Best Tutors and Online Learning 2023: 7 Options for Kids of All Ages

Does your child need a bit of extra help with their schoolwork? Or perhaps you’re looking to foster their love of learning outside the classroom or through an online schooling program?

Every child learns at a different pace and through different approaches and, for many kids, extra support either online, at home or in a tutoring environment, is exactly what they need to gain confidence and discover a love of learning. 

Either way, we’ve compiled a list of the best tutors and online learning companies to assist your children, at all ages and stages of their education. 

5 factors to consider when choosing an online tutor 

1. COMPANY REPUTATION: It’s always a good idea to choose a tutor or online tutoring company that has the reviews and ratings to match. All of our best tutors of 2023 candidates are trusted and loved by families across Australia. 

2. CONNECTION WITH STUDENTS:  This is a tricky one because you often won’t know until you try (which is why free trials can be great!). Online tutors need to be patient, calm, empathic, passionate, and most importantly, be able to connect to your child which may not always be in a traditional form of learning. 

3. SUBJECT MATTER EXPERTISE AND EXPERIENCE: Anyone can do maths (okay, not anyone. I certainly CANNOT). But knowing how to do the lessons and how to teach them are two different things. Our top picks for the best tutors come with years of experience and understanding of the subject matter. 

4. SESSION COSTS: Cost is an important factor and many tutoring companies start at around $30 per hour. However, there are some programs that work on a term by term basis and the price can vary depending on the subject matter. 

5. IN PERSON OR ONLINE? This comes down to what works best for your child. Many children are able to work just as well with someone speaking to them through the computer than if the person was sitting beside them. But, other children need that one-on-one face-to-face connection to keep them focused and engaged. The good news is that there there are tutoring programs that are based online, at-home or even at tutoring centres near you. 

Best tutors and online learning programs 2023


WHAT IS IT? Airbnb of tutoring (helps families find and engage online and in-person tutors)
COST: Starting from $30 per hour
AGES: K-12
SUBJECTS: All subjects

Source: Learnmate

Start your hunt for an online tutor or a tutor that can come to your home through Learnmate – a trusted community platform connecting families and students looking for personalised tutoring and coaching with Australia’s best tutors and teachers.

Learnmate currently features over 400 tutors on its platform who are located all across Australia. Tutors typically offer both online tutoring as well as tutoring in their local area, if face-to-face is a preference. Learnmate features tutors for all subjects and year levels with rates starting at just $30 an hour.  Find your amazing tutor at 

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Kinetic Education K-12 Online Tutoring

WHAT IS IT? Online tutoring 
COST: Starting at $29 per week
AGES: K-12
SUBJECTS: English and Maths 
 Kinetic Education

Source: Kinetic Education

Combining online learning with one-on-one support from experienced tutors, Kinetic Education offers Maths and English tutoring for kids from Kindergarten (Prep) to Year 12. It is an excellent option for a personalised approach to learning that works to identify and bridge learning gaps in your child’s knowledge so that they can confidently move forward in the classroom.

The Kinetic Education approach to learning easily caters to a variety of learning styles by providing support and guidance for students at all stages. As the personalised learning plans are based on your child’s needs and learning goals, Kinetic Education is accessible for students that may be struggling and need help catching up, advanced students that need to be challenged, and students with special needs and learning difficulties.

Having been named a Product Review awards winner for 2023 by, Kinetic Education is a trusted name in the industry with 30 years of experience in helping Australian children reach their full potential.


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Cluey Learning Online Tutoring

WHAT IS IT? Online tutoring 
AGES: Years 2-12
SUBJECTS:  Maths, English, Biology, Chemistry and Physics 
MORE INFO: Cluey Learning

Source: Cluey Learning

Cluey Learning is Australia’s biggest online tutoring provider and has delivered over 1,000,000 online learning sessions. Cluey’s learning programs are tailored to each student’s specific learning needs using content which is mapped to the Australian National Curriculum. 

What’s great about Cluey Learning is that it’s all online and at a time that works for your child (not in the middle of the mad dinner rush, for example). Children simply log on at their session time and with their private tutor in Cluey’s interactive learning platform.

Plus, all sessions are recorded so children can go over the lessons if needed and all Cluey tutors are experienced and come with Working With Children checks. You can also expect feedback reports after every session. 


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WHAT IS IT?  At-home and in-centre learning program 
COST:  Starting at $140 per month, per subject 
AGES: Preschool-12
SUBJECTS: English, Maths

Source: Kumon

Kumon’s learning program is designed to teach children to self-learn through a long-term study program and daily worksheets that children work through at their own pace. Kumon includes at-home learning but there are also Kumon centres around Australia where your child will work with a Kumon instructor. 

Kumon aims to go beyond tuition, by empowering students to learn for themselves rather than preparing for a particular test or assessment. It’s designed to teach children positive study habits, foster a love of learning, and help them achieve a high level of maths or reading ability.

It’s a great option for advanced children looking for a challenge as well as children who need a little help with the current curriculum. There are nearly 300 Kumon Education Centres* located throughout every Australian state and territory.

Find a centre near you and request a free diagnostic test. * Procedures at each Kumon centre will vary. 

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ABC Reading Eggs 

WHAT IS IT?  An educational app for tutoring kids
COST:  Free 30-day trial* and only AU $13.99/month after.
AGES: 2-13 years
SUBJECTS: Reading & Maths
MORE INFO: ABC Reading Eggs

Source: ABC Reading Eggs

ABC Reading Eggs Learn to Read app is the perfect all-rounder educational app for tutoring kids (aged 2⁠–⁠13). Designed by highly experienced educators, it covers all the important literacy and maths skills they need to succeed at school in a way that’s easily accessible to different learning styles and abilities.

Brimming with hundreds of engaging lessons and activities, it’s the best tutor for helping your child practise and reinforce in the comfort of their own home or on the go!

Included in the ultimate educational app are:
ABC Reading Eggs, Mathseeds (for early mathematics skills), Fast Phonics (for in-depth phonics skills), ABC Reading Eggspress (covers spelling and comprehension) and ABC Reading Eggs Junior (for toddlers and preschoolers).

Sign up for a FREE 30-day trial* or if you’re an existing customer, you can purchase a monthly or yearly subscription.
Best of all, hopping on the ABC Reading Eggs Learn to Read app for only 15 minutes a day of tutoring can get kids reading and improving their maths skills within weeks.


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*30-day free trial allows you to add up to 4 children and is valid for new customers only. Your subscription automatically renews unless cancelled at least 24 hours before the next billing date. Once activated, you can cancel your subscription in My Account > Manage My Subscription. Prices include GST.

Kip McGrath Education Centres

WHAT IS IT? Online and in-centre tutoring 
COST: Starting at $68 per session
AGES: K-12
SUBJECTS: Maths and English
MORE INFO: Kip McGrath

Source: Kip McGrath

Kip McGrath Education Centres have been helping children in maths and English for over 45 years. They have both in-centre and online tutoring options for primary and high school students.

Kip McGrath is ideal for students who need a bit of help in English or Maths and their personalised tutoring programs are catered to every child’s specific learning needs and skill level. 

The flexible learning program courses are delivered by degree-qualified educators at either their learning centres or online.  There are over 560 Kip McGrath Education Centres in Australia so chances are, there is one near you. With weekly tutoring sessions, you’ll see improved confidence, results and a change in attitude towards learning.

Book a free literacy or numeracy assessment at one of their centres or online. 

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Crimson Global Academy (CGA) 

WHAT IS IT? An online high school for ambitious students 
COST: Starting at $4,800 for one subject for one year 
AGES: 11-16 years of age 
MORE INFO: Crimson Global Academy (CGA)

Source: Crimson Global Academy

If you’re looking for a non-conventional schooling program ( online learning ) , then Crimson Global Academy may be just the thing you need. CGA is a world-class online high school designed for ambitious students that work outside the constraints of physical schooling. It’s ideal for students who want more out of their education or who may not be thriving in the traditional high school environment. 

They connect the world’s leading teachers to a small, live class of international learners. Wherever they are, students are connecting to students across the world.

All their classes are live with teachers globally and their personalised approach to learning is incredible. Their academic standards are also incredibly impressive and they follow a rigorous A levels AP Curriculum, ideal for students looking for a challenge. 


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