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Coffee Lovers Needed to Trial NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Esperta Coffee Machine and Pods

During my 10 years as a mum, I’ve learned three lessons. Okay, I’ve learned more than three, but these three are the most important ones in my book. 

One: Every child will have different needs.
Two: Everyone has an opinion on how you need to cater to these needs.
Three: Every mum needs coffee.

Well, mums, we can’t tell you exactly what your child needs or what opinions others will bestow upon you, but we do have a great opportunity for you to enjoy ALL the coffee, whenever you need a caffeine fix, with your very own NESCAFÉ  Dolce Gusto Esperta coffee machine. 

Indulge in barista-style, cafe-quality coffees and yummy hot chocolates from the comfort of home. How cool would that be?

We’re looking for FIVE reviewers to trial the NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Esperta coffee machine, including seven different coffee pod flavours. But before you enter, have a read of why the Esperta coffee machine is our new favourite kitchen accessory.

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What Sets the Esperta Coffee Machine Apart?

Simple. It’s easy to use and makes great coffee in minutes. You don’t have to be a master barista to do so either – just flick on the machine, choose your pod flavour and press a button. Voila!

You can even download the NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto® App, so you can personalise the temperature and size of your coffee and even get your machine to make your coffee in the morning before you get up. I mean really, talk about a great start to the day!

Here are a few of Esperta’s fab features to froth over:

  • Two easy settings: Espresso Boost for intense Espressos and Delicate Brew for aromatic Americanos.
  • Enjoy standard black coffees, such as Espressos and Americanos, as well as rich, creamy milky coffees – like Lattes, Cappuccinos, and Mochas. The pods come with everything you need to make the coffee (yes, they even include the milk so no frother required!)
  • You can also whip up yummy non-caffeine drinks such as Chai Lattes, NESQUIK and hot chocolate for the kids.
  • 15 bar high-pressure system means you can enjoy a professional coffee with a thick, velvety crema.
  • Sealed capsules make sure your coffee will always be fresh, aromatic and rich.
  • Connect via Bluetooth to schedule and prepare coffees ahead of time (plus you can save your settings for a no-brainer coffee moment).

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So Many Coffee Pod Flavours

The machine is great. But it’s the coffee pod flavours that really make this nifty device such a great addition to your kitchen.

Below are just a few of our favourite coffee pod flavours, all of which our lucky reviewers will get to taste test with their machine!

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Flat White:  Born in the stylish coffee shops of Australia, the Flat White is the hero of barista-made coffees. It’s mellow and creamy, with hints of sweet caramelly notes.

Cappuccino:  Pretty to look at and yummy to taste, the Cappuccino is always a popular choice. Enjoy the combination of velvety foam, robust espresso and a hint of chocolate whenever the cravings strike.

Americano: The George Clooney of coffee, the Americano is smooth, sophisticated and sure to give you a welcomed pick-me-up.

Ristretto Ardenza: Another espresso option is Ristretto Ardenza, which might sound like a foreign pirate but it’s actually a really yummy brew with hints of licorice, Juniper pepper and hazelnut.

Chocoletto:  Indulgent, rich and chocolatey, how can you go wrong with Chocoletto?

Chai Tea Latte: These are so delicious and perfect for when you want an uplifting an aromatic drink. Combines hints of cinnamon, ginger, cloves and cardamom and topped with frothy milk. It’s also a great option if you want something without caffeine, especially at night.

NESQUIK: Yep – NESQUIK is now in pod form! So your kids can enjoy an old favourite. Serve it hot or cold with ice cubes as a refreshing after school treat.

The great thing about all of these pods is how easy they are to pop into the machine whenever you are in the mood for a coffee, chai tea or hot choccy. With a huge selection stored in your pantry, you can indulge in a different drink every day of the week.

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BYO Coffee and Save $1,000 a Year 

Say you buy three coffees a week, that adds up to … ready for it? Nearly $1,000 a year!

Do you know what you can buy with $1000 a year? A kid-free trip to Bali with your hubby, that’s what! Or, with your bestie, if hubby is being annoying … catch ya later, kids. Have fun with Dad.

The Esperta coffee machine will set you back just $129 and it’s easy to whip up a bevy, pour it into a takeaway cup and be on your way.

You can also stock up on boxes of pods for $8.50 each at most supermarkets including Woolworths, Coles and IGA or through the NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto website. There are heaps of flavours to try, in addition to the ones above, including Espresso, Latte Machiatto, Mocha, Cafe Au Lait, and Skinny options too.

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The Esperta coffee machine is available through the NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto website.

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To find out more about the Esperta coffee machine as well as the coffee pod flavours, check out our Father’s Day feature on the Esperta machine.

Keep on reading if you’re interested in creating your very own coffee moments.

We’ve got an opportunity for you to apply to trial and review the Esperta coffee machine, plus you’ll get a load of pods to sample too … every coffee lover’s dream!

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Here’s your chance to trial the NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Esperta coffee machine & range of coffee pod flavours in your home and tell us what you think!

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We are searching for five coffee-loving mums to trial and review the NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Esperta coffee machine and assorted pods, valued at $188.50.

You will have 21 days to put the machine (and pods) through their paces (tough job drinking all that coffee!) take some good quality photos and answer our online survey. Then jump in front of the camera and answer a set of predetermined questions about your experience and you’re done!  Easy as that!

If this sounds like something you’d love to do, then what are you waiting for? Apply now!

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