Mummy Mojo: Get Your Groove Back in Just 7 Days

Feeling tired, frustrated, down in the dumps or got the plain old CBF’s? You might have lost your mojo….

Being a mum is a tough 24/7 job, but never fear! Although it took Austin Powers a whole movie to find his, Mum Central writer Heidi Lewis has some hints to help you to get your mojo back in just 7 days…

Day 1: Get some sunshine in your pocket
Over winter we tend to go into hibernation mode and so far, this spring hasn’t shown us much warm fuzzy love. It’s possible you’re lacking in a little vitamin D. Try to find even just 15 minutes to get outside and let that sunshine caress your lily whites.

Day 2: Love your body
Those chicken nuggets the kids didn’t mangle are too easy to shove into your gob at the end of a long whingey day. Sure, its food and you’re too tired to cook, but you’ve gotta look after you too. Eating something healthy, nourishing and filling gives you a boost physically and mentally. Make a plan to love your body, prepare something a little earlier in the day (I know there’s a big trend to meal prep for a whole week, but I just can’t do it!) or throw something simple and healthy together in less than 5 minutes with a pot of pre-cooked brown rice & quinoa, baby spinach, red capsicum, a small tin of tuna and a little lemon juice and mustard dressing. Also, ditch the soft drink for water, lots of it. Your skin, your insides and even your brain will love you for it. If you don’t love you, who will?

Day 3: Get moving
Okay! It doesn’t have to be a full-blown exercise plan. Even the idea of beginning something like that can be stressful and exhausting. Start with 15 minutes, you can always build up from there. A walk, some jumping jacks, crunches, skipping or commandeer the trampoline. Whatever floats your boat. The endorphins stimulated from a little exercise will make your skin glow, make you feel good about yourself and improve your mood and libido! You know that saying about the journey and the first step? This is now.

Day 4: Treat yourself
All you need is half an hour, but if you can spare more time please do! A bubble bath, shaving your legs or getting something waxed (come on, we know that gets neglected over winter) a facemask, repainting your toenails that still have the revolting chipped polish from 2 months ago. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune and you don’t have to go to a day spa (If you can, I’m so bloody jealous!), but just doing one or two little things that make you feel a little sexier, a little rejuvenated can make all the difference.

Day 5: Give yourself some credit
You know what lady? You’re damn amazing and it’s about time somebody important acknowledged it. YOU! Write a list of all of the great things about yourself. I know, I know, this is HARD! Women and especially Aussies are trained to be self-deprecating. You had a shower AND got dressed today? Go you! You cooked a meal and nobody complained? Masterchef! Your sense of humour? That arse you’ve worked so hard on in the gym? Your super organisation skills? The overpowering love you have for your kids? Nobody else has to see it, but the act of writing these down is empowering. List them all, you deserve some recognition.

Day 6: Get silly
Ever looked at your 3-year-old and wondered how the heck they can have so much energy? It’s because they don’t take everything in life so seriously. Today is the day to let yourself get silly. Forget the bills and decisions just for a little bit. Put on some music (I’m talking something you can really get your groove on to, not the Wiggles!), grab a wine and dance and sing your way around the kitchen with the kids while you cook dinner. Lie on the grass and count the stars or find animal shapes in the clouds. Eat watermelon and spit the seeds. Remember and enjoy the wonder of what it is to be little again. It sounds crazy but it sure does work!

Day 7: Do something different
Never been to the movies by yourself? Tried out a dance or acting class? Or perhaps you want to get a bit more adventurous with pole dancing or skydiving. Depending on your time and budget, go out today and try something you’ve never done before. No matter how big or small, that little rush of adrenaline might just make you feel like you can achieve anything! And guess what? You can.

Getting your mojo back is a mind game. But you know what? You can do it – and it will feel amazing.

Your family will delight in seeing you have a spring in your step but heck, who cares? You know why you’re doing this? You’re doing it for you! Good luck.

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Heidi is a teacher and single mum of four who goes to gym in order to indulge her love of cheesecake. Raising kids with ADHD and Aspergers is fast, chaotic and often hilarious, but she wouldn't change a thing. Heidi recovers with good chick lit, writing and Netflix after bedtime.

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