2020: The year of DIY organisation and home hacks a-plenty! We’ve seen a fair few awesome DIY projects come our way this year thanks to extra time at home. Below are the best home hacks of the year, according to you, our readers.

These are the stories that you liked, shared and read the most. From cubby houses to school storage stations, meal prep ideas to cleaning tips, join us to see what these stories are all about.

We will warn you though, you’ll probably want to plan a trip to Bunnings, IKEA or Kmart after reading through them! 

Best home hacks and lifestyle stories

1. Clever Kmart home hacks

Kmart: the place where home hacks were born! One of our most popular articles ever is this story on clever everyday Kmart hacks using popular items like a dog’s bed, a step stool and a shower caddy. These hacks are especially awesome because you don’t need a single tool to do them. DIY win.

Read all about it here. 

2. Kmart school storage hacks

Before you leave Kmart, head over to their furniture section and pick up some of these must-have items for designing a school organisation station for the kids. Having a space designated for your kid’s bags, books, shoes, etc. will be a godsend!

Read all about it here.

3. Dinner hack: Mum’s easy meal plan idea

Moving to the kitchen, this mum came up with her very own Hello Fresh-esque meal planning idea. All you need are several large storage containers to put into the fridge and some time to plan and shop.

Read how to do it here.

meal planning

4. Kmart cubby house hacks

A great DIY project for your outside area is a cute little cubby house for the kiddies. Kmart sells them for under $200 but now Big W and Bunnings also have similar styles in the same price range. All you need? Some time, some paint, some cute accessories, and you’re ready to pimp your cubby.

Picture inspiration here.

Kmart cubby hacks fi

5. Organisation ideas for your kids’ stuff

Another popular story was this one on hacks for your kids’ stuff. You know, like their collection of stuffed bears, princess dresses, books, hair accessories and dolls. These hacks will not only help you stay organised and on top of the clutter, but it will also make things like bathtime and backyard play more fun for the kids.

Read all about it here.

clever kmart hacks for kids

6. IKEA hacks for your kids’ bedrooms

These Ikea hacks for kids’ rooms add flourishes of functionality and even allow you to upcycle. If you love IKEA then this story has your name all over it!

Read it here.


7. 17 cleaning hacks to refresh your home

Whether you love it or loathe it, cleaning is part of the program. These 17 cleaning hacks will make the job much easier. We’ve got cleaning tips for tackling dust, dirt, stains and everything else the kids and pets throw your way.

Read it here. 

Spring cleaning tips

8. Baby item hacks

Buy ALL the baby things … then store them in a super tidy and efficient way thanks to these cool Kmart baby hacks! From nappies, clothing, dummies, bottles and breast pumps to books, headbands, keepsakes, shoes and food, these hacks are ideal for all new mums.

Read it here.

Kmart baby hacks

9. Nerf gun storage

For parents with older boys with a collection of Nerf guns (guilty), this one will be right up your alley! It’s been a huge hit this year as our kids spent more time at home pegging each other with darts. These NERF gun storage hacks will require a trip or two to Bunnings (in most instances) but it will be SOOO worth it NOT to step on these things all over your home.

Read it here. 

nerf gun storage ideas

10.  DIY fire pit

We’ll end with this hilarious story about a mum who attempted to build a fancy fire pit in her backyard. It turned out great and she’s got step-by-step instructions on how to do it, as well as some pretty funny comments to keep you laughing through the DIY madness.

Read it here. 

If you’re looking for more home and lifestyle stories, check out our HOME section. We’ve got great DIY projects for every area of your house – the pantry, laundry, walk-in closet and more!


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