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RECALL: Kmart Baby Bouncer Recalled Due to Risk of Injury

Most of us have an ANKO product or ten scattered around the house. I think the majority of my homewares are brought to you by ANKO – the Kmart-specific brand. If you happen to have the Kmart baby bouncer – ANKO Gravity Bouncer for your baby, then you may want to head to Kmart for a refund. 

Kmart baby bouncer recall

The baby product has been recalled due to a faulty locking clip mechanism.

Anko Kmart Baby Bouncer recall
Source: Product Safety Australia

According to Product Safety Australia

If the locking clip between the base of the seat and the stand is not correctly released prior to folding, damage could occur to the product, resulting in possible collapse upon subsequent uses.

If the product collapses, there is a risk of an injury to a young child.”

What should consumers do? 

If you have purchased the ANKO Gravity Bouncer, then take it to any Kmart store for a full refund. This specific model was sold online and nationally between 16 January 2020 – 23 July 2020. 

More Kmart products to be aware of

If you do shop at Kmart often, then you may also be interested in other recent recalls and safety updates.

In October 2020, Kmart removed their popular Wooden Climbing Ladder from the shelves due to concerns the ladder will break under pressure.

mum central
Source: Kmart and Facebook

According to Kmart, 

This is not a product recall – but we ask customers with any concerns, to please contact the Kmart customer service team on 1800 124 125.”

In April 2020 CNP Brands Childcare Strollers (Grey) were also recalled due to an axle fault. It was sold exclusively at Kmart stores nationally and in New Zealand from 30th September 2019 to 21st February 2020. 

CNP Childcare stroller recall
Check the stroller frame for model and PO details.

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