When Kasey Edwards woke up one morning and decided she just couldn’t go back to work in the corporate world, so decided to write about it.

Her first book, Thirty Something and Over It, became a bestseller – meaning Edwards didn’t have to continue on as a management consultant.

But, what started out as a joke between Edwards and her husband Chris became another book (or two) that wasn’t exactly along the same theme of her bestselling book.

One mum posted Edwards’ humorous tale on Facebook:

As mums, we’ve probably all read those Usborne ‘That’s Not My …’ books something like a zillion times. Our kids beg for them and we go on autopilot, reading and re-reading them. Instead of the typical ‘That’s Not My…’ book, Edwards created two more adult-themed versions. “OMG! That’s Not My Husband” and “OMG! That’s Not My Child” are the writer’s smartly sarcastic look at life as a mum.


We’ve all been there (and, if you haven’t – bravo to you for picking your partner extraordinarily well). You’re madly dashing around the house, cooking, cleaning and wrangling the kids. And, what us your husband doing? He’s sitting on the couch watching YouTube on his tablet. He’s laughing away at whatever teen-humor-ish video he’s got on, all while you’re taking care of the family on your own.


After an exhausting, stress-filled day Edwards came up with the idea (completely as a joke, along with her husband) for a “That’s Not My” parody, calling it, “OMG! That’s Not My Husband.” And, what does Edward’s book say? The illustrated adult version of the children’s book has pages that include, “That’s not my husband, he’s doing the laundry” and, “That’s not my husband, he’s getting up in the night.”

thats-not-my-husbandEdwards’ other humor-filled children’s book, “OMG! That’s Not My Child,” also features pages that only a mum (especially an overworked, overtired one) would understand. “That’s not my child. She’s eating my cooking,” and, “That’s not my child. He’s packing up,” and other similar mum-only insights are followed by, “That’s my child! He’s…um…err…spirited.”

thats-not-my-husbandSo, if you’re having one of those days where no one seems to want to help you and your child is being, as Edwards put’s it “spirited,” take a read through one of these books (or at the very least, take a look at the video read-through!).


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