You Can Now Buy a Vacuum to Clean Up Your Kids’ NERF Darts

Once upon a time, I had a son. Over the years people bought him NERF gun after NERF gun after NERF gun. Every Christmas, every birthday we added to his collection. Now we have a house full of them and literally thousands of darts hiding in every crevice, corner, nook, and cranny.

NERF darts for days 

I will be the first to admit that I actually HATE these stupid tiny styrofoam things. The dog chews them, the toddler tries to eat them, they collect dust, they literally pop up everywhere.

Well, ladies, NERF has come to our rescue and invented a NERF dart vacuum cleaner. It’s called the NERF Elite Dart Rover and it picks up 100 of these little life-ruining darts at a time.

Nerf dart vacuum
Move over Dyson! NERF gun vacuum saves the day! Source: Amazon

Made for kids, because, we are DONE cleaning up darts

How does it work? It’s simple, really. As you can see from the image of the teenager below, you simply roll over your darts and it picks them up. And, yes I specify the model is a teenager, not a mum because we are off dart-cleaning duty.

Nerf dart vacuum cleaner
Look Ma! I can clean up my own darts. Source: Amazon

Teens, tweens and children NERF enthusiasts, take note. You can pick up your own darts from now on. Hell, you can use it to pick up your other crap too – dirty socks, muesli bar wrappers, random bits of paper you’ve collected in your school bag.

After you pick up your darts, or socks, or whatever, simply empty the mesh bag attached to the vacuum cleaner, and voila! You have all your darts back ready for another NERF gun battle and all your dirty socks back, ready to be placed into the laundry basket (not beside the laundry basket, INTO the laundry basket).

Darts sorted, now, onto the guns!

mum central

Now that we’ve got this NERF dart situation under control, let’s discuss ways to store your child’s NERF gun collection. These DIY pegboards for NERF gun storage work a treat and are surprisingly easy to do!

Kids nerf gun collection
Next level nerf fun storage, image: supplied

I made the one in the image above in less than an hour. Okay, not I… my partner did, but I supervised and drank wine. That counts.

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