Anyone who’s ever tried getting a large family around town knows it can sometimes be a circus. Which is why Kia designed the Carnival – helping meet the hectic demands of modern family life, and blending it with the latest technology and a huge list of comforts to make it a truly multipurpose vehicle.

She seats 8 in comfort (with lap sash belts and curtain airbags) and comes with all the bells and whistles of your typical SUV and a 7-Year, unlimited kilometre warranty.   She’s a real crowd pleaser and one we can’t wait to test drive in a few weeks.  More on that soon – stay tuned.



To celebrate her release, and the fact that we love a good reason to give away awesome things, we’re giving one lucky reader the chance to win 2 x tickets to see the queen of the Carnival, Kylie Minogue in concert in Adelaide on Tuesday March 17th.

Kylie continues to prove time and time again that she is one of Australia’s favourite daughters.  Following the huge success of the Kiss Me Once tour across the UK and Europe, she returns once again to the live stage

With ‘Right Here, Right Now’ – Kylie’s new collaboration with the Godfather of Disco, Giorgio Moroder – currently hitting the airwaves, we can’t wait to catch up with our favourite Pop Princess for an unforgettable night of singing, dancing and so much more.

Simply complete the entry form below and you’re in the running. Share with your friends to increase your chances of winning!

1. Each entry action in the form below gives you one entry into the competition. The more actions you complete the greater your chances.

2. Be sure to come back daily for your daily BONUS ENTRY.

3. SHARE SHARE SHARE on social media using the last entry action – for every friend that enters from your referring link, YOU get another entry too!

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Good luck!


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Party with Kylie Minogue Thanks to the Brand New Kia Carnival


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  1. Anna Erceg Reply

    Would love to take my daughter Bella thank you for this great chance to win <3 🙂

    • Congratulations Anna, you’ve been drawn as the winner! I’m sure you and Bella will have an incredible time! Well done xx

      • Anna Erceg Reply

        Thank you so much Mum Central you made my day 🙂 🙂 I am sure we both will have an incredible time xx

      • Anna Erceg Reply

        Bella & I had an awesome time! Thank you so much again @Mum_Central:disqus xx Have posted more photos, videos on my Facebook Timeline & Instagram public tagging you <3 🙂

  2. Michelle Green Reply

    I would definitely take my 16yo daughter, Sharna. She would love to see Kylie live.

  3. My son – he’s a major fan!!! This would be a great :first concert” memory for him.

  4. Ann Maree Sculley Reply

    My Kylie loving sister in law Sharon , we are both big Kylie fans !

  5. Id take my bestie to see kyie as i havent seen her in 30 yrs..and wow love that car and kylie

  6. Tracey Ralph Reply

    I’d take my sister, we grew up singing Kylie together into our hairbrushes!

  7. Lisa Hardy Reply

    I would take my nanna she took me as i kid and u would love to take her this time

  8. this would be a great way for me and my bestie Renee to have some time away from our kids

  9. I remember just after Kylie left Neighbours my dad was a policeman in Melbourne. He went to a house break-in and the robbers stole all records but left Kylie’s, they wouldn’t do that now, who would have thought back then that she would be such a hit with so many, including me. xxx

  10. Lisa Frankel Reply

    I’d take my gorgeous Step Daughter as I promised her I would

  11. Joyce Cooper Reply

    I’d take my teenage son, believe it or not he is secretly a major Kylie Minogue fan!

  12. I would take my lovely wife as she is a great Kylie fan we can dance the night away

  13. KylieCarnivalgirl! Reply

    I would take my sister Simone, as she would paint the town red with me and we’d have an awesome night! (We’d dance the night away free from our toddlers!)

  14. I Would take Anna to the “Carnival that is Kylie Minogue – Awesome”!!

  15. Sandi Giles Reply

    My friend since grade 5who has been going through a difficult divorce as is myself, this would lift our spirits as we grew up with Kylie. & were avid neighbour fans as well.

  16. Stephanie H Beauchamp Reply

    My 9year old daughter, she has grown up to appreciate music from back in the day lol, I am pretty sure she would be speechless if we won! Very hard to do since she is such a chatterbox

  17. I’d take my kid sister to Adelaide would love this concert with Kylie

  18. Michelle Halusko Tsimouris Reply

    My sole-sister Samantha Rench so we can do the Locomotion again!

  19. my elder sister , she could really use this experience to cheer her up

  20. Lauren Miller Reply

    I’d take my daughter whose 8 she loves Kylie, just like her mum.

  21. kylie clark Reply

    I would take my mum as we never get a chance to have a girls night out together and if she couldn’t/wouldn’t come id ask a very good friend of mine Sandi who has been my rock for the last 3yrs 🙂

  22. Andreea Nicolescu Reply

    I would take my daughter who is soon to be 16, it would be a great mum and daughter trip away

  23. Karen Reny Arkell Reply

    I would take my sister Julie Bergen who I don’t see enough. She lives 5 hours from me. We both enjoy Kylies music and I’m sure we would be laughing, singing and dancing all night long 🙂

  24. Rachel Stribling Reply

    I would love soo much to go, its my 40th birthday on the 22nd and I love Kylie!!!

  25. My beautiful sister who suffers terribly from depression,bi polar and over eating..anything to see her smile again :/

  26. Lara Hainsworth Reply

    My best friend – we are the biggest 80’s Kylie fans ever!!

  27. I think this is definelty a mother daughter night out. My mum and I used to dance around in “hot pants” ( ok they were bike shorts) singing to Spinning Around.

  28. My disabled 18yo daughter Samantha Cardwell would take me!, Helen 😀

  29. Melly Te Whata Reply

    My hubby for sure … He loved Kyle with her shortie shorts all them years ago

  30. Karina Lee Reply

    My brother because he is the only guy I know who squeals like a girl at the thought of seeing Kylie live.

  31. michelle brown Reply

    My husband! I’m sure he’ll love hearing me sing along! LOL

  32. My gorgeous sister who is also my bf, we adore Kylie and all of her songs she would be so amazing to see live. We are both sahm and in desperate need of a night out (off).

  33. Tina Clausen Reply

    I’d be taking my good friend Alec. He cares alone for his 9 year old son with Cerebral Palsy and deserves a special night out.

  34. I would take my Mother in Law who is a huge Kylie fan and we could both do with a night out.

  35. I would take my hubby as i will enjoy the music he would enjoy the view

  36. Melissa Ware Reply

    My neighbour and friend so we could enjoy some child free time and make the most of a favourite singer of ours

  37. A girlfriend of mine is a big Kylie fan. I’d love to surprise her with this!

  38. I’d take my sister. This would be like a trip down memory lane to when we were tween-agers.

  39. I’d love to take my bro Danny. He is in love with the pop Princess!

  40. Shanaz Steele Reply

    I’d have to take my 12year old daughter to her first concert! What an amazing time we’d have.

  41. Kalina Batchelor Reply

    I would take anyone whos interested in coming with me or one of my daughters, that could be tricky lol

  42. Linda Luczak Reply

    I’d take my husband…I don’t think he’d forgive me otherwise.

  43. Carol Castelyn Reply

    I live in Queensland so I would give my ticket to Tracey Anne Hoppo and her son TJ if I was lucky enough to win. I would LOVE to see Kylie – maybe one day!!

  44. I’d take my Hubby. He’s been to a Kylie Concert with me before… was at that concert that he learnt what it is like to like up for the toilet (a common thing for women at events), He met lots of Fabulous guys in the loo, and was even given some tips on eyebrow waxing!

  45. Melissa Grenci Reply

    I’d have to take my big sister or she’d kill me lol – she’s the BIGGEST kylie fan I know or have ever come across! It can be our girls night out!

  46. I would take my friend as she’s been through a lot lately and needs some fun.

  47. Deanna Stout Reply

    My husband. As parents to young children we desperately need to rock out and be big kids for a night :}

  48. My brother, he always used to dance to “locomotion” when he was young, so i want him to be able to relive his dancing glory!

  49. My wife Jackie as she’s the reason that I exist for she keeps me alive

  50. I’d take my wife of course, Suzie,. Everything’s better with Suz.

  51. Annie Hartinger Reply

    I’d take hubby for an unforgettable night out. Get all dressed up for the occasion. Start with Dinner at the Crown, followed by entertainment with Kylie. Havin a Limo pick us up and get us home safely at the end of it.

  52. My mother-in-law! We have been Kylie fans since we first saw her on ‘Skyways’!

  53. My daughter Jacinta. Middle child syndrome. Would be lovely to spoil her, and we both love Kylie!

  54. Kyla Booth Reply

    My husband absolutely adores Kylie – always has and always will. xx

  55. melissa sharland Reply

    One of my girl friends. Been a while since we have had a night out.

  56. Anna Erceg Reply

    Thank you so much Mum Central can’t wait to tell my daughter Bella when she comes home from school YAYYYYYY…………. you made my day Belinda 🙂 🙂

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