Get Organised with these Clever Kmart Photo Storage Box Hacks

What did we ever do before TikTok? Before Kmart hacks groups on Facebook? Before the internet, even? We most likely used products for their intended purpose and thought we were all geniuses when we came up with a different use. Cue these versatile Kmart Photo Storage Boxes, super cute and practical, but oh so useful for so many other reasons!

I’m not going to lie, I might have a little crush on Kmart at the moment. As an organisation girlie (mostly in my head because I still live with young people), trawling TikTok for ASMR restocks and organisation videos is my happy place (besides adorable and hilarious pet antics).

TikTok is a treasure trove of kmart hacks for various things. And the best part, is they show you how to do it!

Kmart Photo and Craft Storage Box and a Label Maker is All You Need

So Many Photo Storage Options

If you haven’t seen the photo and craft storage boxes in Kmart, you’re missing out. Available in a set of 6 larger and 12 smaller boxes, they are so useful for their intended purpose, and others.

Kmart Photo & Craft Storage Boxes
Source: Supplied

You can use them to track your kid’s first year of life or use a 12-box and 6-box to go by year from birth to eighteen.

You can use them for school from pre-school to the end of high school including first and last days, school photos, sporting achievements, and class awards.

Take collage photos of your kid’s artwork if they won’t fit in a box and store them, so you still have them when they fade with age, or accidentally get thrown out.

Kmart Photo Storage Newborn Milestone Storage
Source: TikTok

This mum has used each of the 12 containers to capture the memories of her daughter’s first 12 months of life, including ultrasounds, birth momentos and photos of each milestone across each month.

@theroguecorgi It’s easy to get into the habit of only having photos on your phone, but I really wanted to save some printed memories of my daughters first year. This easy project created a safe storage spot for all my favorite pictures. #scrapbooking #milestonephotos #milestonephotobox #photostorage ♬ you mean the whole wide world to me – christina perri

Craft Storage For The Win

These boxes make excellent craft storage too. They can be used to store ribbons, gift cards, paper scraps and whatever your crafty heart desires.

If you’re a card-making aficionado, they store cards and envelopes perfectly, along with pens, markers, washi tapes, stamps and wax for wax seals. The different colour inner boxes make my heart happy when it comes to wax for wax seals. I have over a dozen wax seal stamps and it’s my favourite way to embellish a card or gift.

You can use them as a makeshift sewing kit with a separate box for needles, scissors, thread, elastic, etc. You can store buttons and zippers by colour. They’re great for fat quarter fabric swatches and offcuts.

If you’re a home baker who likes to decorate, these boxes make great storage for cookie cutters, gel icing for writing on cakes, edible decorations, and more.

Emergency First Aid Kits For Everyone

First Aid kits are a breeze with these storage boxes. I have two sets of cotton tips filled with iodine and rubbing alcohol (which make cleaning a cut or scrape so much easier) coming in the mail and the photo boxes will be an excellent size to put them in.

Kmart Photo Storage Box First Aid Organisation
Source: TikTok

Separate boxes make brilliant period kits for school bags.

@veronica.cron First aid box 💊 #kmartfinds #kmarthacks #firstaidbox #medicinebox #storageideas #kmartaustralia #kmarthome ♬ Little Things – Adrian Berenguer

Get Organised in the Car too!

You can easily use these boxes as car storage, like the one in the video below.

They fit in a car easily so you could duplicate your home first aid kit and keep one in the boot and include extras like period supplies. (The boxes can also be used as a snack kit for road trips.)

Kmart Photo Storage Box Car Organisation
Source: TikTok

You could also keep one in the car with travel games in each box. Or hot glue a Lego board on one inside lid and pop a few bricks and people inside for travel Lego to keep little ones occupied if you’re out to dinner, on a long drive, or at a picnic.

@somewhatsimpleA great way to keep your car organized is by using a few plastic photo boxes that fit right inside your console or glovebox. Fill them with various items you might need while out and about, then give everything a label! I cleared out my console, wiped it down, and put 6 organized boxes in, along with a few other helpful things. It’s perfectly organized and easily accessible! Here’s a link to the photo boxes I used: Music: Dancing In The Moonlight Musician: Jeff Kaale♬ original sound – Stephanie – Somewhat Simple

Keep the Kids Entertained

These boxes are limitlessly versatile when it comes to kids.

Use them to keep small jigsaws together.

As card game storage.

You could label each small box with a board game name and put the dice, tokens and other accessories in them and then use this box to store the game boards, reducing your game storage to almost no space at all, just like Elena Waterson did.

Kmart Photo Storage Game Storage
Source: Elena Waterson

Organise Your Camping Needs

These are probably the handiest things Kmart has come out with. There’s even a clever kmart hack for campers, (or glampers).

Kmart Photo Storage Box Camping Organisation
Source: TikTok

You can store coffee sachets, tea bags, sauce sachets, those little squeezy jam and vegemite things, cut up squares of butter wrapped in baking paper, sugar sachets, cutlery, firelighters, tic tac containers with spices in them, and anything small and fiddly used for camping.

@mommyaph Organize your camping needs in this convenient clear storage case by Case-Case Nest. The foldable handle on this plastic storage box allows for portable on the go projects with a durable and secure locking top and snap-tight buckle closures for the inner cases. #campingph #carcamping #storage #fyp #viral #xyzab ♬ FEEL THE GROOVE – Queens Road, Fabian Graetz

So many other uses…

FOR CORD STORAGE: Do you have a bunch of cords laying around and need to put them somewhere? Use a photo storage box.

FOR HARDWARE BITS & PIECES: Need a storage solution for loose screws, Allen keys, bolts, zip ties etc? Pick up a photo storage box.

FOR GARDENERS: Got a green thumb and need to organise your seeds? Then this is a great hack to keep your seeds organised by month of planting!

Kmart Photo Storage Seed Organisation
Source: TikTok

FOR LEARNING TO READ: Teaching a little one to read? Then Samantha Beard has a brilliant idea on how to storage your flash cards using these great Kmart storage boxes.

Kmart Photo Storage Box Flash Card Storage
Source: Facebook

FOR AVID BOOK READERS:  Simply label each box with the month and grab some book review cards online, or use an index card to write your thoughts, or print out a picture of the book cover and write your thoughts on the back. At the end of the year, you’ll have a tangible record of all the books you read. You could then use them all to make a framed collage to hang on your wall. You can also grab a six box and use it for all your reading stickers, bookmarks and annotating supplies like markers and see-through tabs.

FOR TOOLS: They would also be fantastic for book binding, clay or leather working tools.

FOR PET OWNERS: Have a bunch of pets? Easily store their worming and flea tablets or liquid or any medications they’re on.

You are only limited by your creativity. But a quick Google or social media for photo storage hacks brings up heaps of cool ideas to organise just about anything.

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