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Mum Slammed for Plucking Her Baby’s Unibrow

Imagine plucking your 15-month-old’s unibrow as she sleeps? Mmmn, could be considered somewhat of a ‘pluck up’ we think!

And it seems other mums are outraged. Because, after admitting to the incident on a Reddit thread, the poor ‘mother plucker’ (excuse the pun, we couldn’t help ourselves) has been slated.

Now, we all know the very important rule about not waking a sleeping baby, right? But where in the rulebook does it mention ‘not plucking bub’s brows’?

I mean, a baby with a massive unibrow is obviously going to attract A LOT of unwanted attention and what about those baby photos? Will she look back at herself in years to come (read: at her 18th birthday when all the family snaps are projected on a wall for all to see) and ask, “Why Mum? Why didn’t you just take to my brows with the tweezers, for goodness sake?”

That’s the dilemma.

Well, this mum thought she was doing the right thing by plucking her 15-month-year-old baby’s unibrow as she slept.

For ‘aesthetic reasons’, she took a pair of tweezers to her baby’s unibrow. But it wasn’t just a one-off, spur-of-the-moment event. Oh no, apparently it took her a couple of days of plucking to get it all off.

mum plucking babys unibrow

Brow WOW

It wasn’t until a few days later when a fellow mum commented on the baby’s brows, that the mum started to question whether she’d done the right thing. At this point, Plucky Pam fesses up. She tells her friend that she plucked her baby’s brows as she slept and notices a horrified, oh-my-god-I-can’t-believe-you-did-that-look on the woman’s face.

Yup, this is when the penny dropped and Plucky Pam started to wonder whether she had done the right thing.

Plucking baby’s unibrow sparks furry 

Feeling somewhat insecure, the mum took to Reddit to see what other people thought of her actions. Hint, probably not your finest move Plucky Pam, but hey, we all make mistakes.

In her thread, titled ‘Am I the Asshole for tweezing off my baby’s unibrow?’ she asks if plucking her baby’s unibrow was wrong. She wrote:

I gave birth 15 months ago to a beautiful baby girl. She’s always been hairy. It’s nice in a way because she was born with hair on her head and she has really full eyelashes. But she also developed a unibrow. It was light at first. But over the last 4-5 months, it’s gotten fairly prominent.

For aesthetic reasons, I decided to pluck it while she slept. If she woke up I would stop. I managed to get it all off in a couple days.

I’ve talked to my husband and he says I’m over thinking this, but I don’t know.

Honest feedback welcome, obviously.”

Oh, rest assured, the responses were honest and, if we’re fair, a little brutal too. See if you agree …

According to reports, one mum’s responded with, “Wtf is wrong with someone who cares about their baby’s EYEBROWS?! Way to cement those self esteem issues nice and early, 10/10 parenting.”

Another replied: “Potentially preventing bullying years from now hardly justifies causing a baby literal pain. Like I, an adult woman who gets her eyebrows threaded every two weeks, am literally cringing at the idea of inflicting even 1/10th of the pain that I deal with on a literal baby and tweezing is SOOO much worse than threading in my opinion.”

Another commented, “The kid’s unibrow makes ZERO difference to her experience as a baby, but her mom pulling out her hairs one by one because she isn’t pretty enough is going to carry a lifetime of complications.”

However, there was also this response: “She did it while her kiddo was sleeping, and stopped if she woke up. She didn’t pin the kid down and pluck her while she screamed and struggled.”

little girl with dark eyebrows sleeping

Parenting styles and choices will always be rife with controversy and mixed opinion. At MC we believe you have to do what works for you, but if you’re going to post your actions on the internet and invite comment – well then you have to be ready to take what’s thrown at you.

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