Heartwarming and Beautiful, Granddaughter Makes Nana’s Wedding Dreams Come True

Bride-to-be Tara Foley very much wanted her Nana, Stasia, at her wedding. But at age 104 and on doctor’s orders, Stasia couldn’t make the flight from Florida to Texas to watch her beloved granddaughter tie the knot.

What happens next is just beautiful and a reminder of the importance of capturing and sharing life’s special moments with the ones you love.

After Tara learns that her nana has been advised not to travel to her wedding and knowing just how much she desperately wants to share her big day, Tara pulls out all the stops to enable her nana to experience the wedding.

My nana was a very important woman in my life. I wanted her to see me in my wedding gown. I just knew it was something I had to do,” — Tara says

“She wanted to be at my wedding, and this was the next closest thing I could do for her.”

Tara secretly arranges a wedding photoshoot with her precious nana. The bride-to-be wears her bridal gown, complete with wedding make-up and hair, so that her nan can see how she will look on her wedding day.

What a brilliant act of love! And a great reminder to all of us to cherish our grandparents a little more.

Source: Facebook/Tara Foley

Tara posted on her Facebook page her brief story explaining how the wedding photoshoot came about. She also shares these heartfelt images that show Tara with her much-loved nan. Tara, you’re one very special granddaughter!

Even when you’re 102, you still have #goals

Tara writes in her Facebook post, “When my Nana was put in the hospice, the nurse asked her what her goals were. She replied that she wanted to be at my wedding. They reluctantly told her they didn’t want her flying anymore (she was nearly 103 years old) and her heart was failing.”

wedding photoshoot, tara Foley and her nan
Source: Facebook/Tara Foley

The Secret Wedding Photoshoot Mission Begins

Tara continues to say in her Facebook post: “I knew in my heart she was trying to hang on to get there somehow. I decided to fly to her with my wedding dress, it was unaltered and didn’t fit yet but none of that mattered. I may have lied to my entire family about where I was that weekend, and I didn’t tell my friends so I could surprise everyone with these photos.”

Might I add, we’re not talking just trying on her dress for Nana. Nope, Tara went the whole hog with this wedding photoshoot. We’re talking hair and make-up professionally done, a photographer – all the works. How sneaky, but how incredibly special for nan! #bless

Source: Facebook/Tara Foley
Tara Foley wedding photoshoot
Source: Facebook/Tara Foley
Tara Foley, nan wedding day
Source: Facebook/Tara Foley

Everlasting Memories Made

How are the tissues going? I have little doubt this selfless act of Tara’s absolutely made her Nana’s day, month, year. The images of the day they spent together are full of love and pride – even as a stranger, it’s easy to see.

Words cannot explain how much these moments mean to me and I will cherish these memories for the rest of my life. Her smile and her laugh are forever etched in my mind and the love between us will live in my heart. This was one of the greatest days of my life,”  — says Tara.

More tissues, please.

Source: Facebook/Tara Foley
Tara Foley wedding photoshoot with nan
Source: Tara Foley/Facebook

A Bitter-Sweet Grandparent Goodbye

Of course, at the end of all this, Tara had to say goodbye and return home. While saying goodbye to an elderly grandparent is always tough, it’s even more so when you know they are ill. Tara writes in her post, “When I said goodbye to her that night, I think we both knew it would be the last time we would see each other.

“She grabbed my cheeks with her hands, looked me straight in the eye and said “I love you very much” and 27 days later she passed away. I am so blessed to have this be my last memory with her. She was a beyond amazing woman! I love you Nana, always and forever!”.

wedding photoshoot - tara foley and nana
Source: Facebook/Tara Foley

Time to Ring the Grandparents

I think we can all be a little guilty of neglecting our relationship with grandparents. So, if anything, this tale is a reminder to show them just how loved they are. So go on, pick up the phone and ring your grandparents. Or better yet, call in for a cup of tea and a biscuit, if that’s possible.


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