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New Naming Trend: 20 Four Letter Baby Names Parents are Loving

Four letter baby names. So hot right now. Actually, so hot ALL the time but we’re now seeing a whole new crop of adorable four letter baby names predicted to reach the playground in a few years’ time.

We’ve already seen our fair share of Emmas, Jacks and Islas. But which four-letter baby names are trending in 2021?

Parenting site Bounty recently found out after putting together a list of ‘on trend’ names chosen by Bounty app uses and members. Bounty assessed over 600,000 girl and boy names, revealing the highest-climbers over the last 12 months to predict which ones could take off and become popular in the future.

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Incredibly enough, many of them have just four letters in them. So which four letter baby names are the ones to watch?

Check them out below: 

Four letter names for girls

Short and sweet and often either one or two syllables, four letter baby names roll off the tongue and are often considered elegant, charming and pretty.

Of course, names with just four letters have always been popular. One look at the current most popular baby names of 2021 and you’ll find Isla, Ella, Ruby, Evie and Lily all near the top.

But here are the new girls’ names to watch:

Lyra – Ed Sheeran recently named his daughter Lyra which could explain the popularity rise. It’s also quite pretty and musical.

Myla – We love this one – it combines Mia and Isla, two of the most popular names, into something unique and sweet.

Iris – A colourful choice, Iris means “rainbow”.

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Ayla – Alya means “oak tree” and can be pronounced either EYE-La or AH-Lah.

Luna – Currently sitting at #44 this year, we wouldn’t be surprised if Luna broke into the top 20 in 2022. We shall see.

Esme – Vintage and elegant, it’s a match made in naming heaven.

Remi – One of the biggest names to watch last year, Remi continues to be a top searched names for parents-to-be. And rightfully so – Remi is part regal, part hipster – a pretty good combo for the next-gen.

Lili – We can thank Harry and Meghan for this one.

Zara – Meaning “radiance”, this name literally sparkles with sweetness.

Sage – Not only a herbal name, Sage also comes with a lovely meaning – “wise”.

Trending four letter boys’ names

Now, on to the boys. Four letter baby names for boys have that strong, simple appeal. Jack. Will. John. These names are bold and easily loved.

In the top 20 alone, we see Jack, Noah, Levi and Liam but there are several more predicted to break through this year.

These include:

Arlo – The “o” ending. So popular right now! And so many trending four letter names have this ending – Milo, Arlo, Hugo and Theo to name a few.

Otis – We’ve mentioned Milo, but did you know Otis is also on the list? Please tell me you also know what Milo and Otis is…. #ShowingMyAge

Rome – Geographical baby names are nothing new but Rome certainly is. We can see this one taking off.

GrayColour-inspired baby names have always been popular but Gray is particularly popular among the hipster crowd.

Jude – Hey! Jude is coming back. John and his mates would be so pleased.

Mack – Strong and mighty, Mack is definitely a ‘power’ name. I mean, who’s gonna mess with a kid named Mack? A cute combo of classics, Zack and Max.

Leon – An alternative to Leo (which is hugely popular), Leon means “lion” and certainly has some bite to it.

Ezra – Etched with biblical connotations, Ezra means “help”.

Finn – With enormous energy and charm, Finn continues to steal our hearts, now more than ever.

Luca – Lucas has been a popular name for decades now but recently more parents are turning to the shorter and sassier, Luca.

More baby name trends of 2021

We’ve shared a few different baby name trends popping up this year including:

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