Newborn Photos: 11 Pics to Take in the First 24 Hours after Baby’s Birth

The day you welcome your little one into the world is going to be imprinted in your mind forever. But it’s always nice to have some newborn photos of the day to look back on and add to the baby scrapbook to pull out when they are older.

While you probably aren’t up for any major photo sessions in the first 24 hours, here are 11 shots that you will certainly not regret capturing – none of them require you to put on any makeup either (score!). 

1. Their teeny tiny itty bitty baby feet

This is an easy one to snap while they are snoozing in their little baby bassinet at the hospital or at home if you opt for a home birth. Snap the pic before wrapping baby up. 

newborn photos to take in the first 24 hours
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2. And hands

Another easy one to capture, simply zoom into their adorable little fingers and snap away. We love the hospital bracelet in the picture as well. 

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3. The first meeting between siblings

This is such a special moment and sure to make for some sweet/funny photos to look back on. Some big brothers and sisters are beyond smittin’ with baby immediately while others look a little more apprehensive or less-than-impressed. Either way, a great keepsake! 

sibling newborn photos
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4. The assessment

Bonus points if you manage to capture baby on the scales with their weight showing. 

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5. The first hello 

This moment – the moment when bub is placed in your arms or you get a glimpse of him from the curtain is indescribable. 

This one will most likely be a husband-takes-the-pic shot. Or, even a midwife. 

mum central
Source: Jennifer Mason Photography

If you’re having a c-section, we love the idea of asking for a clear drape to capture this ‘first hello’ clearly. 

mum central
Source: @Fullcirclejax

We have so many beautiful ‘first hello’ pics if you’re looking for some inspiration on how to stage this. 

6. The family shot

We like the candid ones best. 

mum central
Source: Jennifer Mason Photography

7. The eyes wide open (hello mum) 

We love the eyes wide open pics. It captures all the confusion that your baby is most likely feeling after quite the adventurous day.

So, this is earth, hey? 

And you’re the person who’s been keeping me safe. 

And now, here we are. Ready for the next journey. 

So precious! 

newborn photos
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8. All wrapped up

Itty bitty burrito baby. 

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9. The first feed

This one is a bit tricky to capture, but it’s always nice to look back and see baby’s first feed. Try and snap a ‘feed’ picture at the end of your breastfeeding journey too so you can compare how much your little one has changed and grown. 

mum central
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10. Baby and dad

Such a beautiful bond from day one. 

mum central
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11. And, of course, the hospital baby blanket that you most likely ‘stole’ 

You can’t get a picture of your newborn WITHOUT wrapping them in the token hospital baby blanket. 

mum central
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Newborn photos tips and tricks

Professional newborn photographer, Jessica Jane has some great tips for new parents looking to snap extra sweet newborn photos without hiring a professional: 

  • Use natural sunlight by using a window that has no direct sunlight coming in (think in the shade or on an overcast day). 
  • Take photos during the day when the natural light is bright enough. Do not take them at dawn or dusk.
  • PRO TIP: Place baby’s face approximately 45 degrees to the window light.
  •  Have the room at 27 degrees. 
  • Use different camera angles: Pull back the camera to get a full-length picture of the baby. Then pull in closer to get half their torso and face. Then pull in closer again and get a close-up shot of their face to fill the frame. Then take Macro shots (close-up shots) of their eyelashes, ears, lips, and feet.

Read all her tips here. 

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