This New Children’s Book is Sending Kids to Sleep Faster Than Ever!

It’s 11 pm and your toddler is still nowhere near sleepy! You tried the lavender-scented baby bath that claims to relax junior into lullaby land, turned on the white noise shusher and patted your tot’s back for so long that the palm of your hand going numb.

So, shouldn’t your child be asleep – and possibly right now? Nope. Along with the daytime screaming tantrums have come the nighttime terrible 2’s (or 3’s or 4’s) as well. From getting yet another sippy cup of water to reminding your little gymnast that no, this is not the appropriate time to practice twirling, whirling and rolling, bedtime with your young child may make you want to tear your hair out.

You already know that when your child doesn’t sleep, you don’t either. Sure, it’s annoying and may make you daydream (because you’re certainly not getting the chance to dream at night) about those pre-baby times when you could drift off whenever you pleased.

But, lack of sleep can actually have serious health and safety consequences for you and your child. This goes beyond the, “Oops, I just wore one sandal and one snow boot to work” or, “I was so tired that I thought the TV remote was my phone” mishaps. Not only does lack of sleep make you (and your child) more accident prone, but in adults chronic sleep loss can lead to heart disease, high blood pressure and weight gain.

For all of you parents who want to stay as youthful looking as your kids – serious sleep loss can lead to premature skin again too.

What can you do to put the zzzzzz’s back into your nightly routine?


Enter The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep.

No, not a real rabbit. But instead, a children’s book that claims to work magic when it comes to sending your child off to sleepy-time. Swedish behavioural scientist (and children’s author) Carl-Johan Forssen Ehrlin is the mastermind behind this chart topping book. Rising to the top of Amazon’s best seller’s list, this bedtime book has become a sudden media sensation.

The story features Roger the Rabbit and his mother, traveling to see Uncle Yawn. And what will Uncle Yawn do? Of course, help the energetic little Roger fall asleep. On their way the pair meet other ‘sleep themed’ characters such as Heavy-Eyed Owl and Sleep Snail. When Roger and Mommy Rabbit get to Uncle Yawn’s treehouse he sprinkles the not-so-tired bunny with an invisible, magical sleeping powder. If you’re wondering – yes, the magic sleeping powder also works on children. That’s rabbits and children, but not grown-ups.

Okay, so there is no real magical sleeping powder (wouldn’t that be a best-seller in the parenting arena)? But, the highly suggestive book is written in a way that is supposed to put sleep deep into your child’s mind. Through psychological techniques that encourage a drowsy state, the book aims to make your child relax and drift off without her even realising it. And, she’s left thinking that you’re just reading her a simple bedtime story.

There are bolded and italicised parts of the book, intended to help you (as the reader) emphasise and enunciate different suggestive messages. You’re also encourage to yawn at points – with your child supposedly following suit and insert the child’s name along the way to really personalise and draw your kids into the story.


Now you’re wondering, “Well, does this miracle book really work?” It depends. For some kids yes, and for some no. The book has received rave (and that’s putting it mildly) reviews on Amazon. Parents are praising the genius of read and its amazingly awesome ability to quickly get their sleep-deprived kids off into dream-land.

Available as a hard copy and a downloadable version, one parent reviewer noted that the Kindle version distracted her child, nixing the slip-to-sleep qualities of the book. She did say that when the book finally arrived on paper, it worked wonders. Another parents said, “This has been the first thing to get her into sleep mode in under 20 minutes.” This sentiment was echoed in review after review after review.

While there were a few negative notes out there (hey, not every kid responds the same in every situation), the majority of the reviews glowed with tales of quick and easy bedtimes.

Here’s a handful of the typical reviews the book’s been getting on Amazon by satisfied mums – they speak for themselves!

“Getting my little boy to sleep at night was a nightmare! He would need resettled several times if he went down at all, I saw this on Facebook and thought why not try it, worked a treat 🙂 my wee one is settled and asleep before we are half way through the story 🙂 (he’s ten months old).” Carol

“Absolutely brilliant. Got to the end of page 3 and all 3 kids were snoring.”  Sara

“It took almost the whole book, but mine were out – and the one that never falls asleep first was sleeping first.
I downloaded the book while they were running up and down the hallway, 20min later I typed this review.”

“I wish I had this book years ago as it really works my 6 year old used to take hours to get to sleep no matter what time he went to bed but with the book he either goes to sleep during the book or shortly after…… Thank you!” Adele

What’s the moral of the story? For this one it’s give this book a try. While it won’t work for every child, it certainly will work for most! Buy it online from Booktopia and say goodbye to bedtime struggles!


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