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It’s taken two years, 1,200 parents and 145 dietitians … but it’s here. A new Weet-Bix. Yes, ladies and gents, the Aussie icon has released their brand new cereal just for kids. It has all the goodness of Weet-Bix, as well as extra awesomeness to help healthy toddlers and preschoolers reach growth and development milestones.

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We’ve got FIVE PRIZE PACKS to give away so keep scrolling to enter to win! But first, let’s have a look at the all-new Weet-Bix™ Little Kid’s Essentials! 

Weet-Bix Little Kids Essentials
Weet-Bix™ Little Kid’s Essentials is just like the Weet-Bix we’ve grown to love but packed with even more nutrition for growing bodies!

5 Star Heath Rating

We all know how important it is to eat a good brekkie, especially for our active kids. Sure, I may survive on coffee and toast crust the kids don’t wanna eat, but I always send them off with some semblance of a healthy breakfast.

Weet-Bix™ Little Kid’s Essentials is a uniquely formulated breakfast cereal recommended by 9 out of 10 kids’ dietitians*. It comes with a five star health rating and is packed full of nutritional goodness including nine essential vitamins and minerals:

  • Calcium for strong bones, teeth and muscle
  • Vitamin B1, magnesium and iron for brain and cognitive function
  • Folate and zinc for strong natural immune defences 
  • Vitamin B2, B3 and B6 for energy to grow, learn and play
  • Fibre for digestive and tummy regularity
  • Low in sugar and no added salt

Enjoy as part of a balanced diet.

mum centralFUN FACT:  The new Weet-Bix is specially designed for little kids and made with a variety of wholegrains and essential vitamins and minerals that young children need to grow and support their immune system.  

mum central
Dietitian Joel Feren and his daughter love the new Weet-Bix! Source: Supplied

Designed by us, developed by dietitians

What’s especially cool about the new Weet-Bix™ Little Kid’s Essentials is that it’s actually the product of parents. Sanitarium canvassed 1,200 new parents to better understand their biggest concerns about their child’s diet and overall health. Their input helped build this breakfast cereal that ticks the boxes for toddlers and preschoolers. 

mum centralFUN FACT: As well as essential nutrients for growth and development, just one serve provides 25% of a young child’s fibre needs. 

New Weet-bix little kids essentials
Weet-Bix nuggets? YAS please! Source: Supplied

How do you have your Weet-Bix?

Nutritional awesomeness aside, what makes Weet-Bix a family staple is how easy it is to prepare and eat. Children love the stuff and there are so many ways to dish it up, not just for brekkie either.

Throw them in a bowl, add milk and some fruit, and, voila! Healthy brekkie sorted in under a minute. 

Keep an eye on the Mum Central Facebook Page because we’ve got some amazing recipes coming up featuring Weet-Bix Little Kids Essentials, including pancake animals, pink smoothie and peanut butter snackers. Yum! 

You can also get some more recipe ideas over at the Weet-Bix™ Little Kid’s Essentials website including:

New weet-bix recipes
There are so many ways to create delicious dishes with Weet-Bix. Source: Supplied

There are plenty more ideas too – check them out through the link below. And be sure to grab a box of  Weet-Bix™ Little Kid’s Essentials the next time you’re at the shops. They are available in all grocery stores in the cereal aisle. 

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Check out some of our previous Weet-Bix recipes too: 

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*In an independently administered survey conducted in 2020 of 145 qualified kids’ dietitians (those who regularly work with children up to 18 years) in Australia and New Zealand, 94% indicated they would definitely or likely recommend this product as a healthy breakfast cereal option for healthy children aged 1-5 years.

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    Our children like Weetbix Slice, The recipe was printed on boxes of Weetbix “many” years ago.
    The original recipe had a homemade marshmallow on the top but we found that too sweet.
    We substituted it by adding dried fruit into the weetbix mixture. It is a lot healthier than snacks
    purchased in any shops

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