Well, Hello There! Saucy New Lipstick Has the Internet All Hot and Bothered

Pucker up, ladies! Isamaya Beauty is known for its rather risque advertising but its latest product to be thrust into the spotlight is certainly turning heads. One look at their new lipstick and you’ll see why.

Their latest lipstick comes in very bold and sexy colours, each one enclosed in a hard, shiny penis-shaped capsule.

Lord help us all. There’s no way around it – the one accessory no woman likes to be without (their lippy) now comes in a penis compartment. Complete with two little silver balls to grasp when perfecting your pout.

Isamaya launches penis lipstick
Source: Instagram

The beauty brand first teased its new penis lipstick in an ad on Insta last week, sharing the news that “something big is coming” and an image of three models wearing the new saucy red lippy. The models are all staring at the blurred-out product, which is so obviously shaped like a big ol’ peen that they aren’t fooling anyone.

Isamaya penis lipstick
The initial ad announced the arrival of something big. Source: Instagram

All three models also have their mouths open too and we’re not sure whether to gasp or gag at the whole thing.

Is that your lippy or are you just happy to see me?

The advertisement came to a climax yesterday when Isamaya revealed the product in all its naked glory.

mum central
Nothing soft about this launch, that’s for sure! Source: Instagram

And, you have to admit, the packaging is quite impressive.

The detailing on the chrome dick is next level. And the lippy colour, known as Cardinal, is HOT. The lipstick will set you back $95 USD too – that’s a pretty decent price tag for a tiny dick that sits on your vanity.

The internet reacts

Of course, the internet had a lot to say about the new peen packaging.

“Does it last long?” one commenter asked, which is the winning comment IMO.

Many people were stroked, sorry, I mean, stoked, for the big reveal and cheeky advertising.

“I think this is hilarious! Imagine being on an elevator and whipping this out and then after all the Karens grab their pearls you apply a glorious shade of lipstick,” one wrote.

“I love it! And it won’t get me pregnant! Win win,” said another.

Others were not so thrilled with the whole packaging.

“Oh please, pairing a lipstick (known for a LOT of people as a staple/best friend/signature/etc) with a Penis. Really?!. ‘Cause there’s nothing better than to grab a pair of balls and smudge a penis on our lips is the best this to do. I’m not only disappointed but so disgusted by this.”

“I’m an incredibly open and sex-positive person and I’m struggling with this…this is clearly the most overt I just think it’s tacky, it’s almost $100, which I guess is in keeping with the brand.”

Other commenters suggested the packaging was nothing but “trashy”, “camp” and “missed the creative mark”.

“Fire whoever came up with this tacky trashy ad. I’m embarrassed for you, truly.”

“Hard pass,” another wrote.

What do you think? Would you consider purchasing a penis lipstick or is this a little OTT for your taste?

More penis products to sink your teeth into

If you are after some more phallic garments to decorate your life, check out some of these gems we’ve uncovered in the past.

Fashion brand YSL launched an entire penis-themed range of jewellery back 2018 including a penis pendant that will set you back $1080 and features a stunning gold brass necklace with a realistic erect penis charm. Pick up their penis dangle earrings for an additional $470. Bargain.

Earlier in 2018 Fendi also released their vagina scarf. So, naturally, it makes sense to complement the va-ja-ja with a penis. And don’t forget to add some ambiance with Gwenyth Paltrow’s vagina candle, which continues to be a success despite the fact that it smells like a vagina.

goop orgasm candle

Vagina scarves and candles. Penis pendants. Lipstick Dicks. We anticipate testicle ties will be the next big thing.  Stay tuned…


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