The Mobile Phone Plan for Kids That’s Cheaper Than a School Lunch Order!

There comes a time when the good old banana phone just doesn’t cut it any more! It took eight years, four months and 12 days at our place. But it finally happened. My kid wants his own mobile phone. 

I knew it would happen eventually. And I know I am going to have to give in and allow him to have one. But I don’t want to have to pay a fortune for it.

If your kids are at that age where they want their own mobile phones, then you’re probably wondering the same thing as me – when is the right time to give your kid a mobile phone? And how much is it going to cost?

Is it when they are eight? 10? 13? 15? Do you wait until they are allowed to stay home alone? Or until they are in high school? Perhaps you let them remain mobile-free until they have their first after-school job?

Well, we’ve done the research and here’s a mobile phone plan for kids that you’d be bananas to miss. And it costs less than a school lunch order! Yep, a mobile phone plan for your kid at a pocket money price that won’t send you broke. We’re up for that!

And the best part? You don’t even need to fork out for a new phone to use the plan – you can just give the kids your old one!

Should I give my child a mobile phone?

Of course, the right age to let kids have a mobile phone of their own depends on heaps of different things. So, let’s think logically about this, shall we? Because logic overrules my son’s argument of “because I really want one”. 

According to Roy Morgan Research, 20% of 10-year-olds own a mobile. 50% of 12-year-olds have convinced mum and dad to give them a phone. And 90% of teens have their own mobile phone. 

amaysim unlimited best value mobile plan for children

First off, kids, even eight-year-olds with poor argumentative skills, need to learn responsibility, which a phone can give them. Having their own mobile phone teaches them to take care of it, to pay for it, to not drop it in the toilet (like my darling son already did to mine… twice),  to charge it when required and to use it only when it’s appropriate.

Kids also need to feel safe, even when you’re not around. Like during sleepovers and birthday parties. Or during sporting events where you’ve done the drop and dash rather than sit on the sidelines making small talk with the other bored-out-of-their-brains mums. And when they’re old enough to walk to and from school alone, especially if public transport is involved, having a mobile phone is priceless for your own peace of mind .

Then there’s the whole reassurance thing that a phone provides your child. Like many kids, my son struggles with separation anxiety. Always has. Knowing Mum is only a phone call away, if something were to happen, could ease this fear. If he’s at a sleepover and gets scared, hearing my voice might just help calm his nerves and ensure him that everything is okay.

Plus, being able to communicate with my little man when I am away for work or on those super rare occasions I go out for a child-free dinner is a bonus too.

Technology too soon?

Of course, giving our kids mobile phones opens up a whole new world of worry too. And rightfully so, especially after the number of instances of cyber-bullying reported by the media. There’s heaps of crazy news apps out there, many of which are literally designed to keep parents in the dark.

mobile phone contract for kids Telstra

Plus, do kids really need this much technology at such a young age? To have access to games and to be able to look up weird things on YouTube throughout the day? Probably not.

Yes, kids need to feel safe and connected, especially when you are not there.  Kids need to understand responsibility. But kids also need to have boundaries.

This is why the $10 amaysim Unlimited Mobile Plan is a winner when it comes to giving mobile phones to our kids. 


Unlimited Talk and Text. Not Unlimited YouTube

You’ve probably heard of amaysim before. It’s one of the largest mobile service providers in Australia with a number of different plans and packages to pick.

But the amaysim $10 Unlimited Mobile Plan is a clear favourite for families. In fact, it’s been awarded Best Value Prepaid Mobile Plan by Money Magazine. Impressive, we know.

So, what makes their $10 Unlimited Mobile Plan so awesome?

First of all, it’s great value

A mere $10 for 28 days, to be exact. That’s $2.50 a week. My eight-year-old could pay for it himself with the money he gets every week for doing the dishes. I swear he already spends double this on Bey Blades every month.

Plus, it comes with unlimited talk and text

This means your child  can text or call you as many times as they – or you – want. As the provider of his first mobile phone and the person who grew him inside me for nine months, it is my right to insist they do so.

With the $10 amaysim Unlimited Mobile Plan , kids also get 1GB of data each month

This allows them to access their favourite sites, but not constantly. You can add more GB each month ($10 per GB), if you wish. But this is something YOU control, not them. You may also want to play around with the Parental Controls on the phone first, if you are concerned about weird YouTube searches.

But best of all, the plan has no lock-in contract

You bring your own phone (a parental cast-off is always a good first phone option for kids) so there’s no need to pay up front or stay with the same plan for two years. You won’t be penalised if you do make an exit or happen to change your mind – amazingly simple, right?

For me, giving in to my son’s requests for a mobile phone makes sense. Especially with the amaysim $10 Unlimited Mobile Plan. I did the maths (okay, my partner did, but whatever, I stood behind him and watched him do the maths so it still counts). I, ahem, we, found that I can save $260 each year by opting for amaysim instead of my current mobile phone provider.

mum central

A family of four (two adults, two kids) could easily switch to amaysim for unlimited talk and text and enough data for just $1040 a year. The kids can be on the Unlimited 1GB plan while mum and dad will be more than satisfied with the Unlimited 5GB plan for $30 per 28 days. I know I pay more than this just for MY phone plan every year.


Like them or loathe them, mobile phones are a pretty useful tool for modern families. If you are considering getting a mobile phone for your kids, or switching plans, then give the amaysim $10 Unlimited Mobile Plan a go. For $10 a month and no lock in contract, you really can’t go wrong. 
This is a sponsored article for amaysim, provider of amazingly simple home services for Australians including mobile plans, home internet, energy and tech.
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