7 Organisational Tips for Parents Returning to Work after Holidays!

Feeling a little nervous about going back to work and wondering how the heck you’re going to slip back into a routine after midday mimosas, Netflix binges and wearing togs and a sarong for the past few weeks? SAME. Alas, here are some hot organisational tips for managing the juggle and limiting the struggle!

Don’t put off organising yourself any longer. After weeks of Netflix binging, thong and messy-bun wearing, 2pm lunches and 8:30am lie-ins that getting back into a routine is going to be TOUGH. Add school and work to that and it’s real *deer in the headlights* moment of realisation. But it CAN be done without rocking yourself in the corner every morning.

We’ve got the scoop from organiser extraordinaire, Steph Pase, on how to ease yourself into a routine after blissful holidays with these stress-free organisational tips for parents heading back to work!

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GET ORGANISED: Steph Pase has ALL the epic organisational tips parents need! Source: Supplied

7 Very Good Organisational Tips for Parents Returning to Work

1. Bedtime routines

Not the kids – YOURS. Sleep is everything, right? It’s time to ditch alcohol, blue lights and screens before bed (yes, that means no late-night scrolling or catching up on Emily in Paris). Instead, grab a book (or an audiobook), set your oil diffuser to a timer and place your phone on a ‘do not disturb’ setting to help you slip into a blissful slumber. Don’t forget your alarm. If you can, set your wakeup time for 15 minutes earlier each week over 4 weeks to get that early morning routine time back. Going cold turkey into early mornings will definitely be a shock to the system!

Embrace a new, relaxed bedtime routine and sleep EASY. via GIPHY

2. Create morning routines that make you excited

Finding a kid’s favourite sock or chowing down on soggy Nutrigrain isn’t going to make you keen to get out of bed. Your morning routine should be about looking after YOU. So with that in mind, set your alarm for BEFORE your children wake to enjoy that first coffee in peace and just take a minute for yourself before the chaos wakes.

That first coffee of the day hits different when it’s drunk in tranquil silence. via GIPHY

3. Planning your workouts

Yepppp. We all know it, exercise plays a massive role in our physical and mental health so we need to set time aside for it. Try setting the alarm for 30 minutes earlier in the morning to get that quick home workout in OR work it into your day – a quick walk at lunchtime or grab the kids for a bike ride after school. You just have to move your body to reap the reward of happy hormones! And on days where you might not be able to squeeze it in, do know that chasing the kids at speed around the yard totally counts.

Yoga, running, twerking or prancing whatever your movement choice is, make time for it! via GIPHY

4. Meal planning

Meal planning makes that time of coming home from work and picking up the kids from school a little more stress-free. You can relax knowing you’ve got everything already in the fridge and ready to go for dinner. No braving the supermarket with kids required, YES MATE!

Lunches and dinners are DONE. via GIPHY

5. Writing to-do lists

Heading back into work after the festive season can feel like a major brain explosion for any working parent having to remember ALL of the things you have to organise for kids, pay for, cook, clean and buy – all while trying to knuckle down and concentrate on your work. It’s a lot. Write it all down to help you feel more in control, motivated and productive. PLUS you’ll never forget a pick-up if it’s written down!

As a forgetful person, I FEEL THIS. via GIPHY

6. Cleaning schedule

Cleaning too? YES! Don’t put it off until it’s an overwhelming mountain of things to do on a weekend! Having an organised and clean home reduces the feeling of chaos. Break up those pesky cleaning chores into 30-minute intervals each day makes it a realistic goal for a daily routine. For example on Mondays do the bathrooms, Tuesdays; floors, Wednesday; kitchen and so on. Cleaning a little each day also frees up the weekend for FUN STUFF! Woop!

Don’t let cleaning bank up, just half an hour every day and you have your weekend back! via GIPHY

7. Cleaning your inbox and junk mail

Just like a clean home, a clean and organised email inbox is NOT overrated. Make it easy to spot important emails by deleting junk mail, emails you’ve already read or expired offers and of course, unsubscribe from mail lists you’re no longer interested in. You can even label your emails into categories, making searching for them later a whole lot easier!

CLEAR that email inbox y’all!  via GIPHY

A little bit can go a LONG way when it comes to organising to keep life (and mental and physical health) in order for working parents. Check out everything that Steph Pase has to offer at Just Another Mumm Blog – from loads more organising tips, beauty, fitness, health – even interior styling. Thanks for the tips Steph!

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