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It’s Official! Kids Love the New NERF Nitro Range! Five Stars and Here’s Why!


It’s Nerf, but not as you know it! 

We recently put the call out for families to test the new Nerf Nitro range of toys and boy, did the Mum Central community get all up in the Nerf love.Find Out What Our Tester Families Had to Say About The New Nerf Nitro Range

It seems the super popular range from Hasbro has a reputation that precedes it, and our families couldn’t wait to get their hands on the new release Nerf toy.


Nerf Nitro moves away from what you typically think of as a Nerf product (there’s not a blue dart or green disc in sight) and instead packs all that Nerf blasting power into fully launchable foam cars.

Find Out What Our Tester Families Had to Say About The New Nerf Nitro Range

The whole concept behind Nerf Nitro is to ‘blast’ the foam cars towards ramps, targets, the cat… pretty much whatever your little Nerf lover can think of. Use the cars as cannon balls, make them leap over obstacles, send them flying into ramps; the scope for play is pretty much limitless. And because it doesn’t require any track, Nerf Nitro can be set up just about anywhere (without the need for the always painful post play pack up).

Nerf Nitro Range toy reviewBecause it’s a Hasbro product, it has a big tick for safety. The launchable cars are made of soft foam protecting aforementioned cat (and soft little skulls). There’s also an in-built safety feature that requires the launcher to be on a flat surface before you can fire.

Nerf Nitro packs start at $19.99 for the basic Throttleshot Blitz Pack. The Longshot Smash Pack comes in at $34.99 and the Deluxe Flash Fury Chaos Pack, which launches two cars at a time, is $49.99. Find them at Big W, Toys R Us and Kmart.nerf-nitro-flashfury-chaos

mum centralWe asked three families with kids aged between 1 and 10 to put the new Nerf Nitro through its action packed paces. The results are unanimous!

mum central

100% of our families loved the action, thrills and spills of Nerf Nitro so much that they gave it a full 5-star rating!


mum central

100% of our families would definitely recommend Nerf Nitro to their friends. (We personally think it makes the perfect stocking stuffer!)

Find Out What Our Tester Families Had to Say About The New Nerf Nitro Range

Here’s what our families had to say!

“It’s an excellent toy, something for all ages. It provided hours of fun and there are so many different things you can do with the sets, like crashing and jumping through barrels, up ramps, seeing whose car go further and shooting the cars back and forth to each other” Tamara, South Australia

“It’s a fun new way to play Nerf… The cars are great and they move really fast on flat surfaces. With two boys, having something they are able to launch/shoot and being able to see who could get their car to go the furthest or the highest on the ramp or who could get their car to land on a specific target were definitely the highlights.” Shylee, New South Wales

“I love the foam cars and the limitless amount of imagination it brought out in my kids. Setting up different tracks and then having to try and line them up, sometimes taking multiple shots to figure it out. A good learning experience as well.”  Angela, New South Wales

Find Out What Our Tester Families Had to Say About The New Nerf Nitro Range

And what the kids say!

“The boys liked the items for the obstacles, but they then wanted to see how far the cars would go, and they tried to make the cars reach certain things when launching them. They decided to set up a ramp and launcher and a bucket for try and catch the cars in.” Shylee, New South Wales

“I liked that I could make my own different tracks all the time. I like the foam cars and that it only works on the ground so my brother couldn’t shoot me!” Max (9), New South Wales

“I liked making epic stunts, flips and obstacles courses!” Joshua (6), New South Wales

It seems Nerf Nitro really knows no age limit!

“We had 20 year old friends come over and they were very excited to see this new Nerf toy and had fun creating a ramp and obstacle set up to play!” Shylee, New South Wales

The final word?

“Nerf Nitro really makes the imagination run wild!” Angela, New South Wales



Mum's Choice Thumbs Up AwardSo there you have it. Hasbro’s Nerf Nitro range is a winner with kids AND parents.

Kids don’t lie – well, not when it comes to toys! With a 100 per cent recommendation rate from our pint-sized testers and their parents, we’re happy to slap our seal of approval on the Nerf Nirtro range. BRAVO HASBRO, you’ve certainly earned our Mum’s Choice Thumbs Up Award!


This is a sponsored post for Nerf Nitro.  All opinions are those of our readers.

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