Using Pizza to Mark Your Baby’s Growth Milestones — Genius!

Looking for a cute and creative way to document your baby’s growth?

This mum really looked outside the box (the pizza box, that is) and came up with this deliciously adorable idea.

Hold on to your hungry tummies and your aching ovaries mums, cause this is one baby milestone photoshoot you will surely eat up! All you need is your adorable baby and 12 boxes of pizza. Add in a standard white onesie, a simple white background and a dash of cheek from your darling baby, and you’ve got the recipe for baby growth milestone tracking success.

Slice, Slice, Baby 

American photographer and mum, Dani Giannandrea shared her pizzarific idea on her Instagram page, showcasing her adorable son, Lorenzo, posing in a pizza box. She popped some pizza slices next to him to indicate his age in months and baby growth milestone magic was born!

What a delicious way to track just how quickly babies grow!

track baby growth milestones with pizza boxes

Cute Photoshoot and Pizza to Boot

The best thing about this easy-as-pie idea? It meant Dani and her hubby could enjoy pizza once a month! The couple also took the opportunity to try different types of pizzas before staging the photo shoot.

Plus, the pizza-theme plays homage to the family’s Italian heritage, Dani explains.

Even More Baby Growth Milestone Ideas 

There are plenty of other cute ways to track your baby’s growth every month. ‘Borrow’ this mum’s idea of using the DIY Kmart board to track your little one’s growth.

baby milestone photo idea using Kmart letter board

Or set the stage for sweetness with flowers.

mum centralWe are loving this clock idea too!

mum central

Wreaths are also cute!

baby growth milestone chart wreaths

As is a wagon of bright and colourful balloons!

mum central

Or you can simply make your child a prop in a themed picture every month!

mum central

So much cuteness! Almost makes me want to have another baby… almost!

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