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Announcing the Mum Central Treasure Hunt Winners!

Phew! That was one BIG month! We’ve finally come up for air after the first ever Mum Central Treasure Hunt and we’re ready to announce the winners.

But first – how did you go with finding the answers to the clues?


Day 1

CLUE: What’s the number 1 thing you should do when visiting a newborn?
QUESTION: How long should you limit your visit to? 1 Hour

Day 2

CLUE: Your kids will love these back to school lunch box ideas!
QUESTION: How much did the ALDI Baker’s Life Bakehouse bread cost?   $2.69

Day 3

CLUE: This recipe has four ingredients and one of them is Nutella.
QUESTION: How long do you need to cook these biscuits for?  10 Minutes

Day 4

CLUE: What’s the one thing you need to pack when you have a baby? A hospital bag.
QUESTION: What is the name of the pure lanolin ointment for sore nipples?   Lansinoh

Day 5

CLUE: What is the “M” name of this potentially lethal disease which starts as a rash?
QUESTION: What is the “M” name of this potentially lethal disease which starts as a rash?   Meningococcal

Day 6

CLUE: These 8 quirky and courageous undersea adventurers are on tour this year!
QUESTION: What famous reef are the Octonauts saving in their show?  The Great Barrier Reef

Day 7

CLUE: Date night doesn’t have to be boring!
QUESTION: What flavour body paint does our writer recommend?   Chocolate

Day 8

CLUE: What little known disorder starting with P is common in children on the Autism spectrum?
QUESTION: What simple test will confirm whether or not a person has pyrrole disorder?  A Urine Test

Day 9

CLUE: This emotional video on foster care could move you to tears.
QUESTION: What is the little girl’s name in the movie?   Zoe

Day 10

CLUE: This holiday resort is in paradise!
QUESTION: Watch the video and tell us how old Belinda’s son was that roadtested the ZK4 Waterpark.   Four

Day 11

CLUE: How many parenting rules have you broken?
QUESTION: What did Seventies Baby cover her son’s dummy with to trick him into sucking it?   Breastmilk

Day 12

CLUE: You’ll be surprised by how important this kind of insurance is.
QUESTION: Which insurance company is mentioned in this article?  Real Insurance

Day 13

CLUE: Do you have your own special Lego table?
QUESTION: Approximately how much would it cost to build this table?  $120

Day 14

CLUE: Loving someone who is depressed isn’t easy.
QUESTION: What is one important thing you need to win a war?   An Army

Day 15

CLUE: How much do you worry about baby milestones?
QUESTION: How old are this Mum’s two sons?  6 and 8

Day 16

CLUE: Watch how Belinda saved on her private health insurance.
QUESTION: How much per month did Belinda save?   $95

Day 17

CLUE: Spend a day in the shoes of this working mum…
QUESTION: What superhero figurine does this mum carry around in her handbag?   Spiderman

Day 18

CLUE: The best thing ever to happen to housework is the cordless vacuum.
QUESTION: How long does it take to completely recharge the Lithium Ion batteries from their docking station?   Under 4 Hours

Day 19

CLUE: Is there even such a thing as a Mother F*ckeruperer?
QUESTION: How many times did Taryn leave the same clothes in the washing machine?  3 Times

Day 20

CLUE: How many reasons can you think of to have sex today?
QUESTION: Finish this sentence “Kindness is next to …”   Horniness

Day 21

CLUE: Are you finding it hard to get pregnant? It could be because of one of these 8 reasons.
QUESTION: Which two herbal supplements can interfere with pregnancy?   Echinacea & St John’s Wort

Day 22

CLUE: There’s nothing quite like a party of teens…
QUESTION: What year is this teen in at school?  Year 12

Day 23

CLUE: This American supermarket giant is making its way across Australia.
QUESTION: How much does membership cost for an individual?  $60

Day 24

CLUE: Are you a wine pro or a wine beginner?
QUESTION: Are men or women better ‘wine tasters’?   Women

Day 25

CLUE: Watch this video on the sisterhood of mothers.
QUESTION: What animal assisted the waterbirth?   A Dolphin

Day 26

CLUE: This online program will make you Unstoppable!
QUESTION: How many band members are marching along the beach with Gemma and Taryn?   Four

Day 27

CLUE: Our ANZACS love these biscuits!
QUESTION: How much butter does this recipe need?    125 Grams

Day 28

CLUE: I didn’t know my iPhone could do that!
QUESTION: How can you speed up your battery recharging time?   Switch to Airplane Mode

Man, that was a lot of work wasn’t it? We had so much fun running this treasure hunt and loved watching all you playing along finding the articles and commenting ‘FOUND IT!’. Thanks to everyone who took the time to give us such positive feedback too. We’re already planning our next one!

And so, here they are! The Mum Central Treasure Hunt Winners:

Major Prize Winner:  $1,000 Prepaid Visa Card, thanks to Mum Central
Kate Oliver, QLD

 Day 2 Bonus Prize:  $200 ALDI Gift Card, thanks to ALDI Australia
Julie Hodsman, VIC

 Day 6 Bonus Prize:  $200 Octonauts Prize Pack, thanks to Life Like Touring
Ann Wake, QLD

Day 10 Bonus Prize: 5 nights for a Family of 4 at Paradise Resort, Gold Coast, valued at $1425
Sarah Phillips, NSW

Day 12 Bonus Prize:  Mimco Ladies Handbag, valued at $495 thanks to Real Insurance
Sonia Chang, NSW

Day 16 Bonus Prize:  $200 Lorna Jane Gift Card thanks to Choosi
Aleisha Gebert

Day 18 Bonus Prize:  BISSELL Bolt Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, valued at $249 thanks to BISSELL Australia
– Debra Black, SA

Day 24 Bonus Prize:  12 Bottles Bird in Hand Sparkling or 3 Bottles Moet thanks to
Kim Kilgour, VIC

Congratulations to all our winners, watch your inbox for instructions on how to claim your prize.  For those of you who were not so lucky this time, don’t despair, there’ll be another Treasure Hunt real soon!

Again, a huge thank you to all our sponsors who have made this possible!

Thanks, Bel & the Mum Central team xx

Treasure Hunt Prizes

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  1. Avatar of Debra Black
    Debra BlackReply

    Woooooooooh hoooooo …. Yippy thank you mum central and bissell and Bel xxx

  2. Avatar of Shu-Ching Chang
    Shu-Ching ChangReply

    I am very happy to receive this prize. My heart beating very fast. Thank you very much . I learned a lot of information from Mum Central website. Have great success years.

  3. Avatar of Sarah Phillips
    Sarah PhillipsReply

    OMG, I’m in shock right now. Thank you so much, congrats to all the winners!

  4. Avatar of Leanne Pickles
    Leanne PicklesReply

    Congratulations to all the winners. Thank you Mum Central, can’t wait till the next one 😀

  5. Avatar of Michelle Green
    Michelle GreenReply

    Congrats to all the winners. Had so much fun playing. Thanks Belinda. 🙂

  6. Avatar of Katie Oliver
    Katie OliverReply

    Definitely a shock to see my name here. Thank you so much Mum Central!! Read some good stuff I haven’t come across before too 🙂

  7. Avatar of Anna Erceg

    Congrats to all the winners & thank you Belinda had so much fun playing 🙂

  8. Avatar of Kim Kilgour
    Kim KilgourReply

    OMG!!! Thank you so so much Mum Central!!! I am so excited!!! Was a awesome comp!! Congrats to all the winners!!

  9. Avatar of Bops18

    Congrats to all the winners, this must have been so hard for Mum Central as many people didn’t read the instructions and comment on the actual post. Maybe I’ll win next time, it was a lot of fun.

  10. Avatar of Kelly Nee

    It was loads of fun and congratulations to the lucky winners

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