Yes, Penis Jewellery is Now a Fashion Must-Have, Thanks to YSL

Okay, so we know that fashion is all about pushing the boundaries.

But Yves Saint Laurent decided to dig deep (into the pants of the nearest bloke, it would appear) with their latest jewellery range. And it stars none other than the good ‘ol reliable penis.

Yes, ladies and gents, because 2018 hasn’t been weird enough, you can now decorate your body with cock. And it’s all thanks to the YSL penis pendant and matching pecker earrings.

The penis pendant will set you back $1080 and features a stunning gold brass necklace with a realistic erect penis charm. No sad soft sack here. That bad boy is out loud and proud. Around your neck.

Pick up the penis dangle earrings for an additional $470. Bargain.

YSP penis jewellery

What’s the weirdest thing to hang around your neck? Oh, I know, a penis

So, clearly the fashion world has gone mad. But we have some serious questions.

First of all, WHY YSL? WHY?

People look up to you as a go-to for high fashion and trends. And now you’ve literally suggested that people walk around with cocks in their ears. In. Their. Ears.

Our next question? HOW ARE THESE SOLD OUT? Yes, ladies and gents, both items are currently not available, which is such shitty news for all the fashionistas out there.

Stylish schlongs for sale

We do have a bit of good news though. You can pick up equally awful penis pendants, earrings and other items through Etsy. Sure, they might not be as high end as YSL, but, they will still make a strong statement.

Namely. I Love Penis. Especially ones that come with extra squirt. So much eew.

penis jewellery etsy
Pick up these squirting penis earrings on Etsy …
penis pendant
… and this penis necklace too.

Match it with your vagina scarf

The penis pendant is actually the second neck accessory to feature genitalia. Earlier this year Fendi released their vagina scarf. So, naturally, it makes sense to complement the va-ja-ja with a penis.

Vagina scarves. Penis pendants. We anticipate testicle ties will be the next big thing.  Stay tuned…

Looking for even more weird trends? Check out this vagina beer, brewed with love from, well, we think you can guess where.

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