Woolworths Set to Bring Zero Waste Packaging to Australia


The days of a bulging recycling bin are numbered. Fresh from turning our kids into budding gardeners, Woolworths is about to launch a zero-waste reusable packaging solution for everyday items.

In an Australian first, the supermarket giant has partnered with TerraCycle’s global cutting edge, zero waste reusable packaging solution – Loop.  

A game-changing move

From mid-2021, Woolworths customers will be able to receive products from their favourite brands in reusable containers, delivered right to their door. HOORAY!

Loop is one of the first projects to kick off a long term partnership agreement between Woolworths and TerraCycle. Together they aim to tackle plastic waste in Australia by finding solutions for pesky, difficult to recycle product packaging.

“It allows customers to sustainably consume a variety of commonly used products such as washing detergent, shampoo, juice or ice cream in customised, brand-specific, durable packaging that is delivered in a specially designed reusable shipping tote,” Woolworths said in a press release.

Woolworths reusable packaging, Loop
The US has already embraced the sustainable Loop system. Source: Loop Store

What exactly is Loop?

Loop is an innovative waste management company whose mission is to ‘Eliminate the Idea of Waste’. It partners with brands and retailers to shift from a disposable, throw away supply chain to a durable one. Consequently, consumers can then shop for a wide range of everyday products from trusted brands in durable, reusable packaging. It’s reduce, reuse and recycle at its very best.

So how does Loop work?

Woolworths customers who shop in-store or order online will receive their durable products in Loop’s exclusively designed shipping tote.  Keep the tote to store your empty Loop product containers. When ready, go online to schedule a tote pickup from your home. Alternatively, drop the tote back to your local Woolworths store. Too easy.

Do you worry about cleanliness? Don’t. Loop use cutting edge technology to clean the product packaging. As a result, each product can safely be reused and promptly replenished as needed at the consumer’s request. #sustainabilityisawesome

Woolworths hears YOU

Woolworths General Manager of Quality, Health & Sustainability, Alex Holt says: “Our customers are increasingly telling us they want products that are good for them, and good for the planet.” Which is AWESOME to hear. Don’t think your consumer voice isn’t heard, because noise creates change. Plastic one-use bags and plastic straws – they’re gone at our request. And now we will look forward to Woolworths reusable packaging.

Woolworths reusable packaging

Want to try Loop out?

Even though we have a little wait on our hands to reap the benefit of the full Australian Loop launch in 2021, there WILL be a trial run! You can get in on the trial action by registering your interest at Woolworths. By registering your interest you’ll stay in the Loop loop (see what I did there?). You’ll also be the first to see progress updates and of course, reserve your spot in the trial. Happy days!

Finally, kudos to you Woolworths for delivering the goods and leading the charge of change and sustainability! Firstly, we couldn’t be happier for the environment. Secondly, yay for us as consumers who so desperately want to lessen our environmental footprint. Thank YOU.

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