Naming Trend Alert! 38 Strong Baby Names for your Little Warrior

They may be small, but they be mighty! These adorable strong baby names are perfect for feisty little warriors with fire in their bellies!

There’s a lot to love about strong baby names – after all, strength has been a sought-after virtue for years and years. Not just physical strength either. Emotional strength and all that comes with this – resilience, acceptance, graciousness. A fiery, fighting spirit.

A warrior inside and out, if you will, so why not crown them with a strong baby name that embodies this very virtue?

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Of course, there are literally thousands of names with references to strength and power. But we’ve got 38 beautifully poetic options that perfectly capture the powerful spirit and strength of your little warrior.

Let the strong baby names parade begin!

The common contenders –  popular strong baby names 

There are several powerful baby names that are already incredibly popular with parents. William, Jack and Leo, for example, are all considered ‘bold’ or strong boy names. Here are a few more that make the top 100:

1. Ethan – A popular name for several years now, Ethan means “strong or firm” in Hebrew.

2. Liam – For your fiery little man, Liam is a perfect choice! It is Irish for “strong-willed”.

3. Alexander Versatile and powerful, Alexander is a true heroic name and means “defender of the people.” It can also be shortened to several cute options – Alex, of course, but there’s also Zander, Xand, Lex or Ander.

4. Matilda – Lots of parents opt for Matilda, or Tilly for short, for their mighty princesses and it makes sense – Matilda is actually German for “might, power or battle”.

Strong names for boys

If you’re after something a little less common, here are a few more to consider:

5. Anders – Unique and bold, Anders means “manly and strong”.

6. Callan – Scottish for “rock or battle”, this solid name also comes with a softness and is very cute to boot!

7. Ryker – Meaning “strength”, Ryker is an interesting alternative to the more traditional Ryder.

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8. AngusGus is old-school retro-cool and slowly making its way up the charts and back into classrooms around Australia but did you know Angus is actually a very powerful name for your little ball of energy? It means “strength” as well as “force.”

9. Conall – A cute alternative to Conner, Conall is also Irish and means “strong as a wolf”.

10. Makin – Pronounced Mah-Kin, this Arabic baby name means “strong” or “firm”.

11. Chase/Chasin – Both means “strong” or “mighty” in Hebrew.

12. Harvey – This rising name means “battle worthy”.

Strong names for girls 

13. Ailia – This cute little girl’s name translates to “from the strong place” in Scottish.

14. Lenna – This strong baby girl’s name translates to “lion-hearted”.

15. Millicent/Millie – Did you know Millicent is actually Barbie’s middle name? Millicent means “work and strength” and, well, that seems pretty fitting for Barbie or for any other girl ready to take on the world.

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16. Alsie – Similar to Elsie, this pretty moniker means “strong-willed” – definitely a contender for any fiery princesses out there!

17. Asta – A true warrior’s name, Asta is Greek for “divine strength”.

18. Valentina – This name scores double points as it comes with both connotations of love AND strength – a top choice for any little girl who has stolen her parent’s heart.

19. Audrey – Regal and retro, Audrey means “noble strength” – a perfect combination of both elegance and strength.

20. Odile – Pronounced Oda-lee, this name translates to “prosperous in battle”.

21. Myla – This is a unique four-letter baby name that means “soldier” and offers a strong alternative to the more popular Mia, Isla or Maya.

22. Lulu – While Lulu has been a nickname for Louise for years and years, many parents are now using it as its own – it’s definitely got some flow to it and means “famous warrior” too. Cute!

Gender-neutral powerful baby names

23. Emerson/Emersyn – Lovely for any gender, Emerson means “son of the brave and powerful one”, but “daughter” works too!

24. Quinlan – If you’ve got Quinn on your short-list, this longer format is perfect and translates to “strong” and “fit”.

25. Dustin –  While traditionally a boys’ name, Dustin or Dusty is also cute for little girls and means “brave warrior” or “fighter”.

26. Malin – Meaning “little strong warrior,” we love this name for either gender. Mali is a cute nickname too!

27. Isa Another gender-neutral gem, Isa is German for “strong-willed”.

28. Sasha – From the Greek word for “protector”, Sasha is a strong yet sweet option for your little prize.

29. Koa – A true warrior name, Koa means “warrior” in some languages but also comes with various connotations including “brave”, “bold” and “fearless”. What a strong name short-yet-sweet name! 

The fighting spirit

Did your little one battle their way into the world? Perhaps it was a tough pregnancy or traumatic labour? Perhaps they battled through illness or a trip to the NICU? These fighting names may work for your brave warrior.

30. Ajax – Etched in mythology, Ajax is about as bold as they come.

31. Luisa – Made immortal thanks to Encanto, Luisa means “renowned warrior” and is the Italian/Spanish spelling of Louisa.

32. Louis – Another regal option, Louis also means “renowned warrior”.

33. Oscar – Sure, we may associate the name with a grouch, but Oscar is growing more and more popular every year. The name translates to “champion warrior”

34. Bridget – Another powerful female warrior’s name, Bridget is Irish for “strength or exalted one”.

35. Ewan/Owen – Both of these names mean “young warrior”.

36. Evander – Another fighting name, Evander translates to “warrior of the bow”. We like it because of the variance – Evan, Vander, Van, Ander. So many choices!

37. Kane – It may be Biblical, but Kane also means “warrior” in Celtic.

38. Cayden  – Cayden is an American baby name that is thought to mean “little fighter” and a cute option if you like the “en” ending but don’t want to go with the more popular Aiden, Jayden or Braden option.

As we mentioned, these are only some of the many names that translate to warrior, strength, powerful, fighter, etc. Have you given your baby a powerful name? We’d love to hear it – share your strong baby names in the comments.

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