This Mum Nails Pantry Organisation and It’s Easier Than You Think!

If you have kids you know how much time you spend preparing meals and snacks for them. It’s pretty much a full-time job. But this Melbourne mum-of-two has got snack-time down to an art form thanks to her ultra-organised pantry.

How amazing does it look? And what’s even better? She managed to find most of the items at our fave stores – Kmart and IKEA.

Pantry perfection

Illi Williams shared her epic pantry in a Facebook group and we are absolutely obsessed with it – the labels, the baskets, the containers – it’s pantry porn at its best.

“Doing the actual pantry was just a weekend job but I have tweaked it over the course of about two months,” Illi shares with Mum Central. “I’ve just changed a few things here and there and added a different container or two, mostly so my 3-year-old has easy access to his snacks.”

pantry storage Illi Williams
A spice lover’s dream. Source: Facebook

As you can see from the photos, everything has a home and is even organised by cuisine type. There is a section for spices, for oils, for kids’ snacks and for veggies.

pantry organisation
More containers than you can shake a salt shaker at. Source: Facebook

And check out the dry goods area – it’s a baker’s delight!

How to pull off this next level pantry organisation 

  • First of all, buy ALL the baskets and food storage containers – the ones with lids are especially good for keeping dry goods from going stale. Illi found all of them at IKEA and Kmart except for the oil bottles and spice jars which she got from That’s So Labelled.
  • Labelling is also incredibly important, not only to make it all look pretty but also for putting things away.
  • Add the expiry date to the bottom of the containers in whiteboard marker so you can keep everything fresh.

“It’s absolutely zero effort to maintain as everything is so clearly labelled. Even my 3-year old knows where everything goes,” Illi explains.

pantry storage
Your husband will never ask “Where’s the noodles?” again! Source: Facebook

Illi also suggests using the space you’ve got and allow for trial and error.

“Trial the pantry organisation for about a month or so to make sure it works for you and your family.”

When it comes to pantry organisation and sorting, be specific.

“Separate things as much as possible to create a simple, less cluttered space. I’ve found over the years if you put in the hard work to create a really beautiful organised space, you save yourself so much time in the long run with upkeep.”

So, ladies, who’s planning on doing a major pantry upgrade over the weekend? IKEA/Kmart, here we come!

beautiful pantry storage illy williams
Welcome to pantry heaven. Source: Facebook

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