Mum Gives Birth Aboard Qantas Flight

One mum has joined an exclusive club, reportedly giving birth onboard an A380 flight.

While details remain light on the ground, reports are that a Q1 flight was diverted due to a medical emergency.

The Qantas flight, which was bound for London, Heathrow after taking off in Sydney, was diverted to Cyprus due to a medical emergency. That emergency? Apparently a mid air labour and delivery. The pilot made the decision to land the plane in Larnaca, Cyrpus due to a medical emergency.

Qantas has confirmed a passenger was offloaded from the flight in Larnaca due to “medical reasons”. The flight then continued on to London, arriving a good 7 hours later than expected.

If the woman has indeed given birth during flight, she wouldn’t be the first. In April last year, a woman onboard a Jetstar flight from Singapore to Myanmar went into labour and delivered a baby boy, with the help from the crew and doctors who were also on board.

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