Introducing Tumbl bear – Hats & Beanies with Extra Padded Protection

Protect their little heads from the sun AND spills at the park, playground, daycare or the backyard with these ingenious padded hats that come with a hidden layer of protection.

They look and feel like normal hats but just wait to see what is inside – impact reducing foam which absorbs up to 50% of intense impact force*!

Talk about a game-changer!

Discover the hidden powers of Tumbl bear padded hats and padded beanies 

This clever new product is taking the parenting world by storm, especially for mums with babies who are learning to walk and toddlers who love to climb, jump, tumble and tackle harder obstacles at the park.

Having an added level of protection in the event of a tumble – which does happen – is absolutely priceless!

We can embrace these milestone moments and watch them tackle the world – or at last the playground – without the worry.

Watch these amazing padded hats in action below – MIND. BLOWN.


Australia’s first impact reducing hats

We’ve never seen anything quite like these padded hats before and are so excited to share them with our readers.


But first, let’s take a closer look at these handy padded hats and why EVERY parent should invest in at least one for their child.

Tumbl Bear padded beanie
Cute and comfortable, these hats are a must for every child. Source: Supplied

A safer way to play

Fact: Children fall. Learning to crawl, walk, run, skip, jump, climb – every single child will stumble and possibly tumble. It’s part of the learning experience.

Most often, they get back up without even a second thought. However, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they may take a tumble off the table, a fall from the slippery dip, a spill from the swing that scares them or hurts them, especially if they land on their little heads.

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Falls account for close to half (46% or around 30,600) of hospitalised injury cases and are the most common reason for injury hospitalisation of children across all age groups, especially ages 0-4**.

We can’t prevent some of these falls from happening – after all, we want them to be able to explore and play. But what we can do is provide them with extra protection just in case they lose their footing or take a spill.

Padded hats
Fun in the sun WITH protection too! Source: Supplied

A padded hat? Genius!

This is where Tumbl bear hats and beanies come in – they offer our children this added layer of protection in an everyday hat form.

No need to bring out the bubble wrap – these clever little hats contour against the body for a comfortable, customised fit that hardens into a tough shell upon exposure to impact energy. 

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Breathable and anti-microbial 

While these padded hats may come with hidden superpowers, kids won’t have a clue. They look and wear exactly the same as a regular hat and still provide the same sun protection and warmth as regular bucket hats and beanies.

Tumbl Bear padded hats
It’s an everyday hat but that’s so much more! Source: Supplied

The foam also allows ease of motion and airflow through activity and breathability meaning your little one’s head won’t get too hot, even with the sun beating down on them.

Plus they are anti-microbial so you don’t have to worry about mould, mildew or bacteria growth.

Super cute and comfy 

Both the padded beanie and the bucket hat are adorable too. The bucket hat comes in a gender-neutral grey colour with bold stripe pattern and a detachable velcro chin strap. The beanie comes in a modern beige with a cute pom-pom. 

padded hats and beanies by Tumbl Bear
Winter and summer ready with Tumbl bear! Source: Supplied

Whether it’s summer or winter, your little one’s head will be protected from the elements and against head knocks and bumps that are inevitable at an age where they are still finding their feet.

Tumbl bear padded hats for every little head

Tumbl bear hats are not designed specifically for kids who are accident-prone or have special needs – it’s a hat for every child, ages 6 months to 3.5 years.

Breathable, comfortable and protective, this is a hat that should be in every child’s backpack, whether at the park, at the playground, in the backyard or at daycare. 

Having a Tumbl bear hat on their little heads simply means you can let them play without the constant fear that they could fall. 

After all, kids are going to tumble. But, with Tumbl bear hats and beanies, you won’t be on the edge of your seat every time they want to go down the slide or climb up the ropes by themselves.

Padded hats
Tumbl bear hats are ideal for toddlers wanting to tackle trickier obstacles at the park. Source: Supplied

Where to buy

Tumbl bear hate are a homegrown idea – designed in Adelaide, Australia!  You can pick up their padded bucket hats and padded beanies through the Tumbl bear website. They offer free shipping to everyone in Australia, New Zealand, America, and the UK and their hats come in two sizes – 6 months to 12 months and 1-3 years.

Both the bucket hat and the beanie retail for $49.95 but Mum Central readers will receive a 10% discount using the code tb10. Hurry though – this offer is for a limited time.

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Tumble Bear bucket hat
Source: Supplied

This is a sponsored post for tumbl bear
*as measured by ASTM F1976 impact test
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