30+ Ocean Baby Names: Why Parents Are Turning to the Seas for Baby Name Inspo

The next wave of baby name inspiration is in! Ocean baby names are expected to surge in popularity this year as adorable monikers like Kaia, Waverly and Malik come crashing to our shores.

And it makes perfect sense too. I mean, with more than 85 percent of Aussies living within 50 km of the sea, it’s only natural our beach bubs will become natural water babies.

According to Nameberry founder, Pamela Redmond, ocean-inspired baby names are a perfect choice.

There’s such high awareness of the environment and appreciation for nature that many parents have strong feelings for wanting to identify the majesty of the ocean with their child,” Redmond told TODAY Parents.

After all, the ocean is a force to be reckoned with – powerful yet calming, strong yet soothing. Have a look at some of the ocean baby names making waves with parents this year.

31 ocean baby names making a splash 

1. Kai – Kai is probably the most popular of the ocean baby names at the moment. It means “sea” in Hawaiian and is about as surfer chic as it gets.

2. Kaia – Another popular ocean name, Kaia means the same as Kai but is the feminine equivalent.

ocean baby names

3. Kailani – Similar to Kaia, Kailani is of Hawaiian origin but translates to “sea and sky”. How pretty!

4. Ocean – Sure, it’s a bit out there, but you’d be surprised how many parents are choosing the bold Ocean, for their baby’s name.

5. Malik – One of the strongest ocean names on the list is Malik, which not only means “ocean wave” but also translates to “King’.

6. Caspian – Named after the Caspian Sea.

7. Indi – A short and sweet choice that pays homage to the Indian Ocean.

8. ArielYes, she’s The Little Mermaid, but before she was ‘Disnified’, she was also a central character in Shakespeare’s sea play, The Tempest.

9. Mira – This gorgeous four-letter baby name is Sanskrit for “ocean” and isn’t it a pretty name?

10. Cordelia – We’ve mentioned this name on a few of our recent baby name lists, including our powerful baby names. But Cordelia also translates to “daughter of the sea” in Celtic.

11. Dylan – And the “son of the sea”? That would be Dylan!

12. Lana – This lovely name means “calm as still waters”.

13. Cari – Another short and sweet option, Cari means “one who flows like water”. Very cute!

14. Coral – You know, as in coral. From the ocean. Or the Coral Sea.

15. Tasman – Another name named after a famous sea, Tasman is gaining in popularity for little Aussie lasses.

16. Adrian – Of Latin origin, Adrian means “sea” or “water.”

17. Wade – You know, like to ‘wade’ in the water.

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18. Tyde/Tide – Okay, so it’s a little out-there, but Tyde/Tide could work for a unique ocean baby name.

19. Wave/Waverly – Another obvious ocean name, Wave or Waverly works for all trendy bubs out there and parents who aren’t afraid to push the baby name boundaries.

20. Marley – Marley means “pleasant seaside meadow”. So, technically, it’s a land name, but it’s a land by the sea, so we’re counting it!

21. Marin/Marina  – Meaning “from the sea”, this is a fitting choice for any water baby. It’s also a good one for boat lovers.

22. Rosemary – Many associate Rosemary with a herb, but it’s literal translation is very aquatic. It’s derived from the Latin terms “ros” meaning “dew” and “marinus” meaning “of the sea”.

23. Guinevere —  Speaking of “wave,” Guinevere is another ‘wavey’ choice. It means “white wave”.

24. Blue – Inspired by the colour of the ocean.

25. Shui – Meaning “coming from water” in Chinese, Shui, which is pronounced “shoo-ee” is a lovely choice for any water baby.

26. Coraline – Made famous by Neil Gaiman’s book of the same name, Coraline may be associated with creepy button eyes, but it actually means “from the coral of the sea”.

27. Hali – A ocean-inspired version of the more popular Hailey, Hali means” sea” in Greek.

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28. Morgan – A fiesty gender-neutral name, Morgan is often associated with the sea and not just because of the popular spiced rum, Captain Morgan. It means  “circling sea” or “bright, white sea dweller”.

29. Nerissa –  Meaning “of the sea”, Nerissa is commonly associated with the ocean.

30. Nixie – For a magical ocean name, Nixie is a cute option. Nixie means “water sprite” and is considered to be a sort of river mermaid.

31. Zale – Another name of Greek origin that crashes with power is Zale, which means “sea-strength”.

More water-inspired names

The ocean isn’t the only body of water that inspires beautiful baby names. We’ve got a whole list of beautiful water-inspired names including:

  • River
  • Brooks
  • Bay
  • Rain
  • Isla (island)

Check out our additional ‘element’ baby names including fire baby names, air baby names and earth baby names.

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