Otto Stroller From Edwards & Co Makes Family Travel Easy

Meet Otto. The smartest all-round stroller on the street and one of the best travel strollers in Australia. You’re going to wish it was yours. And thanks to Edwards & Co, it can be.

Read on for why Mum Central loves this feature-packed pram. And how you can score one of your very own!

If you ever feel like you can’t find a stroller which ticks all the boxes, we hear you. Well, that is until Otto. The super-clever design of the Otto stroller meets all your mummy needs. From just-around-the-corner to another corner of the globe, it’ll take you there, with ease.

Otto travel strollerThe travel stroller designed for everyday practicality

The Otto travel stroller is lightweight at just 7kgs. This means lifting it into the car boot or onto a train is a single-handed task. With a one-step fold, the Otto stroller goes from upright to collapsed in a tiny three seconds.

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Otto also folds compactly to fit perfectly into an airplane’s overhead locker. This means airports are a dream (not a drudge!) as you don’t need to lose the pram to oversized baggage check-in before you fly.

Otto’s compact folding size is also convenient when you’ve stacks of other items to put in the car boot. Whether that’s luggage because you’re travelling, or just a big grocery shop, it’s reassuring to know you can fit #allthethings.

Edwards & Co OTTO Stroller Review

Lie flat and sleep from newbie to toddler

Suitable from birth until 20kgs, Otto is a stroller that’ll go the distance as your little one grows. As the only ‘carry-on’ sized stroller with a truly lie-flat seat and adjustable footrest, the good news is that no add-on accessories are required for newborns.

Designed to lie flat (at an amazing 170 degrees!) it’s as ideal for a newborn as it is for a toddler for snoozing on the go. Whether you’re headed to the local Italian for lunch and need bubs to comfortably rest or you’re pushing Otto through Rome International after landing at midnight, you’ll always appreciate the ability for baby to truly lie down and sleep.

Edwards & Co OTTO Stroller Review

Sturdy and strong without the heaviness

Otto may be light, but it’s designed with strength, usability and safety in mind. Using sophisticated construction with glass-filled nylon hinges and a fully welded aluminium frame, Otto is of quality build without the weight.

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Airpocket technology means Otto’s wheels feel like air tyres, but without ongoing maintenance or threat of punctures. Even better, this clever construction means Otto offers a smoother ride, and a smoother push no matter the terrain you’re on. Best of all, Otto comes with peace of mind via a two-year warranty.

Edwards & Co OTTO Stroller Review

Clever details that matter to mums

When it comes to prams it’s the little details that can make a big difference. For example Otto’s canopy protects your little one with a UP50+ rating. The ergonomic buckle on the 5-point harness is one hand release and the shopping basket underneath is easy to access and big enough for all your (and baby’s) belongings! There’s also a clever compartment with a zipper perfect for your wallet, keys and phone.

If you’re looking for any other extras, Otto travel stroller has a range of accessories including a full weather insect cover and rain cover. What’s better is that this travel stroller is super affordable and the accessories are optional,. You only buy what you need and don’t pay for extras you don’t want.

Edwards & Co OTTO Stroller Review

Practical… with dashing good looks

Edwards & Co’s Otto stroller isn’t just a practical choice. It also boasts stylish good looks. Available in five contemporary colours with a distinctive tan leather branding tab, Otto turns heads for so many reasons.

Otto stroller canopy

The only stroller you’ll ever need

Mum Central loves the Otto and you will too! It’s jam-packed with features that make it the only pram you’ll ever need. With lie-flat design from birth until 20kgs, this is the stroller to take you right through infancy and into the toddler years. It’s also the travel stroller that will take you from Smith St to the Smithsonian. Whether you plan to rack up the frequent flyer miles or simply stroll the block, Otto is outstanding value at $399.

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Whether you’re planning your first birth or planning an international adventure, Otto is for you.

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Whether you’re expecting your first baby and need a stroller to sashay around the shops or planning an international adventure with your toddler, Otto  really is the travel stroller for you.


Mum Central is excited to partner with Edward & Co to give one reader the chance to win a red or mustard Otto of their very own.

Valued at $399 and delivered to your door this is an incredible prize. Cross your fingers, cross your toes and enter via the form below! Good luck!

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