Yummy, Mummy! Check Out These Mouth-Watering Maternity Hospital Meals


Crappy hospital food just got a serious face lift. And we’re drooling just looking at these dishes that new mums are feasting on. 

We’re also wondering why in the hell we weren’t served a high tea or a sweet-pumpkin puree flan after pushing our babies out!

Seriously, where is my post-birth flan?

Have baby, get hungry

Birthing a baby isn’t the easiest thing in the world. All that contracting, and sweating, and pushing, and swearing, well, you’re bound to work up a bit of an appetite.

Enter the post-baby meal (also known as “bland-tasting slop that probably came out of a can and leaves you begging your partner to run to the nearest Maccas and bring back a burger”).

Unless, that is, you give birth in Japan. Or Singapore. Or even at St George Private Hospital in Sydney. Because their maternity meals plans are kicking some serious culinary goals.


Let’s start with the mouth-watering maternity meals over in Japan, where one woman was recently treated to a feast of diverse dinners while she recovered after birth.

maternity hospital food

First off, we’ve got a lovely combination of Omuraisu, macaroni salad, chicken soup, squid rings, fruit and green tea.

Next we have a delicious mushroom pasta with potato salad, chicken soup, fruit, bread, broccoli and bacon salad (because you can never have too much salad), and green tea.

Oh, and yes, we said bacon. Because bacon after birth is pretty much a MUST.

maternity hospital food

These are only two of the many dishes she enjoyed during her lengthy stay. On another occasion, the new mum chowed on a piece of salmon with mushroom sauce, Soba noodles, rice, eggplant and beef, broccoli and Hijaki salad.

Other items on the meal plan? Chicken meatballs, braised pumpkin and pork, daikon carrot salad, mackeral and  braised mountain potatoes. I don’t even know what a mountain potato is. But it sounds freakin’ amazing!

maternity hospital food

As expected, people have decided Japan wins when it comes to post-birth meals.

As one commentor states, “I wanna give birth in Japan. And I am a 60 year old man…”. Our thoughts exactly (minus the whole being a 60-year-old man thing).


maternity hospital food

If you’re not keen to “accidentally” go into labour over in Japan, then you can always try Singapore General Hospital, which is also dishing up some yummy after-baby meals for their hungry mums.

Some of the meals even come with three-courses! Take this trio of tastiness, featuring cream of sweetcorn for the appetiser, garlic and herb roast chicken with roast potatoes, veggies and gravy as the main. And for dessert? Plain yoghurt with fresh banana dices.

maternity hospital food

Another Insta-worthy meal? How about this not-too-sweet pumpkin puree in shortcrust pastry flan for an afternoon snack?

maternity hospital food SingaporeOr fish and chips with tomato soap for lunch? Sounds pretty good, right about now, even for non-breastfeeding new mums.

You know what I’m currently eating for lunch? My son’s leftover sandwich crusts. And I might dip a spoon into a jar of Nutella for dessert… if my daughter hasn’t already finished the jar off.


Let’s return back home for the final instalment of mouth watering maternity meal plans – to the St George Private Hospital in South Sydney, where you can enjoy a post-baby high tea. And for free!

Yep. A Free High Tea.

They offer a complimentary maternity high tea for four people as part of their exclusive maternity package. The high tea features “tier after tier of delicious options including dainty ribbon sandwiches, scones, sweet cakes and a selection of teas.”

maternity hospital food Sydney high tea

All of this luxuriousness is prepared by an on-site chef, exquisitely presented on a tower and delivered to your own private room.

Turns out, it is possible to have your cake. And eat it too. You just need to have a baby first.

Well, I must admit – these dishes sure beat the mashed potatoes, baby peas and cup of jelly I remember getting when I gave birth. What were you served after giving birth?

Looking for more mouth-watering dishes? Check out our selection of divine desserts, easy dinners and kid-friendly  snacks over at Mum’s Pantry.

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