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The festive season is fast approaching and you’d love to organise a group gift for dear old Grandma. Except that you don’t want a repeat of last Christmas …

Yes, Granny loved her gift, but you spent the first two months of this year chasing the money you were owed from forgetful relatives! Sound familiar?

Well mums, what if we told you there was an amazing new app that helps you forward plan and allows you to divvy-up group payments with absolute ease. Believe us when we tell you this app will change the way you pay for joint gifts, group holidays and any other expense that requires a group payment.

It’s called PayK and we are ALL for it!

Things for mum | two ladies having a meal with wine, group payment app PaykWhat is the Payk app? 

In a nutshell? It’s a social finance app that removes the chaos of organising a group payment, helping you to forward plan group activities with ease. The app automates group money collections, such as group gifts (like teachers’ Christmas gifts), hens parties and more.

This is what you can do with PayK:

  • Manage group payments. Create groups easily by choosing from your phone contacts.
  • Set it up so you’re a host or contributor. Then you can receive payments from others or contribute to other group payments.
  • Pay with any Visa or Mastercard (with no transfer fees) and withdraw securely to any Australian bank account.
  • Get the app to chase money and send reminders to those who haven’t paid, so you don’t have to. Phew!

Honestly, it’s really easy to set up and work out. Once it’s on your phone, you’ll never look back – especially if you do a lot of group payment collections for gifts, weekends away and the like.

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Uncomplicate group payments and joint gifts

I’ve been using PayK for a little while now and it takes all the hassle out of any situation where you would need to make a group payment. Which is actually quite often!

In the past month alone, I’ve used it to:

  • Collect money for concert tickets for a group of us
  • Contribute $10 for my son’s teacher’s gift (one of the mums at school is CRAZY organised and is already sorting this out for the class)
  • Share the cost at my weekly (child-free) lunch ( date with my friend
  • Go half-and-half on Dad’s 70th birthday gift with my (very forgetful) brother
  • Set up a large group payment for a friend’s 40th Birthday present – we’re getting him concert tickets

You can also use PayK to pay for shared accommodation with other families and even for sharing child-related payments if you are no longer with your partner.

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The PayK app allows you to collect contributions from friends and family for a variety of reasons.

Get paid with PayK

With PayK you no longer have to worry about whose shout it is or whether you’ll actually EVER get back the money you’re owed.

Plus, you don’t have to share your BSB and account number either. PayK lets members pay quickly and easily with any Visa or Mastercard, and withdraws securely from any Australian bank account for free.

Best of all, you don’t need to have that awful follow-up “the money didn’t go through” conversation. That’s right ladies – PayK even keeps a record of who hasn’t paid and will remind them to chip in. You don’t have to risk making things uncomfortable with a mate just to get paid.

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Super simple, no maths needed 

Consider this:

  • 66% of all Aussies admit to struggling to get paid the money they are owed. In fact, the average Australian is owed $147 in lost IOUs.
  • 100% of all Aussies admit that maths is hard and would prefer NOT to have to deal with it on a regular basis.

Honestly, helping my son with his grade four maths homework is ALL the maths I can handle! I love how PayK does the maths for you, then plays the role of badger and chases the money too. Outsourcing at its finest.

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Download the app, get $20 (how cool is that??!) 

Seriously, do yourself and your maths-hating brain a favour and check PayK out. You can even get a bonus $20 in your PayK group by simply downloading the app, setting up a group and inviting three friends to join PayK.*

Once they’ve registered, enter the code MUMCENTRAL20 in your group wallet to redeem the $20 credit. (Offer valid until 31/10/19)

PayK app

You can visit to find out more and download the app to your iOS or Android phone now.  It’s free, easy and smart. But best of all, it means you never have to deal with the awkward chasing again. #winning

*Limited offer only, available for the first 20 users
This is a sponsored post for PayK
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    Just letting you know that the PayK app shut down in 2020 so this info is irrelevant now.

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