7 Small Toy Collections Your Kids Have (And How to Store Them)


Kid got a thing for tiny toys?

Whether it’s LOL Surprise dolls or Ooshies, Beyblades or Shopkins, have you really parented till you’ve sat down at the end of a long day and been poked in the bum by a piece of stray plastic? We think not.

Collectable ‘stuff’ is the flavour of the month for the pre-school and primary set. Where we had Tazos (please someone say they remember Tazos?), they have far more sophisticated pieces of small plastic.

The more they buy, the more pieces they accumulate, till your home is over-run by teensy plastic accessories and the latest in (Beyblade) launching technology.

Fear not, however! You can reclaim your lounge room. While we can’t remove the offending items from your home (and, ahem, stash them somewhere, like in a bonfire), we can help you get on top of the small toy storage sitch. Because if you can’t see em’, they’re marginally less offensive, right?

Toy Collections

7 Small Toy Collections and Smart Ways to Store Them

While the toys themselves may differ, one thing remains the same; their size. They’re not referred to as ‘tiny shit’ for nothing. This makes your bog standard IKEA storage tub a less-than-ideal solution (because, duh, they’ll all get mixed up in there). Finding small toy storage solutions that keep specific toys grouped together in a way that pleases the mini-dictator who owns them, is key. We’ve rounded up some small toy storage ideas that should tick all the boxes.

1. LOL Surprise Dolls

SURPRISE! It’s a tiny plastic figurine that somehow got smuggled into the Woolies trolley and cost more than dinner. LOL Surprise dolls are everywhere and while the doll is one thing, the accessories they come with is quite another. We love this Pinterest storage hack which uses a plastic nail polish storage rack as a display case. Plenty of room for the gals AND their gear.

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2. Shopkins

Ahhh Shopkins. Just when you think they must have exhausted all avenues for what grocery items they can feasibly turn into a figurine, they surprise you by bringing out the ‘trash can’ series. These guys pose a slight issue due to their teeny, tiny size and the huge variance in different ‘sub-species.’ Fortunately there is a way to keep these guys under control. Super clever mum, Bre Pea found the perfect solution; a hardware organiser! You can check out her step-by-step tutorial for all the details.

Toy Collections

3. The Grossery Gang

Because who wouldn’t want a toy modelled on festering rubbish? Kids be weird. Grossery Gang toys seem to corner the boys tiny shit market and boy oh boy are they popular with the primary school set. While we loved this small toy storage idea from Lifesmart, the case was only available in the US and pretty pricey to boot. Enter this similar Kmart version which we reckon would do a similar job, and for under $15.

Toy Collections - how to store Grossery Gang toys

4. Littlest Pet Shop

Weird looking dogs and cats (rabbits, squirrels, whatever they can get their hands on really) with massive eyes, what’s not to love (see aforementioned ‘kids be weird’ statement)? These guys can be a strange shape which makes them a bit tricker to store. This solution makes it a snap. All you need is a utensil storage tray (like this Madesmart one) to create this Pinterest silverware storage tray wall mounted solution. Genius!

Toy Collections - Littlest Pet Shop storage idea

5. Ooshies

Another one that sneaks into the Woolies trolley to be smuggled home. Ooshie pencil toppers are everywhere. Some schools have even banned them from the premises! Small and squishy, we reckon this IKEA RIBBA picture frame hack makes a brilliant small toy storage solution (pictured with Lego figures but same, same).

Lego minig storage solution

6. Beyblades

If you’ve almost twisted an ankle tripping over what pretty much resembles a pimped out spinning top, then your home probably has a case of the Beyblades. Popular primarily due to their ability to ‘battle’ each other, Beyblades are also highly collectable. Need to keep the little buggers under control? Get yourself a tackle box!

how to store Beyblades

7. Polly Pocket

She’s baaaack! And more extra than ever. Kids of the ’90s will be well acquainted with Ms. Pocket and co and now a new generation is all over the gal who lives in a shell. While Polly has her own, built-in storage solution, those compacts don’t stash themselves and some of the new sets come sans shell. We love this Clear Toy Storage Bag solution for all your Polly Pocket bits and pieces.

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Need some more nifty toy storage ideas (for average sized stuff)? Check out our 10 incredibly clever Kmart hacks for all your kids stuff.

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