21 Edgy Baby Names That No One Else Will Have (Yet)

Love names that ooze with edginess? That sizzle with sass? That aren’t listed on the most popular baby name charts? While there is absolutely nothing wrong with going for a popular name for your little one, many parents-to-be prefer a more unique edgy baby name.

If this sounds like you, step on up because we’ve got 21 adorably edgy baby names that are sure to suit your sassy princess or fiery fella. You won’t find these names on any top baby name lists or personalised keychains, but, hey, you also won’t have five different children turn around at the playground when you call your child’s name.

21 edgy baby names for babies born in 2021


There’s a lot to love about the name Atlas. First, it’s got that worldly vibe to it but it’s also etched in mythology. In Greek mythology, Atlas was the god of astronomy and travel, who “held the weight of the world on his shoulders”.

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I’ve never heard of Elodie before but it’s gaining traction over in Canada, especially in the French-speaking areas. It’s French for “foreign riches”.


Animal-inspired baby names are all the rage. Some of the ones you may have seen circulating the birth certificates include Fox, Bear and Otter. Cub is extra wild, plus it’s short, sweet and adorable. You’ve got to be a pretty cool kid to pull it off though!

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Mythical and magical names are one of the top trends predicted for 2021 and Persephone (per-seph-o-nee) is the queen of edginess. She’s the queen bee of the underworld, powerful, feminine and a bad-a$S through and through. Another sassy thing about Persephone is you’ve got a few interesting nickname choices: Percie and Sephie, for example.


Next on the list, we have Pandora, who, like Persephone, is as edgy as they get. Legend has it that Pandora was the first woman who later unleashed a jar of misery and evil onto the world. Not exactly the kindest thing to do, we know, but you gotta admit, that’s pretty hardcore!

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Here’s another name we’ve never heard of before, but, heck, it’s a bit cute if you like out-there names. Ottoline means “prospers in battle” which is actually pretty fierce. The 2021 version of Madeline perhaps? Plus, isn’t Otto an uber-edgy name for a little girl??


Claw your way to cool with this striking name. Talon is the name of a claw of a bird. Sharp, dangerous and deadly, this name may be the perfect fit if you’re looking to walk on the wild side.


Another edgy baby name that screams ‘cool’ is Steele. Steele is strong, powerful, and sure to be a heart-breaker when he’s older. I mean, with a name like that, can’t you already see little girls offering their juice boxes to him at kinder?

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Speaking of cool, Maverick, or Mav, for short, is most likely Steele’s best friend and rules the playground with his mate. The name Maverick means “nonconforming” or “independent”, perfect for your free-spirited warrior.


Calendar baby names are taking off this year including August, May, and Wednesday. But Jora is an edgy option that isn’t making headlines just yet. It means “autumn rain” and may be the right fit for your Autumn baby.

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If you love a short name, then you’re in great company. A number of the most popular girls’ names are just three or four letters – Ava, Isla, Mia, for example. But Zia isn’t anywhere near the top. It’s still just as sweet and means “light, splendor or radiant”.

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Another short and sweet name that comes with that edginess is Pau. It’s popular in Spain and means “peace”. It’s pronounced “Pow” and certainly packs a punch!


What we love about the name Orrin is that it’s actually a colour name – Orrin means “green”. There are heaps of edgy colour names – Indigo, Ember, Cyan, Sage, Slate, Mauve, to name a few. See them all here. 

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If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones, you’ll probably want to steer clear of Ramsey. But, if not, then this is another cool contender. We love it for all genders.


Pronounced “Erin”, this unique choice adds a bit of Irish spark to your little one’s name. It means “Ireland” in Gaelic and has an earthy, airy vibe to it. Love!


Moving from Ireland over to Scotland, we stumble upon Eilidh. Eilidh is definitely a unique choice. It’s pronounced Ay-lee and means “sun, radiant one”. It’s considered the Gaelic version of Helen, but we reckon it’s much cuter than Helen!

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Part goddess, part gracious, this name is the epitome of feminine edginess. It’s a mood and we love it.


What we like about this uber-cool name is that it comes with a cute nickname too – Bex. It’s not used very often but it can be either gender and means “baker”.

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Irie is a term used to describe good vibes. Pronounced “eye-ree”, this name screams edginess. It’s associated with peace, harmony and positivity.


David called. He wants his name back. No, just kidding. He wants you to use it because it’s cool and awesome and made for the next generation of rock and rollers.

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Last, but not least is Terra, which means “earth” and, like Atlas, has that god/goddess quality about it.  In mythology, Terra is the Roman earth goddess – a perfect name for a baby born in one of the earth zodiacs (Virgo, Taurus or Capricorn).

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And that’s a wrap, folks – 21 edgy baby names that we love. Hopefully, you do too!

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