s still with us. Thank you!

  204. Any candle or diffuser that will mask the smell of 2 cats and a dog, and the husband some days 🙂

  205. Veronica Paterson Reply

    Oh wow yes please, I would absolutely love the Coconut and Lime Diffuser and Bath Bombs thank you……
    My bathroom can smell divine while I use the bath bomb in my bath, sounds like bliss.

  206. Stephanie Marie Reply

    The Grandiflora Mug set! My mother-in-law adores the Dusk mug sets and it would make the perfect gift for her this Mother’s Day
    And I personally would enjoy the Sleep Assist Mist set, being 5 months pregnant it’s currently difficult to gets good nights sleep so it would be great to try out!

  207. My must have is candles, can not go past a vanilla bean smell without being left satisfied!!
    Absolutely love the products and I’m a regular dusk customer

  208. I need the sleep assist to not only help me to relax and fall asleep but for my boys who have ASD & ADHD. Sounds Perfect!

  209. The all important dusk mugs, for that mother’s day breakfast in bed cuppa!

  210. Sleep Assist Essential Oil and Pillow Mist Set perfect for my queen to enhance her when she is a sleeping beauty

  211. Would have to be the misting diffuser with one of the many lovely oils

  212. Dusk candles are my go to for giving (and all my nearest and dearests know it’s my favourite for receiving too)! So relaxing, no matter where I am in the house.

  213. I would love to win the Dusk Mood Diffuser Ball and Essential Oils Gift set
    As I live on a house of boys (sons and husband) and as the only female I love pretty smells and I think I would thoroughly enjoy this

  214. My must haves are the melts and the mugs. I love sitting and having a coffee while my house is smelling awesome l. Makes me feel good

  215. Piony and rose tealight as those are my fav scents and my step mum would love them

  216. Anything that helps with sleep is an absolute must and luxury- I’d definitely say the sleep assist essential oil and pillow spray ❤️

  217. I’d love the butterfly candle holder to gift for my mum, it would look lovely in her house if I could part with it first

  218. Candles with a soothing light , sweet fragrance and smell illuminates a dark room , creating the magical soft glow that transforms a fluorescent lit room into one of mystique, transporting me to a time and place, evoke memories of times past.

  219. Phyllis Julia Reply

    I would love the Grandiflora mug set. I would like to win this giveaway because I know, love and trust Dusk Australia products.

  220. The two products I would love to win for my mum for Mother’s Day are the Grandiflora mug and the Sleep Assist. Since losing my dad to cancer earlier this year, my mum could use some assistance getting to sleep and a nice cup of tea in a special mug

  221. Love Dusk Australia. I need the sleep assist essential oils and pillow mist set. So l can have a heavenly peaceful nights sleep. I love everything in the shop. Always smells so devine. Thank you for the chance to win.

  222. Dannielle Watters Reply

    My mums favourite Dusk priduct is her Aromatic oil diffuser. It changes colour and is gorgeous. When she received it at Christmas she cried because she loved it so much. We recommended it to everyone.

  223. Carrie Jackson Reply

    Sleep Assist Essential Oils and Pillow Mist Set – this would be great as I never sleep well due to Sleep Apnea.

  224. Sarah Wallace Reply

    Now we have our little cherub. All our energy goes to him. This would be amazing to get a bit of me time!

  225. I love all Dusk Candles they bring an inviting warm atmosphere to our home winning means I could bring even more Dusk delightfulness in.

  226. Paige Yang Reply

    Sleep Assist Essential Oil & Pillow Mist set would be the one I must have for Mother’s Day because a nice and peaceful sleep is so important to me.

  227. Janis white Reply

    I’m in love with everything DUSK but do have a extra weakness for your diffusers.They smell drive the house is so welcoming and I can unwind yay

  228. Kathy Lord Reply

    I love anything to do with candles. The reason I would like to win is that my mum died 19 years ago and I never get to really enjoy mothers day. I have a daughter but it isn’t the same. Every year it comes to mothers day it reminds me that my mum isn’t here. Also my daughter was born on mothers day.

  229. My favourite are the diffusers. I love the different fragrances especially anything citrus

  230. Andrea Dinan Reply

    I become a Mama for the first time 1 month ago and would say the Lavender diffuser set would be my favourite product in helping this sleep deprived Mumma relax and unwind.

  231. I would absolutely love anything from Dusk to be honest. But to be honest I would really appreciate a new mug as my favourite just broke. Also a vanilla candle would be pure heaven 🙂

  232. I love diffusers as the soft scent keeps the house fresh and smelling lovely without harsh chemicals.

  233. I love scented candles and vanilla bean is my favourite scent. It helps hide the smell of 4 young dirty boys and constant baby nappies haha.

  234. Julia Parker Reply

    Peony Rose Five Cup Tealight Holder, its simply gorgeous!! Mum would love it.

  235. Absolutely the diffuser. Being the only girl in the house with hubby and our three sons, any beautiful scents would make our home just that little ‘girly’ especially for me. 🙂

  236. Jen Murphy Reply

    Sleep Assist will be perfect for me! I’ve been sleep deprived for almost a year now. Hubby and I are currently attenting sleep school in Nepean. We are making progress and this treat will really make our journey to better sleep a lot enjoyable.

  237. Kylie Embury Reply

    The coconut and lime diffuser and bath bomb set sounds divine! Two of my favourite scents to relax with in my favourite place for ‘me time’ – the bath! Dusk’s luxurious products make Mother’s day extra special…along with actually having a bath without being ‘urgently needed’ by the kids! 🙂

  238. Sleep assist would be ideal right now. My 7 month and 19 month wake us up several times a night so would be great to get some quality sleep and not take half ur every time I get back to bed.

  239. Oriental Sunset room spray (both wife and Mum love it).
    Be great to win because mum wife is possibly Dusk’s biggest fan and customer, can’t keep her out of the place.

  240. I love any Dusk product that is Vanilla based. The smell reminds me of growing up and cooking with my Nana.

  241. My mothers day must have from Dusk is the Sleep Assist Essential Oil. Anything to help Mums get a get night sleep.

  242. Suzanne Fernandes Reply

    Love the butterfly candle! The coconut aroma reminds me of a beautiful carribean island. The Sleep Assist would aid in a good nights sleep dreaming of an island!

  243. I’d love the Sleep Assist Essential Oil and Pillow Mist Set so that I could wake up rested and refreshed for my first Mother’s Day! Being a first time Mum is super special but also exhausting.

  244. Sleep Assist Essential Oil and Pillow Mist Set
    I shouldnt need to explain why lmao

  245. Elizabeth Kaminski Reply

    Pretty much any scented candle from dusk is perfect. I love to spoil mum with pretty, girly things and dusk is so full of these beautiful kind of items!!

  246. The vanilla bean candle as it’s a classic timeless scent that I just can’t get enough of and the quality candle lasts for ages.

  247. Isabella White & Silver Glass Bowl 40cm, it will look beautiful on the dining table.
    This hamper will blow my mind, it’s like it was put together for me and me alone 😉

  248. This Mother’s Day is a very long awaited occasion for me as its my very first Mother’s Day after a long, hard 7 years of trying for a baby (who will also be turning 1 at the end of May!) I would love to celebrate with a prize.
    I would love the new dusk Peony Rose Tealight Holder.

  249. I’d love to win the Coconut & Lime Diffuser so my whole house smells like a tropical island. Such an amazing fragrance combination!

  250. Any nice smelling candles that give a long scent throughout the house.

  251. Kate Slack Reply

    I love Dusk Lavender diffuser oil i have it next to my bed and it helps me sleep. I would love to win because Dusk products are such a treat that i usually gift to family and friends and i would feel so lucky to have these in my home.

  252. All the candles from dusk smell amazing. Mum would enjoy having beautiful scented candles around the house

  253. I can never resist not walking into Dusk store at my local shopping centre. The wonderful fragrance gently spilling into the mall is enough to stop my in my tracks and entice me go inside, buy some new candles or just wonder around the shop and inhale those heavenly scents.

  254. The coconut and lime diffuser and bath bomb set – coconut and lime are heavenly together!

  255. I would love the Sleep Assist Essential Oil and Pillow Mist Set for Mother’s Day. I’ve never been good at falling to sleep so anything that could naturally aide a relaxing sleep would be wonderful.

  256. Bath bombs and candles to relax while my kids and hubby do all the work for one day sounds good to me

  257. The lavender diffuser and oil as my mum really struggles to get to sleep, she so deserves this lovely restful prize.

  258. The butterfly tealight holder is adorable! I love the mixture of scents that dusk do in their tea lights range. Would be lovely to get some for my first mother’s day!

  259. My must have is the fabulous scented Vanilla Bean candles, everyone loves the fresh fragrance when lit. I would love to win this and so would my house, both feeling pampered

  260. Vanilla bean signature candle would be bliss to have my house smelling delish! A relaxing aroma for this mumma!

  261. i love a good vanilla bean. would love to pamper mum, such a special, wonderful woman.

  262. Sarah Masson Reply

    Vanilla Bean Signature candle! Vanilla is my favourite scent and makes my home have a welcoming feel

  263. I would love the ‘Coconut & Lime Diffuser & Bath Bomb Set’. Coconut and lime are my favourite scents!

  264. Jessica Sinclair Reply

    A diffuser, preferably with lavender or soothing sleep inducing smells, anything to encourage and help my little one to sleep through the night, in the hopes that I may do the same for mother’s day

  265. Caroline Avard Reply

    My must have #dusk product is the “raspberry & rose water Diffuser & bathbomb set so I can share with my mum for mother’s day.

  266. Leanne Taylor Reply

    Love Everything at Dusk, but can’t live without their awesome bath bombs. They r amazing !!

  267. Sharon Johnson Reply

    Dusk has so many tempting goodies. Mum loves the soy candles and cant go past Fresh coffee. Something about the aroma that gives an enriched welcome feeling to mums home. #dusk

  268. Cathy-Lee Chopping Reply

    My must have Dusk products are a good warmer and a stack of different melts to pick and choose according to my mood!

  269. candles are always a winner for mummies. the warm nice aroma is soothing and calming to our busy life.

  270. Kristie Ogden Reply

    As a single mum anything calming like lavender or the sleep assist oils so both Mum and kids get a sleep in so we are all happy and healthy to enjoy a day filled with even more love and laughter than a regular one!

  271. Karen Stevens Reply

    My absolute must have dusk product would have to be the sleep assist pillow mist… just divine

  272. I love Dusk products & usually receive them as a gift or buy them as a once off as I usually can’t afford the luxury but if I could have every room in my house filled with Dusk products for the ambience & relaxation purposes, I would!

  273. Diana Kiss Reply

    I’d love to gift mum the Sleep Assist Essential Oil & Pillow Mist Set. Being a night shift registered nurse, it’s takes a toll having to sleep during the day. Hopefully this will help ease her into slumber!

  274. The Sleep Assist Essential Oil – is there any Mum of little kids who couldn’t use this?

  275. Lesley Olariu Reply

    The Lavender Diffuser would waft a beautiful relaxing scent through my home!

  276. I want the bath bomb and essential oils with diffuser to get my relaxation on for some mums day self care.

  277. The Sleep Assist Essential Oil and Pillow Mist Set would provide a restful night’s sleep.

  278. Bryony Sumner Reply

    I love everything lavender and find it really soothing and calming so would really love the lavender diffuser. I have dome lavender tea at home that is just perfect for the Grandiflora mugs!

  279. Danielle Wilkins Reply

    I would absolutely love this prize. As a Mum to an almost 2 year old, whose also due with bub number 2 in 4 weeks, I need all the relaxing I can get!

  280. Wendy Hatton Reply

    I love the bath products. There’s nothing nicer or more relaxing than a long soak in a scented bath. The Raspberry & Rosewater Diffuser & Bath Bomb Set and Coconut & Lime set both sound divine.

  281. One of the beautifully scented reed diffusers would be a truly welcome gift, the sweet fragrance would add a lovely gentle aroma to our home.

  282. All the products are gorgeous and I sure do love my house smelling amazing… but im most looking forward to the bath bombs. I need all the extra excuses to enjoy a nice hot tub whilst enjoying the beautiful scents at the same time ❤

  283. Carol Mason Reply

    The Sleep assist essential oil & pillow mist set from Dusk the only place I go for candles etc I need sleep & this set would be a god send for me

  284. Kelly Clayton Reply

    Am interested in the Bath Bomb Set most definitely. Only I would share it with my 2 beautiful girls. They looooove bath bombs.

  285. jane gardam Reply

    Love all of Dusk products. but when coconut is mentioned then that’s where I go, so would love to have the coconut macaroon candle in its gorgeous purple glass jar. One of my favourite scents and always makes my home smell devine.

  286. Dusk products are my favourite little fragrance luxuries; from diffusers to candles to a delicious melt, that help me relax and unwind from the overwhelming day I’ve been dealt.
    Uplifting scents to energerise and brighten my day and to welcome in a delightfully intoxicating way. I’d love the Dusk sleep assist essential oil and pillow mist set,
    for a complete restful night that’ll clear my esculating sleep debt.

  287. Massouna Najjarine Reply

    I totally love the Flora mood diffuser ball & essential oils gift set by DUSK as it not only is a beautiful decor piece but practically it’ll definitely calm my stress filled days and nights too.. thank Mums Central for an exciting opportunity to win this awesome prize all to myself on mothers day ❤❤

  288. Ashleigh Smoker Reply

    As a new first time Mum any of the items in this incredible hamper would be amazing! The sleep assist essential oil & pillow mist set would be special

  289. Maria Wilkins Reply

    Dusk has something for every mum, warm and sensual, or cool and classic; every occasion is covered by gorgeous scents and wonderful aromas

  290. Love to try it all but keen to use the essential sleep assist oil. I’m up a lot with young kids andfind it hard to go straight back to sleep. So would love an extra helping hand in having a little more sleep. Love to win as I want to try it all out and enjoy

  291. Cathi de Vriend Reply

    Sleep Assist Essential Oil and Pillow Mist Set would be beneficial for me as I’m an insomniac who finds it difficult to function on very little sleep most of the time. Winning this would be a dream come true, literally!

  292. ‘Sleep Assist Essential Oil & Pillow Mist Set’ would be my must-have Mother’s Day Dusk product because I need help in a better nights sleep and need to let some stress melt away.

  293. I love all of the citrus range and the vanilla bean. I am a huge fan of the wax melts, especially Lemongrass and Orange Blossom. Although if my kids were to choose anything in Dusk for me they would buy me Skull candles

  294. I love the vienna range tealights and votives also the diffusers

  295. Jade Geran Reply

    My mum would absolutely love the butterfly tea light holder it’s so her.

  296. Dannielle Icke Reply

    What a generous and wonderful prize. Everything is so wonderful! I think that I’ll have to split it between myself and all the special Mumma’s in my life – it will be tough deciding who gets what though, but we’ll make it work 🙂

  297. Michelle Fay Reply

    My parents have pets and lots of grandkids in the house so these beautiful oils would definitely make the house smell fresh and like a spring day, she would be thrilled

  298. Bron Jolly Reply

    I love Dusk, I can smell the beautiful fragrance from the entrance of our local market place, it’s like a magnet

  299. Jan O'Bree Reply

    Diffusers are my favourite thing. They bring a beautiful freshness to any room. I just love walking through the door to a lovely fresh perfume in the air.

  300. Bedtime sleep assist mist. There’s a few special ladies in my life and we could all use this. Being a mum, sister, aunty is hard work

  301. I’d love to win my mum the lime and coconut diffuser and bath bombs the most because she’s always loved my jar candle in that scent.

  302. Rebekah Ballingall Reply

    Diffuser so I can make my house smell amazing no matter how messy

  303. Danielle P Reply

    Sleep Assist Essential Oil and Pillow Mist Set as I have trouble sleeping. I am forever waking up or I take ages to fall asleep even though I am really tired.

  304. How can I simply choose one?! Dusk products are all beautiful in their own way & I would be thrilled to recieve any of them for mother’s day

  305. I’d love some new candles. My trips into Dusk are few and far between now with a 2 and 4 year old in tow.

  306. Kristi McNeil Reply

    Sleep Assist Essential Oil and Pillow Mist Set would love to win this to help me fall alseep but all the products are wonderful and it was a hard choice to try and pick one but would love to win all of them would make a great mother’s day present

  307. The diffuser ball sounds amazing. So handy for the whole family no matter what the need.

  308. I would love the Dahlia Hot Pink Novelty Candles because pink is my favourite colour and I just know the Floral scent would be divine as all dusk candles are. I would love to win because Dusk is amazing and smells so good.

  309. Samantha Shipstone Reply

    Flora mood diffuser ball set with essential oils. I’m a recent convert to essential oil diffusing and I’m loving this little globe version with motif, it’s just a bit different to most of the diffusers out there lately. It would be a lovely addition to the ambience created by the oils to make my home a truely relaxing place to be.

  310. I’d love the Lavender Diffuser Flower & Fragrant Oil Set for my bedroom. Love the relaxing scent and the pretty flowers add a nice decoration to the room. Love the entire Dusk range! There are so many lovely things 🙂

  311. I would love to win the Lavender Diffuser Flower & Fragrant Oil Set. I have two young boys, a partner and a dog, I need all the help I can get to get rid of their smells!!

  312. I love the reed sticks – they make our bathroom smell fresh and clean all the time, even if we haven’t cleaned it for weeks!

  313. Sleep assist 100%!!! The lord knows we need it in this house. Im 38weeks pregnant witha toddler and sleep is a thing of the past.

  314. Katherine Bamford Reply

    Never is a day more important for any Mum than Mothers Day! Every year I wish for one thing…a sleep in! However, because I have a house full of noisy little cherubs, I’m yet to get this day. So….in order to combat this problem, Dusks Sleep Assist Essential Oil and Pillow Mist Set will help give me the sleep in hours I need by helping me get to sleep earlier and more relaxed! 🙂

  315. Keena creedon Reply

    I just love the smell of a beautiful candle burning in my house and would be happy to win any part of this prize. However I’d actually really like to win this for my Mum who has done so much for me and my kids lately while I’ve had a couple little health problems. This would make the best Mother’s Day present for her she loves dusk!

  316. I have no idea….but I just want the strongest smelling room spray that Dusk have. Reason? Just took charge of 3 abandoned kittens that had been rescued. Adorable and we love them to bits and will keep them but I am so not used to having a cat litter tray in the house after our previous cats did their “stuff” out in the garden!!!! I am using the usual bathroom sprays but they just aren’t strong enough. Maybe some Honolulu Room Spray???

  317. The Sleep Assist set 🙂 Would be great for calming one’s mind before bedtime.

  318. I have been so stressed out with the general pressures of life and struggle to have a good night sleep. Bring on the Sleep Assist Essential Oil and pillow mist set.

  319. Rebecca Olive Reply

    My must have is the sleep assist essential oil and pillow mist set.

  320. The coconut and lime diffuser bath bomb and a dead bolt to keep the dog and my daughter out of the bathroom while I relax in the bath!

  321. The grandiflora mug set (for the wine) and the coconut and lime diffuser and bath bombs (that’s where I’ll be headed with that wine!). I’ll also need some sleep assist essential oils for a perfect night’s sleep, ready to start the day fresh with play and cuddles with the babe.

  322. One thing is key, that is for sure, letting Mum sleep in, letting her snore. She would rather no gifts, no breakfast in bed, so long as it meant, she got to rest her tired head.

  323. Leisa Hambridge Reply

    It would be amazing to win anything from dusk, everything is so beautiful. I think for me though the Dahlia Hot Pink Novelty Candle. I just love everything about it, the colour, the smell, the look, its just gorgeous.

  324. The Flora MoodMist Diffuser & Essential Oil Set would send me on my way to feeling “desirable!” Feeling desirable is about more than just your clothes or how you do your hair or makeup. It’s an entire lifestyle. It involves interacting with people in the right way, giving off an air of self-confidence that infects others with my presence causing them to follow in my self-assuredness, personal judgment, and ability. This is the secret to becoming involved with everyone around you and getting people to like you from the second they meet you.
    So a good pampering session with the help of the Flora MoodMist Diffuser & Essential Oil Set would balance me from the inside out, refreshing, relaxing and rejuvenating me, making me happier and saner, all of which I’d carry with me into my dealings with the wider world.

  325. The must-have Mother’s Day gift would hands down have to be the Coconut & Lime Diffuser & Bath Bombs because my mum and I both love this scent. It’d be divine to just sit down and let this gorgeous holiday aroma sink in as we relax at home in our own little paradise.

  326. A beatiful Dusk Soy Candle…so I can give it to my mum because she’s the light of my life x

  327. -‘-‘-‘-‘-‘-‘-‘-‘-‘-‘-‘-‘-‘-‘-‘-‘-‘-‘-‘-”-‘-‘-‘-‘-‘-‘-‘-‘-‘-‘-‘-
    A must have is ‘Sleep assist essential oil’
    With dusk my mum will be spoiled,
    Working hard day and night,
    She needs something to help her sleep tight,
    Candles with sents so grand,
    She prefers no other brand.
    My mum needs to be spoilt on mothers day,
    Dusk will help her wash her worries away! ❤

  328. Bronwyn Lyndon Reply

    I love Dusk products but the mug looks stunning and would be an amazing gift for my daughter so that we can share tea and biccies together. ❤️

  329. I’d love to win this to cheer my home up I’m in a rental so can’t change much but can change the smell

  330. David Braybrooke Reply

    Love Signature Candle is the essential item I’d love – so pretty!

  331. Scented candles are always a favourite….Vanilla bean is one of my favourites – would love to win this gift to share with the many lovely people in my life

  332. The gorgeous mugs would be my favourite product….perfect for my morning coffee after a bumpy night.

  333. Marie Holland Reply

    Walking past my local dusk yesterday was like walking through heaven for me. I suffer from sinus problems, so it is hard for me to smell anything but because the scents from dusk are strong and I can smell them, I buy from there a couple of times a year. So anything that has a strong but pretty scent are my favourites

  334. Roberta Ferguson Reply

    The Sleep Assist oil and pillow mist would be so much help to me. I am a solo mum to 4 and this prize would make my mothers day amazing.

  335. Nicole Kent Reply

    The Amber Nights signature candle is my favourite one.

    Tissues and coat hangers aren’t for me
    My Mothers Day gifts from my little 3
    Would adore something that’s more my style
    This Dusk package would make me smile!

  336. Nanna Anna Reply

    Dusk’s Vanilla Bean candles have long been a favourite of my mum’s, and her living room is never without their sweet, delicate scent.
    It would be lovely to gift her this luxurious hamper so she can spread the joy of beautiful fragrances throughout the house. ☺️♥️

  337. Jennifer Richards Reply

    I have the Dusk oils all around my home, from candles to diffusers, My house smells amazing, love my local dusk store I’m a frequent customer, I’d love to win some new candles, they sound beautiful xo

  338. Melissa sharland Reply

    I’ve always been a fan of dusk. From the candles ive burnt at home to the table centre pieces at my wedding reception. the variety of scents to choose from is never-ending.

  339. Sarah Shirley Reply

    The Sleep assist mist and pillow set is essential in my life. I love the idea of settling to sleep without chemicals

  340. The butterfly candle holder for my Mum who not only is a huge fan of butterflies, but also Dusk. She doesn’t get over excited about much, but when we go to our local Dusk, she’s one happy Mum!

  341. Cindy Nickels Reply

    Oh how wonderful a long, consistent sleep would be. The Sleep Assist Essential Oil and Pillow Mist Set would be my no. 1 choice. For my husband too……

  342. Leanne Richardson Reply

    Most of all I feel very fortunate that I can celebrate Mothers Day with my mum but what I would like for myself and mum are – Soy candles, flowers, slippers, pyjamas and chocolates. Any one of these things I would love.

  343. Lauren Hunt Reply

    The Sleep Assist Essential oil as it really helps me sleep. Having a trumpet snoring hubby, the oil is calming as it seeps. The prize would be perfect to split with my Mum. It’s hard to relax with a crazy schedule, to unwind with these scents sure beats drinking rum.

  344. The Grandiflora Mug Set is such a winner! Along with a beautiful Dusk hamper it would bring a touch of luxury, style and relaxation to a mum who lives a chaotic lifestyle, who never does a thing to spoil herself!

  345. Deborah Gough Reply

    My favourite product is the vanilla candle. Makes my house smell nice and fresh.

  346. Flora Belladonna Gift Set would be a lovely gift to brighten the aroma of the house with fruity notes of pineapple and berries, laced with passion flower and violet notes.

  347. All the lovely smellies to keep my house fresh, especially with the family pets

  348. Michelle Jenkins Reply

    Love walking past Dusk stores when i see them or usually smell them first <3

  349. I would love to win this so my beautiful five year old daughter can give to me for Mothers Day!

  350. Nat Hollis Reply

    This mummas anxiety gets in the way of a good nights sleep!
    The Sleep assist mist and oils may just provide the relief I need and make me a happier, more awake mumma during the day!

  351. Michelle Louise Reply

    The French Tuberose Artisan room spray smells like Heaven! I’d wear it as a perfume if I could!

  352. I would love the diffuser and oils set as there is nothing nicer than having a beautiful smelling home to raise my kids in

  353. Debra Marr Reply

    I really like the Amber Nights Signature Mood Reeds, Mum has trouble getting a good night’s sleep and has been taking a sleeping pill. I’d much rather Mum use natural remedies.

  354. Gaibrielle Affleck Reply

    I would live the flora diffuser ball and essential oil gift set to make my house smell awesome (especially when toilet training)

  355. Bec Jackson Reply

    The sleep assist essential oil and pillow mist set would be amazing !! I would gift this to my mum who without her atm my life would be a shambles!! Even with her own health isssues she is always there for my 2 girls and I!

  356. Flora MoodMist Diffuser & Essential Oil Set is the best Diffuser I have ever seen ! I want the ambience this diffuser will create in my home. Fantastic!

  357. Ohh the vanilla bean signature candles for sure- my favourite scent of all!

  358. Leanne white Reply

    Favourite items from dusk are the essential tools needed to keep all my candles in great condition.
    The trimmer lighter and snuffer are up there amongst all the fragrance candles

  359. Coconut & Lime diffuser, because I love the fragrance, and it smells like I am on permanent tropical holiday.

  360. Christina L Reply

    Sleep Assist Essential Oil and Pillow Mist Set sounds amazing, especially when it’s been a struggle to get to sleep lately with everything going around in my head.

  361. The Sleep assist essential oil and pillow mist set is my must-have with a newborn in the house!

  362. i would anything it would be lovely to share between my two beautiful daughter in laws because they deserve to be spoilt on mother’s day love them both so much

  363. Vanilla bean scented candle!!! Just love vanilla, it’s the most beautiful scent and feels like home c

  364. Jessica Maloney Reply

    Coconut and Lime Diffuser and Bath Bombs, because as a roller derby girl, my bruised booty loves nothing more than a comforting and luxurious bath!

  365. Natasha Aylmore Reply

    I don’t have a Dusk in my home town so every time I go to Perth I head straight for Dusk as it’s one of my absolute FAVOURITE shops!!! Gotta get my Dusk fix then I am happy

  366. Jodie Moss Reply

    I love anything vanilla scented but also adore the diffusers that are available.

  367. I would love the flora essential oils diffuse because simply I love lavender and other relaxing. scents. Makes the home smell good too.

  368. I LOVE Luna mood-mist from Dusk not only does it look like a piece of art but it’s fun being able to try the different oils.

  369. Anna Ryan-Punch Reply

    I’d love the Sleep Assist spray – if it’s one thing every mother needs, it’s some assistance with sleeping!

  370. Would love the Sleep Assist range and Butterfly MoodMist Diffuser!!

  371. Heather Hopley Reply

    I love the smell of lavender and, of course, there is the added benefit of a good night’s sleep so the lavender diffuser is what I consider a must-have Mother’s day gift.

  372. Erika Sutton Reply

    I love the Diffusers, getting home from a busy day at work constantly faced with not pleasant aromas (nursery worker, nappies never end) having a nice smelling house is the perfect way to relax.

  373. Penny Kiernan Reply

    I love Dusk diffusers. They not only make the house smell amazing, they help to mask the stinky school boy smell!!!

  374. Anna van Straten Reply

    I am obsessed with baths, I probably have one three times a week. I think the coconut and lime diffuser and bath bombs would make any bath way more relaxing. The fresh beachy scent of lime and coconut would go great with any bath bomb.

  375. Andreea Nicolescu Reply

    Flora Mood diffuser ball and essential oils gift set sounds amazing and would love to have this to relax and spurce up my home, this would be amazing to win I would be very spoiled

  376. Jeanette Latter Reply

    My mum loves Lavender so would be the Lavender Diffuser and Flower Fragrant Oil Set it would make her hospital room smell devine.

  377. The rockmelon candle giving my bathroom that fresh fruity scent that transports me to a tropical paradise while I soak in the tub having some much needed alone time.

  378. andie harrie Reply

    Coconut and Lime Diffuser and Bath Bombs sound divine
    I’ll have them burning and dissolving whist in the bath sipping wine
    the life of a working mother never ends
    but bath time is the time one vigorously defends
    little people are in bed
    mum in the bath with above and book being well read

  379. Karen Power Reply

    The butterfly soft tealight holder is absolutly delightful i can see that on the side of the tub very relaxing

  380. The Grandiflora Mug Set are great looking mugs. I would love to win these for Mum as I know she would LOVE them and everything from DUSK.

  381. sharon mclean Reply

    amber nights signature mood reeds …. struggling with nothing helping me to sleep .. these sound like they would drift me off to a nice place of dreams and relaxation

  382. Leticia Bayliss Reply

    My mum works so hard, she deserves to be pampered and relax with these beautiful goodies.

  383. Rebekkah Smits Reply

    I would love to win this gift for my Mum. She has stood by me through so many heartbreaking trials and I wish I could spoil her every minute of every day. She is my rock.

  384. I love the peony rose tea light holder and all gorgeous tea light holders! I lost my mum ten years ago and love to decorate her beautiful angel statue at her gravesite with candles. I would love to win this prize pack and give it to my mother-in-law who also deserves to be spoilt and appreciated.

  385. Lisa Chawner Reply

    Sleep Assist Essential Oil and Pillow Mist Set sounds amazing as I have started meditating every night with my daughter & this would be awesome to try out.

  386. Flora Belladonna Gift Set , Charming and playful, Flora features fruity notes of pineapple and berries, laced with feminine passion flower and violet notes. Appeals to me , can’t wait to fill my house with this aroma.

  387. Justine Drake Reply

    I love any candle but I know my mum would love the Flora Mood diffuser ball and essential oils gift set because she loves her essential oils

  388. I love the essential oils and diffuser. With two young kids, it’s so versatile from helping to relax to helping to ease the night t8me snuffles.

  389. Bath bombs!!! Nothing better than a long relaxing super hot bath…with a little fizz 😉

  390. Janice Hammill Reply

    Dusk pampertime diffuser is an absolute must
    If I cannot have it now like Violet I shall bust..

  391. Rachael Mazurczak Reply

    Patchouli, orange and lavender melts are my favourite product. They equalise the “boys room smell” and calm my savage beasts. Simply amazing and makes my home smell like a day-spa!

  392. PinkFlamingo Reply

    Anything in the shop that smells like vanilla. I just like the smell atm and love lighting candles around the house to have that smell

  393. Everything in that store is awesome! I can’t go past without walking in and enjoying all the scents

  394. Alison Cook Reply

    The Dusk Honey Blossom and Fresia Soy candle would be my favourite to win as I love this fragrance and the candle is aesthetically beautiful and calming to look at.

  395. The sleep assist essential oil, pillow and mist set! Seems very popular too! All us mamas must have the problems with trying to get a great night sleep and feel regenerated ready for another day! I would love to try this amazing sounding product to make me feel amazing ❤❤

  396. Sonia Chang Reply

    Flora Belladonna Gift Set has perfect fragrances to keep me calm and rejuvenate. It would be a wonderful prize giveaway to celebrate Mother’s Day with my family and friends from an iconic Australian’s favourite dusk Australia . Thank you. Happy Mother’s Day .

  397. Nicole Woods Reply

    The Vanilla Bean Signature Candle would be amazing, though to be honest I’d love to win anything from Dusk. Their products are fantastic quality and are great to treat yourself with or to buy as gifts for family and friends.

  398. Amy Petersen Reply

    Dusk bath products are my mum essentials, having a bath is my “me” time so it’s got to be all about me and a time for me to pamper myself. The Dusk bath range smells amazing and leaves me refreshed.

  399. Kathleen Gaza Reply

    I would love to win this pack for my mum, especially the Peony Rose Three Cup Tealight Holder, which looks like a stem of flowers! We live in the middle of the Australian desert, and do not have access to any nice or pretty stores, everything we buy comes from a dated Target Country, or an IGA! I would love to be able to give her something luxurious this year.

  400. The sleep assist to help my wife relax and sleep after a hard and long day with the kids.

  401. Lavender Diffuser and Flower Fragrant Oil Set I have always loved lavender it was also my mums favourite .

  402. Amber Nights Signature Mood Reeds Limited Edition. This is a fragrance that makes the house smell beautiful making it a joy to come home.

  403. Love the Peony Rose Tea Light Holder plus candles, and because I find getting to sleep difficult, the Sleep Assist Essential Oil and Pillow Mist Set.

  404. dahlia novelty hot pink candles because it bis her granddaughters favourite colour

  405. madeleine b Reply

    Sleep assist essential oil and pillow mist set! Because, although i love all of it, this one would be useful to me as a mumma. Not only to help put my 3 minions to sleep, but after many years of broken sleep, i need a little help to get back into good habits 😀

  406. Carolyn Howden Reply

    The sleep assist would be really appreciated ATM as I had spinal surgery two weeks ago and sleeping is difficult and sometimes painful.

  407. The Vanilla Bean signature candle – my favourite scent of all time!

  408. Viny Vabriany Reply

    Would love the sleep assist and pillow mist to help having a good night sleep

  409. Love the way the defuser spreads a more even fragrance around the whole house

  410. Kathy Ostapenko Reply

    I walk past Dusk almost every day and take a deep breathe in. I adore everything about Dusk and wish I could buy the whole shop out, this is an amazing prize

  411. Krista Nicholas Reply

    I would love the Flora Belladonna gift set to give to my mum as it looks like a gift she would really treasure.

  412. Matthew OOSTERBEEK Reply

    Very curious about the pillow mist. I hope I can win this for my wife, she’s earned it for all she does for our children.

  413. For Mother’s Day perfection
    Relaxing, aromatic scent
    Ensuring I always feel soothed and content!

  414. Clare Gibson Reply

    The Coconut & Lime Diffuser & Bath Bomb Set from Dusk would be perfect. Thank you!

  415. Jacobi Mohr Reply

    I would love to win this and gift it to my beautiful girlfriend for mother’s day.

  416. Would love to win Grandiflora mug set love a good cup of tea would be great with my breakfast in bed

  417. Sleep Assist Essential Oil and Pillow Mist Set. – because what mum doesn’t want a proper sleep from dusk to dawn, its a mum ess-central

  418. Tina Kristensen Reply

    I would love to win the Mango & Lime / Fig & Coconut / Raspberry & Grapefruit Mini Diffuser Trio because it’s all of my favourite flavours and scents in one gorgeous little pack which will lead to a happy and relaxed mum.

  419. Kylie Overstone Reply

    Like to win hamper for myself because my partner has passed away I haven’t been receiving a gift apart from wonderful cuddle from my son

  420. Emma Turner Reply

    The Amber Nights Signature Mood Reeds would be fantastic to keep the house smelling great! Thanks for the chance to win such an awesome hamper!

  421. Renee Thomas Reply

    As an insomniac that’s tried everything from sleeping tablets to melatonin I love the sound of the sleep assist oil and pillow mist set. With two rowdy kids as a single Mum a good nights sleep is just what the dr ordered 🙂

  422. Natalie Wright Reply

    Coconut and lime diffuser which will reminds me of time spent amongst Hawaiian breezes and tropical experiences in holiday mode.

  423. I would love to win the Coconut & Lime Diffuser & Bath Bomb Set,
    A beautiful fragrance to bring back beautiful memories
    While I enjoy a long, long soak in the bath ( trying not to gt my book wet )

  424. Joanne McNeill Reply

    Amber nights mood reeds are so plesant and calming. Beautiful aroma and great in the bedroom. Very relaxing with 2 foster toddlers ,3 teenagers and going through menopause. I need as much relaxing and calming smells around me.

  425. The Caroline White Metal Lantern is my must have and I would love to win so I could share this with my mother-in-law and surrogate mother, thanks!!!! 🙂

  426. I love dusk products, having the Mother’s Day hamper will mean the world to me. Amazing fragrances … Love love love

  427. Jordana Hodgetts Reply

    With an 18month old toddler and a newborn baby I would love the sleep assist essential oil and pillow mist set. This would help me to switch off, relax, and get better quality sleep! I am up feeding the newborn every 2hrs so find it difficult to get back to sleep after doing everything to keep myself awake during the feed!

  428. My must have dusk product would be ANY of the amazing diffusers. They are the perfect all rounder product, I love to have them throughout my house!

  429. My perfect must-have Mother’s Day Dusk product would be the Raspberry & Rosewater 3 Wick Soy Candle!!

  430. Coconut and Lime Diffuser and Bath Bombs. I’m overdue for a long, relaxing bath and some me time. Anything from this pack would be amazing to win so I can have a mini splurge all to myself.

  431. Lime & coconut Bath Bombs, great way to relax after running around after the the kids all day!

  432. Karen Bowen Reply

    I love the candles and I’ve just seen the Butterfly MoodMist diffuser which looks amazing.

  433. Amy Wedding Reply

    I would love the lavender diffuser set…lavender is calming and relaxing to help this mumma sleep!

  434. Shaun Murphy Reply

    Mum loves scents and dusk, so it would be great to get any prize

  435. Kerrie-Lee S Reply

    I would love the flora Belladonna set, it reminds me of holiday I took with my Mum to Philip Island many years ago.

  436. Lavender Diffuser. As a child I would have mocked myself for this ‘grandma’ smell, but these days it’s the perfect soothing scent for bedtime… mine and everyone else’s!

  437. Roslyn Groves Reply

    My favourite would be the Sleep Assist Essential Oil and Pillow Mist Set – with three very active, busy kids, I often find it hard to relax at the end of the night.

  438. Cannot go past the Dusk Sleep Assist Essential Oil & Pillow Mist Set. Sleep is so important and vital to well being.

  439. Kim Campbell Reply

    I’d love the Lavender Diffuser and Flower Fragrant Oil Set. Lavender is my favourite smell, I have it in the garden.

  440. I love everything at dusk it all smells amzing very hard to choose just 1 thing.

  441. The majestically exquisite enchantment of a Vanilla Bean Signature Candle captivates my heart
    Amidst beautiful literary expressionism and artistically creative vision, traditionally part
    Thank you to our inspirational mum, nearest & dearest; it would be beloved/one of a kind
    Sparkling Mother’s Day memories enlightened by Mum Central and Dusk, resplendently entwined.

  442. Everything is beautiful at Dusk but my favourite item is the Penny Rose 3 cup tealight holder, it would make an amazing centrepiece

  443. The Dusk Sleep Assist Essential Oil and Pillow Mist Set is my must have without a doubt,
    I really battle to turn off at night, sleep I often go without!
    Crazy house to run,
    Little people making fun,
    Changing bums, tripping over toys
    That’s life with my boys.
    Plenty mouths to feed,
    One of my boys with special needs.
    Daddy’s away for 2 weeks,
    A relaxation pack would mean heaps!
    This tired Mum would love to win a Dusk Gift Hamper,
    So many divine treats to make me feel pampered.

  444. Sleep Assist essential oil and pillow mist – insomnia is a bitch!

  445. Jean Rutherford Reply

    Coconut and Lime reed diffusers are great for their light but fresh fragrance filling the room

  446. Kristyne Love Reply

    Pamper Time Coconut and LIme there is no better flavour combination than these too and they just make you think of the beach.

  447. Donna Bennett Reply

    Gorgeous vanilla bean candles make the home inviting and smell divine.
    Dusks range is always of the best quality and their products are exceptional.
    Not only do they smell amazing the way they are designed makes a statement.
    With so many beautiful items it’s so hard to choose a favourite!

  448. Tess Di Pietro Reply

    My favourite Dusk product is definitely the assortment of candles. I love them as there’s such a great variety and are so relaxing for the mind and body after a hard day

  449. Nicole Rodriquez Reply

    Any of the essential oils are a must when ever I am visiting a dusk store. I’d love to win this gorgeous set for my Mum and maybe keep one or two little things for myself as I’m sure my husband will forget to take our kids Mother’s Day shopping

  450. My son gifted me with a Vanilla Bean Dusk candle once and it was definitely the best quality candle that I’ve ever received (and there have been ample of the years). The scent was warming and strong enough to make the whole house smell diving; also it lasted a long time. I would love to own another scented Dusk candle!

  451. The Vail,a ban signature candle sounds amazing and would make the house smell Devine rather than of wet jocks and fluffys from the children.

  452. A busy Mum needs her sleep,
    Missing it makes me weep,
    Sleep Assist Oil would be the best,
    Winning dusk gifts will leave me refreshed!

  453. Faye Hannam Reply

    The Sleep Assist Essential Oil and Pillow Mist Set would be awesome for my Mum… She has difficulties getting to sleep. She’d love this…

  454. The peony and pomegranate candles are my favorite scent..absolutely divine. And the sleep assist essential oils are absolutely amazing.

  455. Tabatha Voss Reply

    The Sleep Assist Essential Oil is a little touch of heaven that helps me switch off and settle better

  456. I love diffuser reeds and The Amber Nights Signature Mood Reeds are the perfect gift for me.A reed diffuser delicately wafts the fragrance throughout a room and Dusk has such a lovely selection to choose from!

  457. Debbie O'Donnell Reply

    I would like the Flora Mood Diffuser Ball and Essential Oils Gift Set which I would find more beneficial to suit my moods.

  458. I would LOVE the diffuser. For those heavenly scents to float through the house without the need for heat or a flame would be perfect in our family home.

  459. Noelle Steele Reply

    I would LOVE to spoil my mother with the beautiful Dusk Mother’s Day Gift Hamper. She deserves the highest quality, and this stunning hamper would surely fit that description.

  460. The Sleep Assist Essential Oil and Pillow Mist Set is a must to recharge and rest fully for the next day

  461. Brittney Courts Reply

    I would love a defuser to calm out and feel relaxed or the pillow most spray to assist in sleeping as I have trouble staying asleep

  462. Jocelyn Lambert Reply

    I would be ever so grateful to win the Sleep Assist Essential Oil and Pillow Mist Set. Being a busy full-time working mum to a family of 5. I feel nothing compares to a good nights sleep, and I think this gift would help tremendously to feel revived and ready for the new day.

  463. Jacqui Lagaluga Reply

    With a Dusk Flora Mood Diffuser Ball and Essential Oils soothing her senses Mum would feel special every day of the week.

  464. Maria Costa Reply

    DUSK is a trust word for MUM! It’s elegant, special, delightful, incredible and beautiful, just like you Mum! Happy Mother’s Day.

  465. Grandiflora Mug Set would be beautiful. I would love to win this prize because it is the ultimate in Mum luxury, beautiful colours, shapes and scents to keep you feeling happy.

  466. The Sleep Assist Essential Oil and Pillow Mist Set has been great for my eldest daughter to relax and get the sleep she needs 🙂

  467. Natalie Cross Reply

    My must have Dusk product for Mothers Day would be the Amber Nights Signature Mood Reeds in the Patchouli & Vanilla scent. I love the elegance they add to a room and nothing makes me feel more at peace than a beautiful smelling home. I would love to receive this beautiful assortment of Dusk products to try some of their products that I have not experienced before like the Coconut & Lime Diffuser!

  468. JOANNE Asher Reply

    I think the Sleep Assist Essential Oil and Pillow Mist are perfect for a very relaxing nights sleep! I’d love to have my lounge room smelling of Amber Nights Signature Mood Reeds too! Smells Devine.

  469. Pip Thomson Reply

    The Amber Nights Signature Mood Reeds would add a subtle touch of elegance and relaxation to my Mum’s busy life.

  470. Kylie Clayton Reply

    The Sleep assist and essential oil pillow mist sound delightful. I have Sinusitis year round so sleep is often elusive. Even if I couldn’t sleep with this set I could at least rest and relax into the fragrance of the essential oils.

  471. Bec Hartwell Reply

    The Lavender Candles are the best. I light one and let it freshen up the room.

  472. Ben Travia Reply

    Sleep assist essential oil. They say sleep is for the weak, but that’s just something insomniacs say.

  473. Coconut and Lime Diffuser and Bath Bombs set. Perfect for making my Mum’s house and her smelling delicious!!

  474. I have 2 children under 3 obviously sleep assist essential oil and pillow mist set, enough said!

  475. Sarah mary Reply

    Sleep Assist Essential Oil and Pillow Mist Set would make a much appreciated mothers day gift for a first time mummy

  476. Grace Newton Reply

    As a mother of 4 the sleep essentials oil would help me out so much in this noisy household!

  477. Lynne Lillington Reply

    Lavender Diffuser and Flower Fragrant Oil Set, I need as much calm as I can get for my household.

  478. Sonia Chang Reply

    dusk Australia is truly an amazing home fragrances and gifts brand with millions lovers . There always has something wonderful and special for everyone and every occasion. It is difficult to make a choice from all these beautiful gifts. The true is that I love all of them . Happy Mother’s Day.

  479. The Sleep Assist Essential Oil and Pillow Mist is something my Mum could really make use of. Since her stroked her mind doesn’t stop worrying.

  480. Suzie Guido Reply

    The Sleep Assist Essential Oil and Pillow Mist Set is sooo on my wishlist! As we all know, a good night’s sleep is near sacred!!

  481. Corey steen Reply

    My must have product would be the mug set so I could have a cup of tea with my amazing mum on Mothers day

  482. No human children to buy me gifts, only fur and feathers which leave me ill treats, a pamper I need but no one to gift as you can see.

  483. Tj Westerling Reply

    Definitely the butterfly shaped tea light holder. My Mum is obsessed with butterflies so it would be so perfect. Not to mention she’s getting spinal surgery this week so she could really use the relaxation this pack would bring.

  484. Caroline Gunnulson Reply

    I love, love love the Coconut and Lime Soy candles as the fragrance takes me away to Paradise.

  485. Emma-Leigh Reply

    Coconut and lime diffuser and bath bombs for sure. It’ll keep our home smelling and feeling nice and fresh (which never happens currently!), and my skin smooth and soft.

  486. Rebecca Swann Reply

    Must have is the Vanilla Bean Candle – So the house smells lovely and warm on the coming cold winter mornings.

  487. Wow everything is so pretty but I just love the candles ! Anything pink and I bet they smell delightful ! Would love that frangramce in my living room !

  488. Would love to win the sleep assist set, this mumma could use the help! I love essential oils and how they can help calm the body.

  489. Ying Ying Tan Reply

    Flora Mood diffuser ball and essential oils gift set is definitely my must-have gift. Any chance to relax in sweet aroma brings heaven down to earth for me. Most exciting is I have convinced my hubby to enjoy these fragrances too so we can relax in the comfort of our home together!

  490. The Lavender Diffuser and Flower Fragrant Oil Set is my must-have for Mother’s Day because it will mask the boy smells so I can pretend I’m in a day spa. I’d love to win this beautiful prize because I’d be able to share it with all the other mums in my life – there’s something in it for all of us.

  491. Sharlene Dewar Reply

    I would LOVE the sleep assist essential oil and pillow mist set. I need my sleep & feel that this would be a welcome addition to my dream slumber party !!! (the one that I get to sleep for a whole night ???). Everything in the prize sounds beautiful so if selected as the winner I would be so very grateful and everything would be put to use around our home

  492. The Grandiflora Mug set, because I definitely cannot function as a mother without my daily coffees.

  493. Jade Muffatti Reply

    I would love to win the sleep assist essential oil and pillow mist set as I have insomnia and struggle to get to sleep so I think this would be amazing for me!

  494. Oh a vanilla bean candle would be devine! I am just tad obsessed with candles, I collect them and end up having to dust them because I can’t bring myself to burn them

  495. Rebecca Evans Reply

    The butterfly tealight holder is gorgeous! I love pink & purple sparkly things 🙂

  496. Ooooh dusk. Visiting Dusk is a quiet, pleasant walk around my spirit dimension! My nine year old is teary lately. My older daughter is a fidget at bed time. Sleep essential oil would assist AND candles for mum.

  497. My Mother’s Day must have Dusk product is the sleep assist essential oils & pillow mist set because after dealing with little ones waking during the night I need to be able to fall straight back to sleep.

  498. Remya Nair Reply

    Like a million others have already commented here already, I can do with the Sleep Assist Essential Oil and Pillow Mist Set. ~A sleep deprived mom

  499. Tammy Zorde Reply

    Loving Lavender – the flower diffuser and oils would look perfect on our side table and would fill the house with a sublime scent and much needed peace and tranquility!

  500. I need pretty things in my life which is why I choose the Lavender Diffuser and Flower Fragrant Oil Set for Mother’s Day! I’d love to win this pack because even though I love the homemade gifts the kids make I’d love a huge big pressie to open for me just for a change!

  501. I would love the mugs. I went on a purge of my kitchen and then broke half my remaining mugs.

    I think my mum would love a lot of these and the sleep assist would be great for my husband.

  502. claire simmons Reply

    i love the Raspberry & Rosewater Diffuser & Bath Bomb Set, so lovely for any mummy

  503. sacha Pech Reply

    Harmony Room Spray certainly sets the mood for a happy household; which is exactly what any Mum needs for a great Mothers Day.

  504. The sleep assist essential oil and pillow mist set, I have twin boys who never stop so I need a good night sleep to recharge!

  505. The Flora mood ball, it’s so pretty and completes the aesthetics with the chosen essential oils diffusing in the background

  506. Benjamin So Reply

    Would love the candles. Make my stinky house smell wonderful

  507. Lyndel Marshall rowe Reply

    I would love to own a Crystal Peony Tealight Holder Set,Dusk has a mothers dream variety of goodies,I would love to win

  508. Rose Gold Candle Care Kit. Honestly, it’s one of the things my mum loves the most and to get it for her would be absolutely amazing. She would truly love me hahaha

  509. When we bought our house 8 years ago the aroma in the house is a smell I can still smell. The people selling had a dusk candle burning. Such a beautiful smell, I buy my wife a dusk product every year as a reminder – love it

  510. Brianna Farrall Reply

    It’s got to be a Dusk Tropical Spice Soy Candle burning, with a good book and a lovely cup of tea

  511. Jonita mills Reply

    Anything floral for my mumma. She grew up in the Cook Islands and loves floral scents like frangipani

  512. Mary Pavlou Reply

    Any fragranced Reed diffuser! I love having them throughout the house!

  513. Any of the products. I LOVE Dusk, I’m running low on my Dusk products.

  514. Melinda Davies Reply

    Mum and I both absolutely adore Dusk products and I would love to surprise her with this amazing gift.

  515. Coconut and Lime Diffuser and Bath Bombs to give me them tropical feels!

  516. The sleep assist essential oils sounds wonderful and it’s something I would love for my lovely Mum who lives with dementia. Having lost most of who she is, she is still very sensory and responds to a beautiful smell, the human touch or gentle music so I think this would be wonderful and calming for her and could also benefit her with sleep.

  517. Coconut & Lime Diffuser & Bath Bomb Set would be my must have Mothers day Dusk product! The smell is divine! and to have it in the bath as well…. ooh la la bliss! I would love to win this amazing package to share with my sister and my mum (both UH-mazing mothers) as its so nice to have a little quiet relaxing ‘me’ time at the end of a long day!

  518. Money’s tight so I don’t usually get to pamper myself but with a scented candle burning I can create my own day spa.

  519. I would most enjoy the aroma reeds as I am a home fragrance addict. As a Mum of newborn twins, this is my first Mother’s Day and therefore it would be a very special treat to win this prize.

  520. I would enjoy the butterfly tea light holder. It’s a moment where both my children (who love butterflies) would sit and snuggle with me as we “just be” in each others company. Which is a lovely time out from all the school and sporting activities that that do.

  521. My Mum keeps breaking all her mugs, so definitely Grandiflora mug set would be a great mothers day present (not to mention the rest!)

  522. I would absolutely choose the Sleep Assist Essential Oil and Pillow Mist Set as I have trouble falling asleep but any of the products would be wonderful I love the smell that wafts out of the store and think their products are beautiful and fragrant.

  523. I would love to win anything from dusk! Especially in coconut or vanilla scent! My fave! And I could stop dropping hints to my husband if I won this!

  524. Would love to try the pillow mist to get a great nights sleep. Love vanilla bean candle as well. Dmells amazing.

  525. The coconut and lime diffuser and bath bombs sound so nice. I rarely have a bath so would be nice to have an excuse to have one and our current diffusers are finished.

  526. Maree Wood Reply

    I love anything that has a “Vanilla” or “Lavender” scent, any of these would be a great gift to receive!

  527. COLIN BURT Reply

    Pillow mist great way to drop off to sleep, nice and relaxing

  528. Chelsea Hurring Reply

    Coconut and lime diffuser, it makes the whole house smell divine. Absolutely love the scent

  529. What a gorgeous gift! I’d love to surprise my friend with it, who is a new mum to a beautiful baby girl!

  530. Teresa Clark Reply

    Would love the Flora Mood diffuser ball and essential oils gift set, To assist in life issues whilst using natural products to assist.

  531. my mum is a huge fan of all things dusk so I would love to gift her with this for mothers day. I think she’d love the mug set in particular.

  532. Ben Dehlsen Reply

    My mum would love the smell of diffusers to brighten up the room

  533. Courtney PAscoe Reply

    I would love the Coconut and Lime Diffuser and Bath Bombs !!
    Not only will the house smell amazing, but there is nothing quite like a relaxing bath with some
    gorgeous smelling bath bombs, My mum and myself are a little bath bomb obse