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A Day in the Life of Qukes®, the Perfect Brain-Boosting Snack!

If you thought Qukes® were merely deliciously handy baby cucumbers, you’d be right – but also a little bit wrong. Qukes® are SO much more than a cucumber – they’re the ULTIMATE snack and fridge staple – and we’re here to show you just how versatile these little green guys can be for snacking on the run!

We REALLY love Australian grown Qukes® baby cucumbers for their epic 10/10 deliciousness and versatility scores. Eat them by themselves, dress them up in a salad or pop them in a lunch box, these baby cucumbers know no bounds, these guys can be snacked on ANYWHERE.

You can take Qukes® ANYWHERE – even the beach and pool! Source: Mum Central

Chomp it, slice it, dip it!

From a handy fridge snack straight from the packet to a delicious way to scoop your favourite dip, Perfection Fresh Qukes® are the perfect snack to be eaten wherever you are!

Share Qukes® snacks at footy training!

Thanks to their awesome snackable size, Qukes® can be tossed in your handbag for hungry tots when out shopping, gobble them up while visiting the playground, pack them in a lunch box for daycare or school or you can even keep them handy as a road trip or school-pick up snack in the car.

Qukes® are always a hit at playground picnics! Source: Mum Central

They’re also great at the beach (no wrappers or litter!), brilliant at a family picnic and absolutely superb for a sneaky (or not so sneaky) cocktail garnish for parents.

Perfect for a cooling cocktail! Source: Mum Central

One thing we know for sure, Qukes® baby cucumbers can do no wrong in the snack stakes. Small and mighty, the whole family love these baby cucumbers which are cleverly grown to be small in size and big on fresh, crisp flavour. The family dog included!

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Want to see how versatile, convenient and super-yum Qukes® baby cucumbers can be? Watch below to see for yourself!

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The most versatile of snacks

The beauty of Qukes® baby cucumbers is they come individually wrapped in their own skin that Mother Nature gave them so you can eat them ANYWHERE. There’s absolutely no preparation needed for them, they can be eaten straight from the fridge in just a few chomps. Of course, you can make them fancy and even more delicious by dressing them up or even stuffing them – we’re just saying, they taste SO good straight from the fridge – and they’re at a size that won’t ruin a kid’s appetite.

Chomp Qukes® with friends! Source: Mum Central

Qukes® REALLY are brain-boosting snacks!

Did you know that cucumbers are a brilliant brain food? Packing Qukes® in your kid’s lunch boxes or offering them as a snack wherever possible will help keep your little one’s memory and brain razor-sharp and focussed. They’re packed with vitamins and minerals and an awesome source of brain-boosting folate for healthy cells, as well as fibre and vitamin C! Munch and crunch for brain food TODAY. Amazing!

Also, if your child finds drinking water an effort, have them munch on Qukes®, they’re a yummy source of hydration too! That’s just even MORE reason to pack these yummy, snack-friendly veggies in the lunch box, right? RIGHT. #brainboosters

Hit the find out more button below to head to Perfection Fresh for LOADS of awesome lunch-box and snack ideas for kids (in fact, the whole family – no one misses out!) in their FREE Qukes® recipe e-book. SCORE!

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Feeling hungry for a refreshing snack? SAME. You’ll find Qukes® available all year round from Woolworths, Coles, Aldi and Independent Retailers priced RRP$4.90 a punnet! Pop a punnet (or two) in your trolley TODAY.

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